Bloodborne Best Weapons - The Top Weapons in Bloodborne

Bloodborne Best Weapons - The Top Weapons in Bloodborne

Here's all you need to go about finding the best weapons in Bloodborne, including the Saw Cleaver, Burial Blade, and the Hunter's Axe.

Bloodborne weapons come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from gigantic hammers that you can bludgeon foes with, all the way to clever trick weapons like the Saw Cleaver that can be used to slice apart enemies in quick succession. In this Bloodborne weapons guide, we’ll be walking you through our best Bloodborne weapons, that we feel are the most powerful after multiple playthroughs of the Gothic game.

If you need anything else on the complex, challenging game of Bloodborne, including how to take down every mangled boss in the game, as well as how to guide yourself through every area throughout Yharnam, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub.

Bloodborne Best Weapons

Player experimentation is definitely encouraged in Bloodborne, and it’s something that we’d also recommend. Although you might find yourself getting the hang of things like beginner weapons like the Hunter Axe, you should probably try out different weapons that you come across throughout your journey in Yharnam.

Bloodborne Saw Cleaver Weapon

At the very start of Bloodborne, you’re given three weapons to choose from, one of which you’ve likely seen as it’s on the front cover of the game.The Saw Cleaver is one of the most popular weapons in the game because of how versatile it is. While in its quicker form it functions as a quick sword with jagged edges, slicing apart any foe that’s dead ahead of it.

But if you press the left bumper to transform the Saw Cleaver the blade extends, giving you a much further reach with the weapon and increased attack power. From here you can press either the right bumper for vertical slicing attacks, or right trigger for slower, but more powerful horizontal attacks. This versatility is what makes the Saw Cleaver so popular among Bloodborne players, and it’s a weapon that we’ve constantly been using for the hundred plus hours that we’ve been playing the game for.

Bloodborne Burial Blade Weapon

Although the Burial Blade is one of the more powerful weapons in Bloodborne, it’s also one of the ones that’s harder to get hold of. Should you choose to defy the wishes of Gehrman in the conclusion of Bloodborne, in your following playthrough you’ll be able to purchase the Burial Blade, which effectively acts as a massive scythe of sorts.

The Burial Blade is excellent for quick attacks that also have surprisingly decent reach and damage, meaning you can often reach enemies that can’t reach you in turn. It’s an excellent weapon for stopping enemies dead in their tracks, and it’ll become one of the more powerful Bloodborne weapons should you manage to upgrade it in the Hunter’s Dream.

Bloodborne Whirligig Saw Weapon

Also known as the pizza cutter, the Whirligig Saw is one of the more experimental weapons in Bloodborne, but unfortunately this unique gadget only comes with The Old Hunters DLC expansion, meaning you’ll have to shell out if you want to get your hands on it.

The Whirligig is one of the many trick weapons in Bloodborne, since it can double up as a rapid one-handed weapon, as well as a hefty two handed weapon where the spinning section is attached. Instead of charging up an attack with the right trigger, you can hold it down to keep the circular saw end spinning, delivering constant damage to any caught in its path.

Bloodborne Kirkhammer Weapon

If it’s heavy weapons you’re after, then look no further than the Kirkhammer. This massive Bloodborne weapon can take on the form of a quick, one-handed stick, or it can be used to bludgeon foes over the head with its massive two-handed form.

The key to the Kirkhammer is getting the timing for the weapon’s transformation attack down. If you perform a light attack with the one-handed version of the weapon, and follow up by pressing the left bumper button to transform the weapon, you can execute a devastating combo where you transform and attack with the heavy version of the Kirkhammer in one go. It’s not an easy weapon to master, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

Bloodborne Threaded Cane Weapon

The Threaded Cane is another weapon that the Messengers will give you the opportunity to select at the very start of Bloodborne. It’s yet another trick weapon of Bloodborne, as it comes in the quick one-handed form of a stick, or another one-handed form where it can lash out it opponents from afar with a series of beads.

The trick with the Threaded Cane is that it can be used to chain multiple attacks together in quick succession, all of which have incredible reach. It can be used to reach deadly bosses like the Orphan of Kos without getting in too close, and it’s also excellent for when you’re facing off against other opposing Hunters.

Bloodborne Ludwig’s Holy Blade Weapon

Finally, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is obtained by defeating the Blood-Starved Beast to earn the Radiant Hunter Badge, which will in turn allow you to purchase this elite weapon. You can either use this two-handed weapon in its basic form to lunge and swipe at enemies from afar, or you can charge it up to unleash devastating magical attacks.

Although you won’t be facing off against Ludwig himself until the Old Hunters DLC expansion, you can take his weapon and use it throughout the base game, combining hard hitting weapons with powerful magical attacks.

Our guide for the best Bloodborne weapons might end here, but you can continue ahead to our complete Nightmare of Mensis guide, or our guide on how to defeat Gehrman, the First Hunter.

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