Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Guide - Boss Encounters and Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Guide - Boss Encounters and Walkthrough

Here's how to beat the Garden of Salvation Raid in Destiny 2.

The Garden of Salvation Raid has finally launched for all Destiny 2 players with the Shadowkeep expansion to undertake, but it's one of the toughest missions we've ever faced. In this Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid guide, we'll be providing you with all the information you need to conquer the new Raid, including the Garden of Salvation Power requirements, and more.

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Requirements

To start with, you'll have needed to complete all Shadowkeep missions in Destiny 2, before you can begin looking towards the Garden of Salvation Raid. This involves reaching the point where you can rinse and repeat the three Nightmare Hunt missions on the Moon.

Next, there's the Garden of Salvation Power level requirement. While pre-launch reports stated that the Power level requirement for the new Raid was 890, the in-game mission marker for the Raid recommends a Power level of 940. We'd recommend aiming for at least a Power level of 940 before you try undertaking the Garden of Salvation.

Garden of Salvation Walkthrough

In the sections below, we'll be outlining every stage in the Garden of Salvation Raid. We'll be breaking down each section of the Raid by name and location, so you know how to complete any area you're stuck on.

The Black Garden

Welcome to the Black Garden, returning from the original Destiny. In this introductory area, the Garden of Salvation introduces you to a mechanic that'll be featuring several times throughout the Raid: tethering.

A little ways away from an impassable wall of energy, there's going to be a box appear in the air. You need to shoot this box. After you've dealt enough damage to the box, it'll shoot out a laser that'll connect to the nearest Guardian. They'll then get a 'tethered' notification on their HUD.

The goal with this mechanic is to connect the laser from Guardian to Guardian, all the way to the impassable wall of energy that you want to break down. The Guardians need to form a rough line all the way from the box to the wall of energy, and if you can keep the laser going between all of you for a few seconds, the wall will disappear.

This is where things get a little tricky. You need to form two teams of three. The first team of three Guardians has to stay in the large arena with the boss, killing minions and generally trying to stay alive for as long as absolutely possible. But there's an additional layer here: the boss will shoot out an orb of energy, which one of your three Guardians needs to stand on for a second to collect. This is called the Voltaic Overload.

This Voltaic Overload buff can only be collected by one Guardian at a time. The buff lasts for roughly two and a half minutes, and during this time, you need to stay alive, until the boss shoots out another orb that another player can use to obtain the Voltaic Overload buff. The goal here is to let all three Guardians pick up and obtain the buff, while staying alive in the arena with the boss.

The second team has to proceed past the wall of energy that was broken down in the right corner of the arena. In this narrow gauntlet area, the second group of three Guardians must kill all minions that they come across. This is going to cause the boss from the main arena to begin moving down the gauntlet pathway where the second group of Guardians is.

The second group of Guardians needs to keep killing minions while pushing forward, and eventually an Angelic Hydra will appear. Kill this, and then shoot the box that appears in midair to activate the tethering laser. The team needs to connect this laser to the doorway at the end of the gauntlet, and the first group of three Guardians needs to move it from the first arena, all the way through this new door that the second group of Guardians has opened.

Then, the entire process repeats all over again, the only difference is that the two teams of Guardians have changed positions. This means that one team needs to stay put and entertain the boss, while the other team needs to slay all minions in the new area, defeat the final Angelic enemy, and then chain together the tethered laser to open the door.

All in all, you need to repeat this process three times in the Black Garden area of the Garden of Salvation Raid. Then, you're going to reach an arena where all six members of your Fireteam can group back up. The goal in this initial arena is to link the three boxes with tethered lasers back to main doorway, in order to open it up and get access to the final encounter of this first section.

To round off this first encounter in the Garden of Salvation Raid, there's a true gauntlet to run through. Your entire Fireteam is going to come under assault from a ton of Cyclops turrets, shooting out projectiles as you run along the straight, narrow area. The goal here is to run all the way to the end, defeating Cyclops' as you go, and making sure all your Fireteam has the Voltaic Overload buff from the boss, which is going to be pushing up the pathway with you.

You need to make sure every member of Fireteam reaches the end of the pathway, with the Voltaic Overload buff intact. If you can keep pace with the boss as it moves down the pathway, defeating all the Cyclops' as you go, you'll be able to access the reward chest at the end, and complete this first encounter.

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