Bloodborne Cathedral Ward Guide - Complete Cathedral Ward Guide, How to Find the Healing Church Workshop

Bloodborne Cathedral Ward Guide - Complete Cathedral Ward Guide, How to Find the Healing Church Workshop

Discover the location of the Beast rune, get out of Yahar'gul, Unseen Village and kill Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward.

In this Bloodborne Cathedral Ward guide, we'll be going over how you can find your way to the Healing Church Workshop as easily as possible, all while working to defeat Vicar Amelia. In this Bloodborne Healing Church guide, you can find all the various secrets and hidden gems of the complex urban environment.

Just in case you need anything else at all on Bloodborne, including how to beat every boss and overcome every complex area in the game, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub.

Bloodborne Healing Church Workshop Guide

From the Healing Church Workshop itself, head back outside and circle around to the right to find an Imp at the end of the walkway. When you attack it will most likely fall down to the area below. Don't worry, you need to drop down there anyway. Kill the Imp, then head down the path and into the next room. Make your way across the makeshift wooden bridge.

When you reach the other side, look down to line yourself up with the bridge below, then drop down. Move to the area with the wooden barrels and drop down again. You'll take a small bit of damage, so make sure you're not close to death.

Look for the bronze casket against the wall. If you stand by that and move toward the edge, you will see an item below. The item sits on a narrow beam, so you need to be careful here. Line up with the item and drop down. Once again, you'll take a small amount of damage when you drop. Search the dead body to find a Madman's Knowledge.

Move over to the wall and look down. You will see the faint signs of another wooden bridge down below. Make sure you're at full health, then drop down. You will lose approximately 50 percent of your health when you do this. Now stand near the middle of the bridge and drop down again to the next bridge. Move near the wall and drop down once more to the final bridge, then drop down to the floor below.

Toward the doorway there's a Werebeast. Luckily it's facing the door and seems to be sleeping. Sneak up behind it and use a Charge Attack followed by a critical strike. If that doesn't kill it, you should only need a few more attacks to finish it off. Killing the Werebeast nets you a Beast rune (boost effect of beast transformation).

Open the door behind the Werebeast and head down the path. Go down the alley to the left to find a corpse in the corner. Right next to corpse are two Crazed Crows that can be difficult to see. Kill the Crows and then search the body to obtain a Rumpled Yharnam Hat (head attire) and Sweaty Clothes (chest attire).

Continue around the corner to find stairs straight ahead with the path also curving to the right. A Hound may attack from the direction of the stairs, so be ready for it. Turn to the right to see a Death Dealer near the end of the path standing at the top of another set of stairs.

Be very, very careful because a Death Dealer is dangerous to attack at your present level. It has a long reach, inflicts a large amount of damage, has a special move that pulls you toward it and once you've inflicted enough damage, it enters a rage mode in which it moves almost as fast as you do in a full sprint. If you get killed by a Death Dealer you will wake up in a cell in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. It's an area that you shouldn't be in until the end of the game.

Slowly sneak up behind the Death Dealer and use a Charge Attack followed by a critical strike. It's likely that will only drop it to roughly 50 percent health. You can continue to attack while it initiates rage mode, but don't stay too long because a Hound and two Henchmen are very close by and will likely notice you by now. If you need to run, head for the room where you fought the Werebeast. The Hound and Henchman will follow you, but the Death Dealer will not be able to get through the doorway.

Kill the other enemies, then wait a moment for the Death Dealer to reset its position (it won't take long). Use the same tactic of sneaking up behind it to land a second Charge Attack and critical strike. If that doesn't finish it off, it won't take much more to do so.

Across the courtyard where you fought the Death Dealer is a corpse. Search the body to find another Madman's Knowledge. Two more Henchmen patrol the path ahead. Kill them, then head to the right and down the stairs. A Leech Warlock waits for you here. These are also deadly creatures. They use a magic attack that stuns you if you're too close or fail to dodge it, then they grab you and inflict a tremendous amount of damage as well as taking Insight from you. If you dodge the initial magic attack, they shoot multiple magic projectiles in your direction which also need to be dodged. To defeat them, you need to move in, attack a few times and then quickly move away and dodge the magic attacks before trying to attack again.

Sneak up behind the Leech Warlock and land a Charge Attack into a critical strike. If that doesn't kill it, use the strategy above or run away until it resets, then go for another Charge Attack. Even after it resets, it will not regain health. Kill the Leech Warlock, then search the body nearby to find a Fire Blood Gemstone (3) (fortify weapons).

Head back up the stairs the way you came and continue down the path and into the lift ahead to return to a different area of the Cathedral Ward.

Bloodborne Cathedral Ward Guide

When the lift stops, search the body ahead to find a Thick Coldblood (6), then drop down into the courtyard below to engage three Gravekeepers. If you're fearful about engaging three at once, wait until one move around the corner before you drop down. They all walk around this area, so make sure you have killed all three before you venture too far.

Pull the lever to the right of the gate ahead to open the gate. Ignore the corpse for now and kill the Gravekeeper on the other side of the gate. Search the corpse to find a Wooden Shield (off-hand item). If you go down the stairs ahead you'll reach the cathedral where the Cathedral Ward lamp is located. For now, turn around and climb up the ladder to the right to find a corpse that holds six Numbing Mist (prevents HP restoration).

Collect the items and go back down the ladder and head up the stairs to the left of the balcony you previously dropped down from. At the top is a body that holds a Thick Coldblood (5). Continue up the next flight of stairs to find another body that holds six Blood Vials. An Axe Reaper patrols the stairs ahead. If it's facing your direction, go back down the stairs and head down the path to the right to loop around to the bottom half of the stairs and get behind the patrolling Axe Reaper.

Be careful because there's also a Hound and another Gravekeeper that lurk in this area. If you continue past the stairs you'll find the Hound, while the Gravekeeper patrols the stairs. Near the base of the stairs on both sides are corpses holding one Thick Coldblood (5) each.

Once you've figured out your angle of attack and cleared the enemies surrounding the Reaper, don't bother with a Charge Attack on the Reaper's back or gunshots if you have a normal pistol. The Axe Reaper is immune to both. Lucky for you the Reaper is also very slow. Wait for it to swing, then dodge behind it and go to town. You have plenty of time to attack the Reaper each time you dodge an axe swing. Just be careful because the axe has a very long range.

With the first Axe Reaper down, make note of the gate near the base of the stairs. There's a lever that opens the gate, but you need to run a little errand first. You will come back here, so remember the location.

Head up the stairs until you're close to the top. Two Gravekeepers wait on the last flight of stairs just above. Both have long wooden pitch forks that have deceptive range. Don't worry about getting behind them for a Charge Attack and critical strike, but try to separate them by throwing a Pebble at one and waiting at the base of the stairs for it to chase after you. With both enemies down, head up to the top of the stairs and through the door to begin the boss battle against Vicar Amelia.

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