Bloodborne Martyr Logarius Boss Guide - How to Defeat Martys Logarius, How to Find the Crown of Illusions

Bloodborne Martyr Logarius Boss Guide - How to Defeat Martys Logarius, How to Find the Crown of Illusions

How to defeat Martyr Logarious, Obtain the Crown of Illusions, and survive Forsaken Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne.

Martyr Logarius is one of the optional bosses of Bloodborne, but you'll need to defeat this hidden boss if you want to obtain the Crown of Illusions and unlock a rather intricate secret of the game. In this Bloodborne Martyr Logarius boss guide, we'll be walking you through how to defeat Martys Logarius, including all the deadly attacks you need to be on the lookout for throughout the entire ordeal.

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Bloodborne Martyr Logarius Boss Guide

Martyr Logarius is the final boss of the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle area, and although he's only an optional boss in Bloodborne, he's protecting a fairly large secret. You'll need to defeat Martyr Logarius if you want to get hold of the mysterious Crown of Illusions item, and uncover the true secret of Cainhurst.

How to Defeat Martyr Logarius in Bloodborne

Martyr Logarius uses many projectile-based attacks. All of the smaller attacks can be blocked by standing behind the various objects littering the roof, however the larger attacks cannot be avoided in this manner, and you’ll need to dodge them. The second most important thing to remember is that you do not want to stand in front of this boss during the battle. You don’t want to know the gory details of why it’s a bad idea, just take our word for it.

In order to know which attack Martyr Logarius will go for, pay attention to the circular motion that he makes before casting spells. A slower circle means the attack will be bigger, whereas a quicker circle means it’s going to be a smaller projectile. If you get too close to him he will pull out his weapon and bash you with it, however he can be stunned by most of your basic attacks. Just make sure to dodge away after a few attacks, otherwise you’ll take damage.

If you notice Martyr Logarius planting his weapon in the ground, move away quickly to avoid the coming AoE attack. After he does this it will become more difficult to stun him, and you’ll only be able to attack once or maybe twice before he counters and you have to dodge away.

If he starts to jump into the air, wait a second and then dodge until you can’t dodge anymore to avoid his jump attack. He’ll float high into the air sometimes, and you’ll want to be ready to dodge as soon as he moves. You can also just take cover behind one of the objects scattered across the rooftop.

It isn’t that hard to dodge Logarius’s attacks and counter his combo moves. Just try to stay behind and attack him from that angle to avoid taking excessive damage from his attacks. We suggest using a faster weapon for this fight since you want to dodge as fast as you can.

Essential Tips for Defeating Martyr Logarius

In case you're still struggling with defeating Martyr Logarius, check out our summarized tips for the boss battle just below:

  • All his minor projectile attacks can be blocked by standing behind the pillars on the roof.
  • Move away from Logarius if you see him plant his weapon in the ground.
  • Take a fast weapon, and try and stay to the side or behind the boss.
  • Wait until Logarius slams down from above to dodge his aerial attacks.

Bloodborne Crown of Illusions Guide

Once he takes his final hit, activate the lamp that appears and collect the Crown of Illusions that he dropped on the ground. Now stand by the throne and equip the crown to trigger a cut scene that will open a doorway behind the throne.

Head through the doorway and continue up the staircase until you reach a room at the top with a lamp resting down the left-hand wall. On the opposite side of the room from the lamp you should see a table where you can find an Unopened Summons. Grab this item and then approach the throne at the far end of the room and kneel before the queen. You’ll need to swear an oath to the Vilebloods in order to obtain the Cainhurst Badge, as well as the Corruption items. You’ll also earn the Respect gesture.

Since Forsaken Cainhurst Castle is definitely one of the harder areas of Bloodborne, you're likely going to be heading to the Nightmare of Mensis region after taking down or Martyr Logarius, or potentially heading back to the aforementioned area to defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

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