Gears 5 Spoiler FAQ - All Gears 5 Endings and Questions Answered

Gears 5 Spoiler FAQ - All Gears 5 Endings and Questions Answered

This is our guide covering the Gears 5 endings, answering every question you might have in our detailed spoiler FAQ.

Gears 5 is finally here, and it's safe to say it's been a massive success for Xbox and The Coalition, with over 4 million players in the first week of launch. In this guide to the game, we'll be going over the Gears 5 endings and how they differ, the fates of every major character in the game, what comes next for the franchise, and more. Be warned: there are major story spoilers for Gears 5 in this guide!

Gears 5 Endings Explained

As you'll know by now, there's one main ending for Gears 5, but with subtle differences depending on your past choice. We're referring here to your choice earlier in Act 4, where Kait has to choose to save either Del or J.D. from the clutches of Reyna, or rather, the monster that used to be Reyna.

After defeating the Kraken and saving whatever's left of New Ephyra, Kait, Marcus, Cole, Baird, Clayton, and either Del or J.D. gather round. If you selected to save Del and let J.D. die (as I suspect most players did), then Marcus is in mourning, but comforted by Del.

Kait and Del in Gears 5. | The Coalition

If you selected to save J.D. and let Del die, then things play out a little differently. J.D. takes Del's death hard, and is comforted by Marcus immediately after the scene where you decide who to save. At the end of the game, it's J.D. that's grieving, and Marcus again that comforts him. The main difference between Gears 5 endings is whoever is left alive to grieve, basically.

Does Kait Die in Gears 5?

Kait is all alive and well by the time Gears 5 ends. The choice that you make in Act 4 of Gears 5 actually has very little bearing on Kait's character at the end of the game. She's obviously out for revenge against Reyna, the only difference is who she's out to avenge.

Kait in Gears 5. | The Coalition

It's pretty safe to assume that Gears will be sticking with Kait as the protagonist for the inevitable sequel (more on that below). She's got way more motivation and purpose for a sequel than J.D. had going from Gears of War 4 to Gears 5, and she's got a clear enemy now.

Does Marcus Die in Gears 5?

Some definitely thought that Marcus would die in the events of Gears of War 4, and I thought there was a possibility that he could die during this game. Instead though, Marcus is alive and well, but possibly mourning depending on whether or not you chose to save Del or J.D.

Marcus in Gears 5. | The Coalition

Does Carmine Die in Gears 5?

Yes, but also no. Lizzie Carmine, the newest member of the Carmine family to step up into a Gears game, unfortunately bites the dust at the end of Act 1 of Gears 5. However her uncle, Clayton Carmine, who first appeared in Gears of War 3 and is surely pushing 60 years old by now, is alive and well at the end of Gears 5.

Does Fahz Die in Gears 5?

Nope! Rahul Kohli's smack-talking character is still alive at the end of Gears 5. It's pretty safe to say Fahz will probably be back in Gears 5, and it seems like he's grown a lot closer to the rest of Delta Squad by the end of the game.

Does Niles Die in Gears 5?

Remember Niles? This twisted scientist first appeared in Gears of War 3, where a younger Marcus and then-alive Dominic Santiago fended off his Sires in a laboratory, before seemingly shutting Niles' AI for good.

Niles is back in his AI form in Gears 5, although Kait and Del do discover his frozen corpse in the Mount Kadar lab. At the end of Act 2, Niles' AI body is seemingly ripped apart by an enraged Matriarch, so although his physical manifestation is gone, there's the possibly Niles still exists in a computer system somewhere.

Does Baird Die in Gears 5?

Baird takes a more hands-off role in Gears 5 than he previously did in Gears of War 4, and for pretty much all the game he's in a lab with his AI system. At the end of Gears 5, Baird rejoices as the Kraken is defeated, and he's very much alive.

All the squad together in Gears 5. | The Coalition

Does Cole Die in Gears 5?

It certainly seemed like Cole bit the dust near the end of Gears 5 at the hands of the Kraken. However he's later shown to be alive and well with Paduk, and we can only assume he'll make a return in an inevitable sequel.

Does Paduk Die in Gears 5?

Paduk first appeared in Gears of War: Judgment, an underappreciated (yeah, we said it) spin-off in 2013 that starred Baird and Cole in the leading roles. Paduk makes a return in Act 3 of Gears 5, and he's still alive at the end of the fight with the Kraken.

Will There be a Gears 6?

You can count on it. At the conclusion of Gears 5's story, no matter who lives or dies, Marcus and Kait resolve to go after Reyna, and end the threat of the Swarm once and for all, setting up the story and main antagonist of Gears 6.

It'll be interesting to see how The Coalition deals with the player choice in Gears 5. It's likely that the developer will retcon the choice into one conclusive ending, so that either J.D. or Del are alive for Gears 6. It's not as if the sequel can adapt based on your choice in Gears 5, especially since Gears 6 will inevitably be on Microsoft's next console.

If you want to see what we made of Microsoft's latest entry in the franchise, you can check out our own Gears 5 review. For guides to the sequel, you can head over to our Gears 5 collectibles guide, or our guide to the Gears 5 Matriarch boss.

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