Bloodborne Byrgenwerth Guide - Complete Byrgenwerth Walkthrough

Bloodborne Byrgenwerth Guide - Complete Byrgenwerth Walkthrough

Discover the location of the Lunarium Key and Empty Phantasm Shell, then head into Yahar'gul, Unseen Village.

Byrgenwerth is one of the more intricate, nuanced areas of Bloodborne, that is, until you come face to face with Rom, the Vacuous Spider at the very end. In this Bloodborne Byrgenwerth guide, we'll be walking you through the remains of the college, as well as detailing how to defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider.

Just in case you need anything else at all on Bloodborne, including how to beat every boss and overcome every complex area in the game, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub.

Bloodborne Byrgenwerth Guide

From the very entrance of Byrgenwerth after defeating the Shadow of Yharnam, head down the hill to engage a Tree Mutant, then continue down the path to the left. Make sure not to let the Tree Mutants jump on you more than once in a fight or you will become frenzied and almost certainly die. It's best to let them jump toward you first (dodge this), then when they land, attack immediately. With a faster weapon you can continuously attack them without fear of interruption. If you have a slower weapon, make sure you're far enough away to avoid getting interrupted.

In the open area ahead there's a Tree Mutant to the far left and another one patrolling back and forth up the stairs to the right. Continue up the stairs, then straight ahead up the next small flight of stairs. Sneak up behind the Infected in the area above and hit him with a critical strike (visceral attack). Search the corpse by the wall to find an Arcane Lake rune (seven percent arcane damage reduction), then head back down the stairs and into the lower area to the left.

Continue down the next flight of stairs straight ahead and slowly move to the right. As you approach the item on the left wall two Tree Mutants drop down from above. Back away if you need more room to work with. It's difficult to separate them, but wait for at least one of them to jump before attacking.

Once both enemies are down, search the corpse on the railing to the left to find a Madman's Knowledge. Straight ahead is a Giant Insect Mutant. These are formidable enemies. From a distance they shoot two fireballs that inflict significant damage (at least 50 percent health). At close range they have multiple slashing and grab attacks. To effectively fight them, you want to get close and stay behind them by their tails. They'll continue to circle around trying to see you, but won't attack unless you get around to their sides or in front of them. Attacking from behind is relatively safe, but stunning this enemy is difficult so you'll have to use normal attacks.

There's another corpse opposite the stairs just ahead (to the left). Search it to find a Great One's Wisdom (gain Insight), then head to the far end to find another Tree Mutant and a corpse holding five Sedatives (cures frenzy).

Turn around and head into the area to the left. Access the lever in front of the gate ahead to gain access to the shortcut, then head through the doorway to the right. There's a Hunter patrolling the stairs here. When she sees you, head down to the bottom floor where you have plenty of room to fight. Alternately if you can squeeze her into one of the narrow areas of the top floor, you can keep her locked in by attacking until you're almost out of stamina, dodging away while she counterattacks, then attacking again before she can move out of the confined area.

This hunter uses a tentacle arm, Threaded Cane weapon and a mist spray that briefly stuns you and inflicts a small amount of damage. Her main attack is a magic blast that send rays of light towards you. Wait until the beams start to move towards you, then dodge multiple times to escape. If you dodge too soon they will still track your character. If she attacks with a three-hit sword combo, wait until the final attack before you counterattack to avoid getting interrupted.

Kill her and then look in the corner near the entrance to find a chest. Open the chest to obtain a Pearl Slug (Holy Chalice ritual item). Go to the opposite side and open the door there to access the shortcut, then head upstairs and look to the right to find another chest that holds a Student Uniform (chest attire) and Student Trousers (leg attire). There's also a note on the couch nearby.

Head to the far side of the room to find another note on the bookshelf. Circle around to the far side and climb up the ladder. Grab the item to the left to obtain a Lunarium Key (key item), then head up the next flight of stairs. Another Tree Mutant waits at the top. Kill it, then open the chest to obtain an Empty Phantasm Shell (adds arcane power to weapons).

The Lunarium Key allows you to open the door on the second floor. Head back down and open the door on the far side. Talk to the person in the chair and they point toward the ledge at the end of the balcony. Jump off the ledge to end up on Moonside Lake for a boss battle against Rom, the Vacuous Spider.

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