Bloodborne Lecture Building Guide - Complete Lecture Building Walkthrough

Bloodborne Lecture Building Guide - Complete Lecture Building Walkthrough

Explore the Lecture Building and Nightmare Frontier to find the Augur of Ebrietas, Fading Lake rune and the entrance to the Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis!

The Lecture Building and the Nightmare Frontier locations go hand in hand in Bloodborne, as one effectively links into the other. In this Bloodborne Lecture Building guide, we'll be walking you through the complex area, as well as how to defeat Amygdala.

Just in case you need anything else at all on Bloodborne, including how to beat every boss and overcome every complex area in the game, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub.

Bloodborne Lecture Building Guide

After defeating The One Reborn, head up the stairs and inspect the mummy at the very top. This transports you to the Lecture Building. If you were caught by the Giant Being near the entrance to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, you've already been here. If not, this is going to be your first time.

Light the Lecture Building 2nd Floor lamp and head out the nearby door. In this area you will run into Graduate enemies. These enemies have a rather long reach, but otherwise are not overly dangerous. They don't stun easily and use a projectile attack, but don't move very fast, so their attack can easily be avoided.

Kill the Graduates beyond the door but watch out for the ones on the far side as they will use projectile attacks. When you reach the end of the hall, head to the right to find a Reaper. Kill it, then head to the right to take out the Graduates using their projectile attacks. Search the corpse behind these Graduates to find a Blood Stone Chunk.

There are quite a few doors throughout this hall. In the first door directly across from the room with the lamp, head to the far side to find a corpse holding six Sedatives. When you try to leave the room, a Graduate attempts to drop down on top of you near the door. Throw a Pebble to get the Graduate to fall, then take it down.

From the lamp room, head left and make your way down the first hallway to the left and through the door at the end. To the right another Graduate waits on the ceiling. Throw another Pebble to bring it down, then continue along the balcony to kill the next Graduate. There's a note at the end if you'd like to read it.

Continue through the nearby door and then through the door in the next room to get back to the main hall. Go left and into the next door on the left if you'd like to read another note on the far table. The glowing purple door ahead leads to the Nightmare of Mensis area, but we're going to head to the Nightmare Frontier first, so skip that door for now.

Move into the small area where the Reaper was located. Look to the right to see another door. Go through the door and into the room beyond, then across the balcony and through the door on the far side to find a chest. Open the chest to obtain a Communion rune.

Go back to the area where the Reaper was and climb down the ladder in the corner. Strike the Mutant Spider by the doorway one time, then quickly back off to avoid the portal that appears. Now speak to the Mutant Spider to receive the Beg for Life gesture. Tell him you do not think ill of him and continue to speak with him to obtain an Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune (boosts stamina by 15 percent).

Head through the door ahead and across to the next door. Open the door and slowly move inside, then jump back to avoid the portal that appears. Activate the Lecture Building lamp (first floor) inside, then go back out the door and continue down the hallway.

Go into the next door on the left and continue through the door in the next room. Kill the Graduate just ahead and then search the corpse to the far right to find a Lecture Theatre Key (key item). Search the other body in the room to obtain a Student Uniform (chest attire) and Student Trousers (leg attire).

Continue through the door on the far side of the room to get back to the area you were just in. Head about halfway down the hall to the right and go into the first doorway you see on the left. When you open the door a number of Graduates attack from the room beyond. Stay back a bit to bottleneck the enemies in the doorway and take them out as they come.

When the Graduates stop flooding through the door, head into the room to find at least one or two Graduates off to the right. Finish them off and continue through the door to the right. Inside the next room is a chest that holds an Augur of Ebrietas (summon Ebrietas).

Head through the door to the right of the chest to find yourself back in the previous room. This time, head to the far end of the hall and through the glowing purple door to enter the Nightmare Frontier.

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