FIFA 19 Career Mode Tips - Transfer Negotiation, Improve Rating

FIFA 19 Career Mode Tips - Transfer Negotiation, Improve Rating

This FIFA 19 guide will tell you how to score lots of goals, how to perform goal celebrations, how to use timed finishing, and how to defend well.

Ultimate Team has sort of taken the spotlight away from Career Mode in recent years, but there's still a great time to be had with the OG offering. FIFA 19 Career Mode hasn't changed much since last year, but you'll still need to know what you're doing if you want to see your team thrive. In this FIFA 19 Career Mode Guide, we'll detail everything from Player Scouting to Transfer Negotiation Tips. We'll also detail the changes that have been made since last year, and offer some advice on making the most of your time as Manager.

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FIFA 19 Career Mode Guide

Career Mode is the classic single-player mode in FIFA 19. It involves taking on the role of Manager at a club of your choice. From there you’re free to manage the team as you wish, buying new players, retiring others, and working towards personal goals. Each team will ask that you satisfy a set of Manager Expectations. These vary from team to team but can range from big cup victories to division promotion. There’s a fair bit to take in, so we’ve pulled together all of the key info below.

FIFA 19 Career Mode Tips

Upon starting Career Mode in FIFA 19, you’ll want to get acquainted with all of the options available to you. Not only that, but there are some key bits of info that you’ll need to keep in mind while playing through a season, so it’s good to get it all down as early as you can. We’ve included some FIFA 19 Career Mode Tips below:

  • Make use of your first transfer window - When starting the season, you’ll be right in the middle Transfer Season. You’ll have a Transfer budget ready to use, so make sure you do.
  • Play the pre-season tournament - Usually, when you start a Career in FIFA 19, you’ll be given the option to take part in a number of pre-season tournaments. We recommend that you do, as it’s here that you can experiment with tactics and squad rosters.
  • Use dynamic tactics - The new tactics screen introduced this year is a real winner, allowing you to fine-tune individual tactics and game plans. Take some time to play around with the new options, as they can really elevate your game.
  • Do some research - You don’t have to feel around in the dark for the best transfer options as there’s plenty of info online. Many sites (including us) have lists showing hidden gems and wonderkids, so you know exactly who to target early on.
  • Spend some time running through training drills before starting a session - Set pieces and skill move drills can be particularly useful for winning matches, so taking some time to study up
  • At the end of each game, come up with a to-do list - Write down some tasks that need addressing before starting the next game, and keep some long-term goals on there as well, it’ll help you manage your expectations better.
  • Play as many games as possible - Okay, we get it, playing every single game in FIFA Career Mode can be a bit of a chore. Simulating matches is risky though, and skipping through important ones is a big no-no.

FIFA 19 Transfer Negotiation Tips - Buying Players in FIFA 19 Career Mode

Once you’ve gotten settled into your new role as Manager for your chosen team, you’ll want to start making some changes. You can do this by buying new players on the transfer market, though you’ll need to go through contract negotiations first. Transfer Negotiations can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we’ve pulled together some useful tips in the list below. Here are our essential FIFA 19 Career Mode Transfer Negotiation Tips:

  • If you’re looking to sign a player that you know you probably won’t end up selling, then add on sell-on fees. This will make the deal more attractive to the seller, though really it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t plan on selling.
  • Transfer Negotiations can breakdown mid-meeting if you’re not careful. Listen out for the seller saying things like “we won’t accept any more than..”, if you undercut them at this point, they might just walk away.
  • You can always make a follow-up offer, so don’t scare sellers off straight away with low offers.
  • Scout as much as you can, this will give you an accurate estimation of what the seller is willing to accept as an offer.
  • Pay the release clause to bypass stubborn sellers. It will often be a little higher than what you might pay, but it can be worth it to negotiate with the player directly
  • Consider swapping a player that you’re not using to lessen the cost of signing a new one
  • Be careful when offering squad roles. If you promise a vital role to a young player that you intend to bench, they’ll quickly become annoyed and call you up on it.
  • Go high on player salary to avoid signing fees.

FIFA 19 Career Mode Scouting New Players

In order to find promising new players in FIFA 19 Career Mode, you’ll need to make use of the scouting feature. You can find it by heading to the Global Transfer Network in the Transfers tab. From here you can either hire new scouts or use existing ones to look for players to sign. The scout will initially give you a selection of players for you to look through, after which you can choose to scout specific ones further. There are two factors to consider when choosing a scout to do your bidding, factors which we’ve detailed below:

  • Judgement - A scout with better judgement will find higher quality players
  • Experience - A more experienced scout will find a larger number of players

It’s always good to scout as many players as possible. This way you’ll have more options, and key info which can inform your transfer Negotiations.

FIFA 19 Youth Squad and Youth Academy

If you’re really looking to play Career Mode for the long haul, you’ll want to start building a Youth Team to take over once some of your older players start retiring. To start setting up a Youth Squad, head to the Office Tab, and then select Youth Staff. You’ll need to hire a scout to search a specific region for players. Once you sign a player, you’ll set up Youth Academy, essentially a hub for managing all of your young players. With your Youth Academy set up and ready to go, here’s some tips on getting the most out of your Youth Squad:

  • Pay attention to each player’s type. This is more indicative of their true position than the one listed by the scout.
  • Don’t just rely on overall rating when deciding to call up a player. Check each one’s individual stats and see if they can be valuable in your squad
  • You can’t see a player’s date of birth, so check back in regularly to see if they’ve turned 16 and are eligible to be called up to your squad.
  • You can train Youth Players in the same way as other players. Go to the training menu and you can scroll through to your Youth Squad
  • The player potential will start off as a broad range, but will narrow over time
  • Don’t be afraid to leave players in the academy a little longer, it’ll benefit them in the long run.

FIFA 19 Career Mode Changes Since Last Year

While FIFA 19 does add a fair bit of new content when compared to its predecessor, career mode has definitely received the short straw. The big change is the addition of the UEFA Champions League, which operates as another tournament that you can play through. Elsewhere, there's a brand new difficulty setting in the form of Ultimate, previously reserved for FIFA Ultimate Team. There's updates to visuals, all new dynamic tactics and tweaks to breaking news and presentation. You can now use a fourth substitute in extra time, mirroring recent rule changes. Other than that, it's largely more of the same, with minor updates to training drills and transfer negotiations.

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