Bloodborne Cainhurst Castle Guide - Complete Forsaken Cainhurst Castle Walkthrough

Bloodborne Cainhurst Castle Guide - Complete Forsaken Cainhurst Castle Walkthrough

How to defeat Martyr Logarious, Obtain the Crown of Illusions, and survive Forsaken Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne.

In Bloodborne, one of the trickier areas to uncover for yourself is Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, where the powerful Martyr Logarius boss resides. In this Bloodborne Cainhurst Castle guide, we'll be walking you through how to complete the area as quickly as possible, as well as how to defeat Martyr Logarius.

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Bloodborne Forsaken Cainhurst Castle Guide

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle is an optional area featured in Bloodborne, which means you don’t need to complete this area and defeat its boss in order to progress through the game. We do, however, suggest exploring this location, as defeating the boss and lesser enemies within the Castle will net Blood Echoes, which will allow you to purchase Consumables and level up your character.

Before you can enter Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, you’ll need to get through the back door of Iosefka’s Clinic and obtain the Cainhurst Summons Key. If you’ve already done this you can skip down to the section marked Cainhurst Castle. Otherwise you’ll need to complete the following walkthrough in order to obtain the key.

To find the Cainhurst Summons key, you’ll need to make your way through the Forbidden Woods until you come to the locked gate that leads to the first area of the game right outside of Iosefka’s Clinic. Open the gate using the switch, then turn around and head through the gate in the far right hand corner. Now move down the stairs and take a left. There is an Infected here, so take him out and then climb up the ladder to the left of the well to find a few Crazed Crows ahead of you on the right.

Make your way through to the building at the end of this rooftop, but watch out for the portal enemy waiting to swallow you up. Take a left to find a Cranium Creature and then kill it before it can attack. Once it is dead, move into the room ahead and grab any supplies you might see before heading back out of the room and down the hallway to the left. Now you’ll have a chance to kill Iosefka, however, slaughtering her will remove your ability to purchase more items from this character. If you do want to kill her, simply continue in this direction down the hall and up the stairs into her room. If you don’t want to kill her, head the opposite direction to find a door.

Open this door and sneak up behind the Cranium Creature, then take it down before it can attack you. Once it is dead, loot the room and make sure to grab the Cainhurst Summons Key from the medical table. If you wish to continue through this part of the game without going on to Cainhurst, you can check out our Bloodborne Blood Echoes farming guide.

Bloodborne Cainhurst Castle Walkthrough

If you wish to continue on to Cainhurst, you’ll need to travel to the Witch’s Abode Lamp and then head outside to find an obelisk near one of the trees. Interact with the obelisk to summon a special carriage that will transport you to Cainhurst Castle. Time for the real fun to begin.

Right after you arrive, walk up the stairs ahead and through the gate at the top. You’ll find a lamp, so light it and then look just a little further along to find a dead body on the ground with two Numbing Mist items. There are crawler enemies patrolling this area, so keep a lookout for them, as they can be tough to spot.

Continue around to the structure on your right, but before you head inside, move to the right-hand side and loot the corpse for a Frenzied Coldblood(9). Now head down the lower path to the left of the structure and take out the group of snakes lounging around on the snow. We suggest keeping your distance and luring them out in small groups so you don’t get overrun. Once they are all out of the way, continue to the end of the path where you’ll find a corpse holding onto a Tempering Blood Gemstone (3).

Now head to the other structure (to the left as you enter this area) and loot the corpse to the left of the stairs leading up to a very large door. Here you’ll find a Frenzied Coldblood(8). There is also another corpse to the far right of the stairs, and looting it will net you four Numbing Mists. There are quite a few more crawlers in this area, so watch out.

Time to head up the stairs and into the main area. There is a Madman’s Knowledge on the corpse to the right, as well as several Stone Ghouls in this area. They won’t attack unless you get too close, and retreating will end their onslaught. If you want to grab another Madman’s Knowledge, search the far left-hand corner of the room to find another loot-bound body. Just make sure to check the far right-hand corner as well for a chest that holds a Reiterpallasch primary weapon.

Once that room is fully looted, head up the stairs in the center to find more Stone Ghouls on both sides. There is also a corpse at the end of this path, and looting it will grant you a nice Blood Stone Chunk. If you want, you can loot a corpse on the left-hand side of the room at the end of the path to find four Quicksilver Bullets. Also be sure to grab the Noble Dress from the chest on the right side of the room.

Now head through the door on the far side of this location and up the stairs to enter the area above. There is a Gargoyle here that will jump out and attack if you continue moving forward, so instead, take the stairs to the right and sneak up behind the clueless Gargoyle to deal a quick death blow. Don’t forget to take down the Gargoyle just to the right and up a level, otherwise he’ll be sure to sneak in a few blows to your HP bar if you give him the chance.

After both Gargoyles are dead, continue along the upper path until you reach a set of circular stairs. Move up and take out the Gargoyle waiting beside a corpse. Once it is dead, loot the corpse to find a Blood Stone Chunk, and then head back down the stairs and continue straight. Now turn left to reach the next room.

You should spot a small set of stairs ahead that you’ll want to ascend. Be careful, as there is a Swordsmith waiting to strike. Keep moving down the path and then turn right just before entering the next room. There are several Gargoyles here, but the fight is worth the trouble, as you will find the Executioner Garb, Executioner Gauntlets, and Executioner Trousers at the end of the path.

Once you have the gear mentioned above, turn around and head into the next room on the right to fight more Ghouls. There is also a chest on the left-hand side of this room that contains a Vileblood Register. Just beyond that you’ll find a lift that will take you down. Take the lift to activate the shortcut, then you’ll want to ride it back up to the previous room.

Now it’s time to head up the stairs at the end of the room and fight another Swordsmith. Once it is dead, continue down the path and circle around the room to take down all of the enemies at the top of the ladders. You can also grab a Blood Stone Chunk from the left-hand side of the room, where you should spot a corpse glowing with loot.

If you look in the far left corner of the room you should spot a small opening in the window. Move through this opening and drop to the balcony below. Now move into the room on the left and search the right-hand corner to find a chest with the Executioner’s Gloves. Move to the other side of the room to find another chest, this time containing the Knight’s Garb, Knight’s Gloves, and Knight’s Trousers.

Go back the way you came and then head left to drop onto the small ledge below. Head across the rooftop, past a doorway, and then over to the next rooftop straight ahead. If you move right from here you will find another lootable corpse with a Kin Coldblood (10). There is also a Gargoyle that will drop down after you loot the corpse, so watch out for it and then return to the doorway you passed before on the rooftop.

Look to your right as you enter the door to find a lever. Pull it to reveal an opening ahead, then climb up the newly found ladder on the right, just before the steps. Now head down the hallway to the left of a nearby chest (which holds a Warm Blood Gemstone), and work your way to the opposite side of the room. You’ll find an Imp as you go. Kill it and continue up the stairs.

Once you reach the rooftop ahead of you, cross to the far side and take out the three Gargoyle enemies hiding near a corpse. After they’ve been murdered, loot the body to find a Knight’s Wif and then drop to the ledge on the right side of the roof. Now move to the left and then drop onto the bridge before continuing to the right. As you near the end of the bridge you should spot a circular rooftop, which you’ll want to drop onto before continuing to drop onto the actual bridge below.

If you head left near the end of the bridge you’ll find a corpse with a Kin Coldblood (10). Loot the corpse, then climb up the ladder ahead to find a long path leading upwards. Don’t go there just yet. Instead, turn and head over the rooftop to find a corpse with a Bold Hunter’s Mark. Nab this item, then head up the path to take on the boss of this region, Martyr Logarius.

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