Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane Guide - Complete Hemwick Charnel Lane Walkthrough

Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane Guide - Complete Hemwick Charnel Lane Walkthrough

Explore Hemwick Charnel Lane and find the Rune Workshop Tool to gain access to the Memory Altar in Hunter's Dream!

Hemwick Charnel Lane is the area you'll reach in Bloodborne after you've successfully defeated the Blood-Starved Beast. In this Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane guide, we'll be going over how to clear the area as quickly as possible, as well as how to defeat the Witch of Hemwick.

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How to Reach Hemwick Charnel Lane in Bloodborne

After defeating Vicar Amelia and activating the Grand Cathedral lamp, head back to Hunter's Dream to cash in your Blood Echoes and adjust your character and weaponry as needed. When you're ready, go back to the Grand Cathedral lamp.

Take out the Gravekeepers down the stairs, then go right. Near the end of the path is a corpse that holds a Bloodshot Eyeball (Holy Chalice ritual item). Continue down the stairs behind the corpse to find another corpse in the tall grass. Search it to find three Bold Hunter's Marks.

Continue into the cave ahead to reach a clearing. The clearing is inhabited by Demon Hounds (very similar to normal Hounds but they avoid your attacks a bit better), a few Henchmen with guns and possibly several Soot Monsters as well, depending on when you arrive at the area and how many times you visited. Soot Monsters are aggressive and have a considerable amount of health. At your present level it will likely take two critical strikes to bring them down (or a good number of normal attacks). They are susceptible to your gunshots, so it shouldn't be too difficult to land critical strikes.

Start with the right side to find a group of four Henchmen (all with rifles). Near this group are several corpses holding nine Bone Marrow Ash and two Thick Coldblood (4) items. If you have trouble engaging the four gunmen, use the trees and tombstones as cover. If you still can't get the job done, start with the left side and work your way around (or just completely ignore the right side if you wish).

Circle around toward the left to find a corpse holding four Pebbles and more Henchmen. Search the left side of the clearing to run into several Demon Hounds and a Henchman. There's a corpse by a tree holding three Quicksilver Bullets. Keep moving to the left to find two more Demon Hounds, another Henchman and possibly a Soot Monster. At the end of the path to the left is a gate. Open the gate to enter Hemwick Charnel Lane.

Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane Guide

Continue down the path and light the Hemwick Charnel Lane lamp at the bottom. Keep moving down the hill to the left to find six Crazed Hags below. These are the base enemy for the area and do not pose much of a threat at all. Two of the Hags may not be immediately visible, as one is up the stairs straight ahead and the other is in the area off to the right. Destroy the cart and search the dead body to the far left to find a Bloodshot Eyeball.

Move into the area to the right to find another corpse holding two Twin Blood Stone Shards. Head up the makeshift wooden stairs in the corner. You can speak to the woman inside the shack by the red lantern at the top, but you won't get much out of her.

Head right to find another corpse holding a Madman's Knowledge. If you continue down the path you'll find a lever ahead, but at this point you can't do much with it. Instead, go back to the area where you first encountered the Crazed Hags and head up the stairs to the right.

At the top of the stairs you'll find a Soot Monster, Crazed Hag and a Demon Hound. Try to wait for the Hag and the Hound to move close to you before you engage. This allows you to save the Soot Monster for last and not attack all three at once.

Be careful as you move forward because the Hag on the ledge above throws Molotov Cocktails at you once you enter this area. With that in mind, search the body next to the tree ahead to find a Thick Coldblood (4), then head up to the area above to engage the two Hags above.

Continue up the next flight of stairs to find a Brute at the top. There's also another Hag above the area throwing Molotov Cocktails again. If you remain by the stairs you won't have to worry about the Molotov Cocktails. Finish off the Brute and head toward the gate in front of you.

The gate won't open, but there's a path up the hill to the right. Finish off the Hag above, then drop down to the path below to find another corpse holding two Twin Blood Stone Shards. You can also access this area from the top of the stairs where you fought the Brute, but then you'd have to deal with Molotov Cocktails being thrown at you the whole time.

Make your way back up to the area where the Hag was at, but this time, head down the path to the left. Another Hag will attempt to ambush you when you reach the halfway point. Continue down to the bottom to find five Crazed Crows off to the right. As you approach them a Soot Monster spawns near the middle of the area.

If any Crows come toward you, take them out. However, the Soot Monster takes priority here if he starts to attack. Kill all of the enemies, then search the body to the right to find four Pebbles. Look to the right to see a lever next to a lift. Step on the lift to activate the lever at the bottom so you can use it as a shortcut if need be.

Once you've activated the lift by moving down to the lower level, head back up and make your way to the stairs on the right. Another Hag ambushes you when you reach the stairs. Kill her, then search to the right to find a corpse holding eight Bone Marrow Ash behind the tombstones.

Head up the stairs and take down the Brute at the top. There's also a Hag patrolling the area throwing Molotov Cocktails around. Deal with the enemies and head into the barn in front of you. A Hag waits in the second stall on the right and a Demon Hound will attack when you get about halfway through the barn.

Climb up the ladder on the far side of the barn and move forward towards the corpse ahead. As you get closer a Soot Monster spawns. If you have a Hand Lantern (purchased from the Bath Messenger in Hunter's Dream) now would be a good time to use it. You'll want to use your gun on the Soot Monster, but you can't lock-on to it in the dark. A Hand Lantern allows you to use a gun and have a light. If you don't have a Hand Lantern, use a Shining Coin that you should have in your inventory after traversing this area (it drops from the Brutes).

However you go about it, kill the Soot Monster and search the corpse by the table to find a Bloodshot Eyeball. Turn around and look in the far left corner to see stairs. Go down the stairs and use the beams to cross over to the far side of the room. There's a doorway at the end, but just beyond the doorway a Wheelchair Blunder waits to the right.

Quickly move into the room and take out the Wheelchair Blunder before he can attack. Search the corpse to the left to obtain an Adept Blood Gemstone (1), then search the corpse at the end of the room to find another Madman's Knowledge.

Head back up to the top floor and continue through the top floor of the barn and out onto the rooftop ahead. Go around to the left to find another Hag, then continue toward the end of the rooftop. There's another corpse ahead, but there's also a Brute and two Hags off to the left. Finish off the enemies and search the corpse to find a Coldblood Dew (3).

Continue to the left to encounter a Demon Hound and two Hags. When you reach the end of the building on your left, look behind it to find a corpse holding two Twin Blood Stone Shards. Keep moving ahead to find a Hag just inside the entrance to the structure ahead.

Go down the stairs on the far side of the structure to find two Brutes waiting in the area outside. They patrol in wide paths, making it easy to fight them one at a time. Once both are down, look to the left to find a corpse holding a Thick Coldblood (4). Just beyond the body is the other side of the gate that was closed off to you before. Operate the lever in front of the gate to open it and provide a shortcut if you need one.

Your destination is to the left, but if you wish to explore the area to the right you'll find five Demon Hounds and a Hag. If you make your way to the far right you'll find three corpses that hold eight Bone Marrow Ash, one Thick Coldblood (4) and a Lake run.

Collect the items or just head to the left and up the hill towards your destination. There are three Hags and a Brute up the hill. As always, one of the Hags will toss Molotov Cocktails, so stay back and finish her off last if you don't want to deal with them.

There's a house to the right and you can squeeze through the broken section of the railing along the side of the house to reach a small alcove behind it. There you'll find a chest that holds a Tempering Blood Gemstone (1).

Go back to the main path and continue up the hill. There's a building ahead and an Imp toward the end up the building. Kill the Imp first, then break the barrels in the middle of the room to reveal a corpse that holds another Madman's Knowledge.

Head down the stairs in the room to find a large room at the bottom where you'll face the Witch of Hemwick boss.

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