Bloodborne Vicar Amelia Boss Guide - How to Defeat Vicar Amelia

Bloodborne Vicar Amelia Boss Guide - How to Defeat Vicar Amelia

Discover the location of the Beast rune, get out of Yahar'gul, Unseen Village and kill Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward.

Vicar Amelia is a ferocious beast found in the Cathedral Ward location of Bloodborne, and you're going to have to defeat this beast if you want to progress the story of the game. In this Bloodborne Vicar Amelia boss guide, we'll be walking you through how to defeat Vicar Amelia, as well as the potentially deadly attacks you've got to avoid throughout the battle.

Just in case you need anything else at all on Bloodborne, including how to beat every boss and overcome every complex area in the game, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub.

Bloodborne Vicar Amelia Boss Guide

Vicar Amelia is the very last boss of the entire Cathedral Ward, and she puts up a particularly challenging fight to stand in your way. If you need a guide on how to make it through the entire Cathedral Ward area, as well as how to find the hidden Healing Church Workshop area of Bloodborne, make sure to head over to our Cathedral Ward guide.

How to Defeat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne

Vicar Amelia has a wide variety of attack that can be devastating if they hit you. Fortunately for you, all of them are frontal attacks. As long as you stay close to Vicar Amelia and stick to her back as much as possible, you won't have any trouble with this boss battle.

It's extremely important to always stay away from Vicar Amelia's front side. Throughout the beginning of the battle she uses wide swiping attacks that cover a decent range in front of her body and can even hit you to the side if you're too far towards her front. She'll also try to grab you, which leads to massive damage, but once again, the grab only hits if you're standing close to Vicar Amelia and directly in front of her.

If you keep your distance she'll use one of several moderately long-range attacks that involve slamming her fists to the ground creating a shockwave of sorts, or simply jumping toward you with an attack. If you stay close to her you won't have to worry about either of these assaults.

She'll pause periodically to grab the talisman in her hand. Lay into her when this happens. She'll glow and it may seem as though she's about to use an area attack that hits all around her, but as long as you're behind her you are not in danger.

As long as you stay behind Vicar Amelia you only have to worry about her turning around. She'll do this from time to time, but if you're paying attention you can dodge to either side and then easily move around to her back again to continue your assault.

Once Vicar Amelia is down, inspect the item on the pedestal at the end of the hall to trigger a cut-scene, then activate the Grand Cathedral lamp. Head out of the grand cathedral where you just defeated Vicar Amelia, and you'll notice that the entire city of Yharnam has now transformed. This is because it's now night time, and you'll notice that certain enemies scattered throughout the city are now asleep, meaning you can sneak up and get the drop on them while they're dozing.

Essential Tips for Defeating Vicar Amelia

Just in case you're still struggling to take down this tough boss, we've rounded up the guide on defeating Vicar Amelia into a few helpful pointers just below:

  • Try to stay behind Vicar Amelia as often as possible.
  • Amelia will focus on using grabbing and swiping attacks if you stand in front of her.
  • Stay close to Vicar Amelia to avoid the ranged or jumping attacks.
  • Whenever she grabs her talisman, you want to attack her as quickly as possible.

From here, you'll want to head into the optional Hemwick Charnel Lane area, if you want to uncover all that Bloodborne has hidden away in side areas. For a continued walkthrough of the whole game, head over to our Hemwick Charnel Lane guide.

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