Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide - How to Find the Tiny Music Box, How to Defeat Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide - How to Find the Tiny Music Box, How to Defeat Father Gascoigne

Here's all you'll need to take down Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne, and put an end to his reign of terror over Yharnam.

Father Gascoigne is one of the more difficult bosses in Bloodborne, which is a bit of a surprise considering he's quite possibly the first boss you'll encounter in the game. In this Bloodborne Father Gascoigne guide, we'll be walking you through how to defeat Father Gascoigne, as well as detailing how to obtain the Tiny Music Box item.

Just in case you need anything else at all on Bloodborne, including how to beat every boss and overcome every complex area in the game, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub.

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide

While you don't have to defeat the Cleric Beast if you don't want to in the early hours of Bloodborne, the fight against Father Gascoigne isn't optional. Gascoigne is basically a deranged hunter who functions a lot like you, so be prepared for a quick fight to conclude the Central Yharnam area.

How to Defeat Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne

Father Gascoigne is a hunter and therefore attacks like a hunter. He essentially has the same attacks as you do, which means you'll have to dodge combos of two to four attacks and he will attempt to interrupt your combos with his gun. When Father Gascoigne is not stunned, attack with two quick normal attacks, then immediately dodge. Father Gascoigne almost always attempts to interrupt your combos with his gun after getting hit twice in rapid succession. With proper timing and enough stamina you can use a quick two-hit normal attack combo, followed by a dodge, then another two-hit combo before moving away to replenish your stamina.

If you picked up the Tiny Music Box along the way to Father Gascoigne, this boss battle is considerably easier. When you use the Tiny Music Box on Father Gascoigne it causes him to writhe in pain. This gives you time to move around behind him and execute a Charge Attack followed by a critical strike. You do need to time your use of the Tiny Music Box. You need to make sure you don't get hit while using it and that you're close enough to Father Gascoigne. If you're too far away or you get hit in the process, you won't have time to circle around to his back and fully charge your Charge Attack. It's best to use the Tiny Music Box immediately after dodging an attack.

You can use the Tiny Music Box approximately three times before Father Gascoigne transforms into a beast. He'll transform no matter what when he reaches roughly 50 percent health, so try to make the Tiny Music Box count before the transformation. After the transformation you can only use the Tiny Music Box once before it becomes virtually ineffective.

While in beast form Father Gascoigne is far more aggressive, but he will no longer interrupt your attacks since he doesn't have the use of his gun. You can also stun him with a well-time gunshot while he's in either form. Just make sure your shot is timed to connect while he's winding up an attack. If your timing is off you'll both get hit or the gunshot won't interrupt Father Gascoigne's attack.

Try to stay close to Father Gascoigne while he's in beast form, but as soon as you see him unleash a barrage of claw strikes, back away and let him finish. He can inflict a lot of damage in a very short amount of time if you get hit by any of his combos, so stay alert and dodge behind him if you get into trouble. If you're too far away from Father Gascoigne he will use a jumping attack that covers a lot of range, so be ready to dodge if you see him head into the air.

For the most part, as long as you stay behind him you won't have too much to worry about while he's in beast mode. You can also make use of the environment by staying behind the graves that litter the area. Keep in mind Father Gascoigne has a lot of range in beast mode, so don't stand too close to the graves even if they seem to be blocking Father Gascoigne. If you'd rather not have to deal with the graves, you can run up the stairs on the far side and fight him on the balcony above.

The Tiny Music Box that we mentioned previously if somewhat difficult to obtain in Bloodborne. If you want to find out how to obtain this elusive item, check out the rest of this guide just below.

Bloodborne Tiny Music Box Location Guide

Once you're back in Central Yharnam from the Hunter's Dream, head back through the gate to the left and down both flights of stairs. Go down the next set of stairs in the far left corner to find two more Brick Brutes. One of them drops three Shining Coins (illuminate a dark area so you can lock-on), but try to engage one at a time by getting their attention and then backing up to the stairs until they separate.

There's a switch in the room down the stairs, but you can't activate it yet. Make note of its location, as you'll come back here once the switch is operable. For now, head up the stairs to the right. When you reach the top, if you go down the stairs immediately to the right you'll reach a door that leads back to the room with the Wheelchair Blunder.

You don't need to head back just yet, so go left instead and head up the stairs to the right. At the end of the broken staircase is a body that holds another Coldblood Dew. Go back down the stairs and continue down the next flight of stairs directly ahead. In this area and down the stairs to the left are several cages with Hounds in them. Once the Hounds notice you it won't take long for them to break the cages and attack. Quickly run over to each cage and attack the Hounds while they're held captive to make this area much easier to navigate.

Once all of the Hounds are cleared, continue through the lower section and look for the path to the left just before the bridge (it's easy to miss). There's another Hound down this path, as well as a corpse that holds another Coldblood Dew. Continue across the bridge and kill the Hound just beyond, then knock on the door to the left by the red lantern. The lady inside requests that you find her a safe place. You haven't encountered one yet, but remember the location of this door.

Make your way down the stairs to the right, then continue down the next set of stairs just ahead to find a Hunchback. This enemy has relatively long range and attacks multiple times in a row before pausing. Wait until it stops attacking, then move in to kill it.

Keep moving down the stairs and into the room below. Head right and walk slowly towards the Hunchback that has its back to you. If you sneak up properly (no running) you can use a Charge Attack on its back to score a critical hit and finish it off quickly. Be mindful of the Henchman with a rifle to the far left of the Hunchback. When you engage the Hunchback it will almost certainly start attacking as well. Clear out the Hunchback and then make quick work of the Henchman.

To the right of the Henchman's location is a body that holds another Coldblood Dew. There's a doorway at the end of the path here, but before you head through it, take care of the Hunchback on the other side of the room.

There are two Henchmen in the next room, both with rifles. There's also a Hunchback in the area. You'll also find a ladder just beyond the entrance, but you need to clear the room before you go down. Take down the Henchmen first so you don't have to deal with their gunshots, then focus on the Hunchback. On the far left side of the room (from the entrance) there's a corpse that holds another Coldblood Dew. Pick it up, then head down the path across from where you came in to reach the far side of the room.

Along the way you'll encounter four Crazed Crows. After the last Crow there's a bridge, but before you cross, look down and to the right to see a corpse with an item below. Line yourself up with the item and drop down. Don't worry, even if you miss you won't die. The corpse holds a Blood Stone Shard, so if you don't care about that continue on your way. If you do, pick up the item then head back up to where you just were.

Take the bridge to the left and cross back to the side you started on. Head right to find two more Crows next to a few crates and boxes. Clear away the crates to find a corpse that holds two Oil Urns. This clears the room, so head back to the ladder near the entrance to this area and climb down.

When you reach the bottom head right (from the perspective of facing the ladder), then go left down the first corridor. The next room is lined with elevated rooms filled with Giant Rats. They're about as tough as the Crows but they will leap at you from a distance. While it's unlikely, they may drop down and attack, so be ready just in case. At the end of the corridor are two Giant Rats guarding a body that holds another Madman's Knowledge.

Go back down the corridor to the ladder and continue straight ahead. At the end of the path, look to the right to see two ladders. Climb up the ladder on the right to find several Crazed Crows at the top. Take them out, then search the corpse at the end of the balcony to obtain a Madman's Knowledge (gain Insight). Head in the opposite direction and across the bridge to find a Club Brute. This is essentially the same as the Brick Brute, just with a better weapon. You can sneak up behind it for a Charge Attack followed by a critical strike for an easy kill.

Knock on the door on the opposite side if you like. The woman inside won't open the door, and she has some "kind" words for you as well. Head up the ladder to the right of where the Brute was standing and pull the lever at the top to open the gate ahead. To the left of the lever is a window next to a red lantern. Interact with the window to speak to the child inside. If you agree to find her mother you'll receive the Tiny Music Box item.

Essential Tips for Defeating Father Gascoigne

If you're still struggling against Father Gascoigne, then check out the essential tips for taking down the boss just below:

  • Gascoigne always attacks with combos of two or four.
  • You can use the Tiny Music Box to stop Gascoigne three times before he transforms.
  • Gascoigne's first attack when he transforms will always be a huge aerial leap.
  • Molotovs and Fire Paper are incredibly effective against Father Gascoigne.

After you've defeated Father Gascoigne, you'll find you've unlocked a brand new area of the overly complex city of Yharnam. To forge ahead into thi new area, head over to our Cathedral Ward guide.

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