Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis Guide - Complete Nightmare of Mensis Walkthrough

Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis Guide - Complete Nightmare of Mensis Walkthrough

Find the Shaman Bone Blades, Mensis Cage and Iron Door Key as you unlock the ability to fight Gehrman, the final boss in Bloodborne.

The Nightmare of Mensis region is one of the most challenging locations in Bloodborne, not just because you'll come face to face with the Mergo's Wet Nurse boss at the end of it all. In this Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis guide, we'll be walking you through how to complete the tough area, as well as how to defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

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Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis Guide

Follow the path and kill the Werebeast at the end with a sneak attack from behind. These Werebeasts are a bit different from the previous ones. Once they die, two snakes pop out of them and attack. Be ready for this whenever you engage and defeat a Werebeast in this area.

Run down the path to find an Imp trying to escape off the cliff. Kill it quickly and continue ahead to find a corpse holding a Frenzied Coldblood (9). Just beyond this point you'll be shot at from a distance. If you're hit, it increases your frenzy levels. If need be, use a Sedative to bring your frenzy down before the bar fills. You can also use the various obstacles here to block the shots while your frenzy meter depletes.

Light the Nightmare Mensis lamp ahead and continue forward to engage the Werebeasts. Search the corpse here to obtain eight Blood Vials. To progress through this area, you need to go up the stairs to the left, but there are Fur Giants and another lamp if you head all the way to the right. There's also a Bell Caller in the area that allows other players to invade. You need to head up the stairs to kill her.

Continue up the stairs to the left to engage more Werebeasts. When the path curves around to the right, veer to the left and go up the hill instead to avoid the constant frenzy attacks. There's a corpse to the left that holds a Frenzied Coldblood (9) and two Fur Giants in the distance. Grab the item, then quickly head toward the Giants to take them down.

As you make your way up the hill and toward the building, there are four total Fur Giants with a corpse next to the second one that holds a Blood Stone Chunk. If you have trouble dealing with the Fur Giants, make a run for the building. Once inside the Fur Giants will not follow you. When the Fur Giants depart or once you've killed them all, head around to the far left side of the building to find another corpse sitting near the wall. Search the body to find a Blood Stone Chunk.

Head up the stairs and into the building. Move into the room with the spiders, but do not attack them yet. Make your way up the stairs to the right to find another spider hanging in the hallway. Use a ranged weapon to knock it down, then kill it. Look onto the small balcony to the right to see the Bell Caller. Kill her to stop the potential of another player invading, then search the body nearby to obtain a Kin Coldblood (10). Go back into the previous room and search the body in the far corner to obtain a Madman's Knowledge, then turn around and head across the bridge to the right.

Two spiders drop down onto the bridge. Back into the previous room so you have a wider area to fight in. Take them out, then move back onto the bridge. To avoid having to fight all of the spiders at once, use Pebbles (or any ranged weapon) to knock the spiders down. They'll head up the stairs to attack, so move back into the previous room again and fight them there.

When only the large spider is left, shoot it down, then jump down and attack as you're falling. You can then stay on the lower floor and attack it there, or run back up to the bridge and continue using jumping attacks to kill it. The spider has long reach and uses multiple poison attacks from the front and back. The safest way to kill it is by jumping off the bridge repeatedly, but depending on your character and weapon level, it may not take much to kill it outright.

Once the spiders are down, head up the stairs at the end of the room and search the corpse to find six Shaman Bone Blades (makes enemies lose sense of direction). Continue through the doorway to the right to find a Hunter waiting at the end of the hall. This Hunter fights with Ludwig's Holy Sword and the numbing spray. Kill it to obtain three Sedatives, then continue down the hall.

Head to the left and around the corner to find a chest at the end. Open the chest to obtain two Yellow Backbone items (Holy Chalice ritual). Make your way down the stairs in the middle of the room to find two Tiny Gents at the bottom and a body that holds a Frenzied Coldblood (9) to the right. You can sneak up behind the Tiny Gents for Charge Attacks and easy deaths. There are more Tiny Gents just ahead, but ignore them for now and head to the lift down the hallway near the body.

Go outside and look to the left to find the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp. Head back up the lift and then finish off the remaining Tiny Gents on the far side of the room. Make your way down the stairs to find a Lady Gent below. Treat her like you would a Brute. Wait for her to attack and stun her with your gun, then follow with a visceral attack. You may have to do this twice to finish her off depending on the level of your character and weapon.

Search the corpse just ahead to find a Madman's Knowledge, then watch the large holes in the floor and continue to the far side of the room. Along the way you'll encounter a Tiny Gent like the ones from upstairs, three Tiny Gents that have crossbows, and another Lady Gent. If you can, sneak up on one of the Tiny Gents for a Charge Attack. If you get the attention of the others, lure the Lady Gent away to deal with her alone, then head back and use Pebbles or gun shots to separate the others and deal with them individually. This is the safest method, but you can always rush in and try not to die.

Just beyond the enemies, squeeze around the pillar to get to the corpse on the other side. Search it to find two Lead Elixirs, then head into the nearby lift. Go down the hall and into the open area ahead, where a Crow Hound falls out of the cage to the left. These are basically Crazed Crows with Hound heads. Kill this one, then head around the corner to the right to find several more and a Hound Crow (Hound with a Crazed Crow head).

Continue up the stairs to find two more Crow Hounds in the cage above and two Hound Crows in the area below and to the left. Lure the Crow Hounds out first, then take out the Hound Crows down below. Near the Hound Crows you'll find two corpses holding a Kin Coldblood (10) and a Blood Stone Chunk.

Head back up to the top and look to the far right to see another cage where a Crow Hound waits. This cage is hovering over the area below and can only be reached by rolling into it. If you try to jump you will fall below and have to try again. Inside the cage is a corpse holding a Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5).

Drop down and then go back up and look to the left of the next set of stairs to see two lifts (one here and one in the lower position). Head into the lift on the left to create a shortcut down to the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp. Head back up and then continue up the stairs.

Make your way across the bridge ahead and take out the skeletons that spawn on the far side. Continue through the doorway to trigger a cut-scene followed by a boss battle against Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

The rest of this Nightmare of Mensis guide will be focusing on what to do after you've taken down Micolash, so feel free to return to the section just below after you've defeated the penultimate boss of Bloodborne.

Head up as far as you can go to find a bridge. Go across the bridge and activate the Mergo's Loft: Middle lamp on the other side. Continue up the stairs and around the corner to the next set of stairs. Kill the Hound Crow and two Crow Hounds at the top and search the nearby body to find two Blood Stone Chunks.

Continue up the next flight of stairs and then around to the left to find the three Shadow of Yharnam bosses you fought some time ago. You've powered up since then so they aren't anywhere near as formidable, but you should still try to engage them one at a time if you can back away far enough to separate them.

Once the Shadow of Yharnam enemies are down, head all the way up the stairs until you see a small staircase to the left heading down. There's nothing down there, but to the left of the stairs you can follow a narrow path to find a corpse holding two Blood Stone Chunks.

Make your way up to the top of the area. There are three Spider Pigs here. Yes, they're just what you're thinking, the giant Pigs from before fused with spiders. The first one is not facing you, making it easy to sneak up and land a Charge Attack. The other ones stick close together and are difficult to sneak up on. Ideally you'll want to separate them, but that requires enough patience to get one to spot you while the other doesn't. If you have them both at once, just dodge the attack when they walk towards you on their hind legs and attack immediately following it.

In the area with the pigs, look around the left side of the area to find a corpses holding a Nourishing Damp Blood Gem (4) and two Kin Coldblood (11). Circle around to the far left to find stairs leading down. In the area below you'll encounter two of the Shadow of Yharnam and the Bell Caller. Kill all three enemies, then search the bodies in the area to obtain two Blood Stone Chunks and three Blood Vials.

Head down the stairs in the corner into the water below, then follow the path to the left to find an Imp ahead. Kill it and continue to follow the water around to the left and up the stairs. Drop down the corridor below and head up the stairs to reach the area where the Pigs were.

This time, continue up to the top of the area and kill the four Shadow of Yharnam enemies you see along the way. When you reach the top you'll see a woman in white. Ignore her and head down the stairs on the far side. Circle around to the right to find a chest that contains Iosefka's Blood Vial. You can only carry one of these.

Go through the doorway ahead to find a lift that leads down near the Mergo's Loft: Middle lamp. Head back up the lift and then up the stairs toward the woman in white. Continue up the next flight of stairs to the left to reach another lift. Head down the hall to initiate a boss battle against Mergo's Wet Nurse.

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