Bloodborne Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guide - How to Defeat the Blood-Starved Beast

Bloodborne Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guide - How to Defeat the Blood-Starved Beast

Pick up the entire Hunter attire set and stock up on Antidotes as you prepare for the battle against the Blood-starved Beast!

The Blood-Starved Beast is definitely one of the more challenging bosses in Bloodborne, due to its ferocious nature and ability to rapidly poison you. In this Bloodborne Blood-Starved Beast boss guide, we'll be walking you through how to defeat the Blood-Starved Beast, including how you can easily get around its deadly poison attacks.

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Bloodborne Blood-Stared Beast Boss Guide

The Blood-starved Beast seems like a fairly simple battle at first, but before you go into the fight, make sure you have a full stock of Antidotes. Unfortunately, you can only have 10 Antidotes on you at a time, so make sure you're fully stocked with Blood Vials as well. It's also a good idea to switch your weapon to the long-form because the Blood-starved Beast is very agile, leaps long distances and moves around quite a bit. With your weapon in long-form you'll be able to hit it easier.

How to Defeat the Blood-Starved Beast in Bloodborne

For the first part of the battle, run up to the Blood-starved Beast and wait for it to initiate an attack. As soon as you see one of its arms move, get ready to dodge behind it or to the left or right. In most cases you'll only need to dodge once, especially if you can get behind it. The Blood-starved Beast moves so far with each attack that you'll be well out of its attack range with a single dodge more often than not. This also causes a slight problem because you may not be close enough to attack.

The Blood-starved Beast attacks with a few different patterns. If you stand directly in front of it, the beast may grab you and bite your character. This poisons your character and inflicts a considerable amount of damage. You want to avoid this attack at all costs.

From a moderate distance the Blood-starved Beast will leap toward you with a bevy of rapid slashing attacks. You may want to dodge a couple of times to make sure you're clear of all of these attacks. The Blood-starved Beast also uses one or two swiping attacks that are fairly easy to dodge, and leaves you close enough to follow with an attack.

When the Blood-starved Beast uses it's far-reaching leap attack, if you can time your dodge well enough you can land a Charge Attack to its back and then follow with a critical strike. The timing on this is moderately strict, but the real challenge is lining up so you're still behind the Blood-starved Beast when your Charge Attack executes. It moves around so much this can be difficult to pull off. With that said, you shouldn't be too worried about a critical strike because a three-hit combo will inflict almost as much damage.

To sum it up, during the first half of the battle stay close to the Blood-starved Beast and dodge its attacks while you counter with one or two hits from your long-form weapon, or a well-placed and well-timed Charge Attack into a critical strike.

When the Blood-starved Beast is down to below 50 percent health, it pauses for a moment, then stands on its hind legs. When you see this, move away as quickly as you can. The Blood-starved Beast follows this position with a burst of poison that emits from its body. If you're too close it will knock you away and potentially poison you as well. After this point the fight becomes considerably more difficult.

You may have noticed that fluid is steadily squirting out of the Blood-starved Beast. This is poison and it's now leaking out even faster than before. Anytime you're close to the Blood-starved Beast, your character will be slowly poisoned. This is indicated by a bar above your character's head. The larger the bar, the closer you are to being fully poisoned and the faster your life depletes. When the bar is full you're completely poisoned and your life will drain rapidly.

Whenever you see the bar appear, if you have a decent amount of health, try not to use an Antidote. You only have 10, and you're going to need one if that bar gets full. Unfortunately you can't inflict much damage to the Blood-starved Beast without getting close, which means you're going to eat that poison quite a bit. Use Blood Vials as much as you can to keep your health up because you have twice as many of them as you do Antidotes. If the poison gauge gets more than 50 percent full, use an Antidote. You'll also find three Antidotes behind the statue on the far side of the room. If you run out, use these as a last resort.

Anytime you see the bar during the second half of this battle, it's a good idea to back away from the Blood-starved Beast and either heal, use an Antidote or just slowly let the bar go down. Unfortunately, the Blood-starved Beast is far more aggressive at this point, which means it can be difficult to stay away from it. Always keep a lock-on so you know where the beast is at, and keep your distance with multiple dodges in rapid succession if you need to.

You want to inflict damage to finish it off, but at this point it's better to stay alive than risk getting poisoned and dying. Move in, attack once or twice, then quickly move away to deal with the poison if need be. While it's still possible to land a Charge Attack into a critical strike, it's far more difficult due to how much the Blood-starved Beast moves around. You will have to dodge quite a bit here and use your Antidotes and Blood Vials wisely to ensure you stay alive long enough to finish off the Blood-starved Beast.

Once you've defeated the beast, light the Church of the Good Chalice lamp at the end of the room, then circle around the back side of the statue to pick up the three Antidotes if you haven't already.

Essential Tips for Defeating the Blood-Starved Beast

The Blood-Starved Beast is definitely one of the harder fights in Bloodborne, so if you need a recap of what to look out for when fighting the monster, check out the brief list just below:

  • If you're infront of the Blood-Starved Beast and it attacks, a single dodge to either side will avoid the attack.
  • It's possible to stun the monster, while it's claw is far behind its back.
  • At 50% health, the Blood-Starved Beast emits a massive cloud of poison.
  • Fire Paper and Molotovs are deadly against the boss.

From defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, you'll unfortunately have to retrace your steps slightly, if you want to reach the next chronological area of the game. Head all the way back to the Cathedral Ward, and you can make your way into the Forbidden Woods.

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