Destiny 2 Rasputin Armory Codes Guide - How to Obtain and Use Rasputin Armory Codes

Here's our complete guide to the new Destiny 2 Warmind expansion, including the price, new Power Level cap, Exotics weapons and armor, new Spire of Stars Raid Lair, and Strikes.

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The Destiny 2 Rasputin Armory Codes are a particularly elusive item, that were first introduced to the game back when the Warmind expansion launched in May 2018. In this Destiny 2 Rasputin Armory Codes guide, we'll be detailing how you can earn the elusive code items as quickly as possible, as well as revealing how you can then use these codes to earn some powerful gear for your Guardian.

If you instead need anything else relating to the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2, including how to access all the brand new content straight away, as well as the upfront cost that you’ll need to pay for access to either the expansion or the Expansion Pass, make sure to head over to our complete Destiny 2 Warmind guides hub.

Destiny 2 Rasputin Armory Codes Guide

While you’re exploring Mars in the new Warmind expansion for Destiny 2, whether it’s performing main story quests for Ana Bray or undertaking Public Events, you’re going to come across a Rasputin Armory Code item every now and then.

We’ve noted that Rasputin Armory Codes are far more likely to be obtained if you’re in the middle of a quest or activity, rather than just simply exploring Mars. Keep an eye out for Public Events or Adventures on your map, as undertaking the Warsat Down Public Event in particular should nearly always reward you with a code item, especially if you can manage to trigger the Heroic Public Event version.

Once you’ve successfully obtained a Rasputin Armory Code, you’re going to need to find one of the rare armory stashes that Rasputin has hidden around the Mars map in Destiny 2. We’ve uncovered relatively few armory stashes hidden across Mars while exploring the new planet, and you’re going to want to keep an eye out for a hidden chest, like the one pictured below.

We’ve had success finding Rasputin armory stash chests within buildings before, of which there are far more located in the northern section of the Mars map, near to Ana Bray and the Warsat Down Public event location. One chest can always be found for certain to the left of the courtyard area outside Ana Bray’s hideout, buried in the depths of a building that’s been taken over by Hive.

But what about the reward items you can obtain through opening one of the relatively rare Rasputin armory stash chests located across Mars? You’re always guaranteed to earn yourself a Mars Token that you can redeem with Ana Bray for Cradle Engrams, and we’ve also earned rare Shaders for your character in the past when opening up the chests. The rewards are definitely randomized, so there’s a chance that one of the chests could be holding a rare weapon or armor item.

We might be all done with this complete Destiny 2 guide on how to obtain and put Rasputin Armory Codes to use in the new Warmind DLC, but we’ve got plenty more guides on the expansion here at USgamer. Head over to our full Warmind Exotics guide for a complete list of all the best new items available, or our Sleeper Simulant guide for information on how to obtain the new Exotic weapon.

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  • Avatar for brennendegraaff48 #1 brennendegraaff48 6 months ago
    That's not what they are used for dude...
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  • Avatar for Jimmy-001 #2 Jimmy-001 6 months ago
    Stupid idiots, giving wrong information ! this happens if you steal other peoples content coz you don t even play the game or know anything about it !
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  • Avatar for petekelly48 #3 petekelly48 6 months ago
    Not sure how I got 2/5 but it's get 25 javelin kills
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  • Avatar for DickFaceMcGee #4 DickFaceMcGee 5 months ago
    Deleted May 2018 by DickFaceMcGee
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  • Avatar for jacethomas12 #5 jacethomas12 5 months ago
    Actually, the only way to get the shriekers to open is to kill the two wizards who spawn and trigger a "Hive suppression field". Unlike all the other orange bar adds that spawn during the event, the wizards you need to kill appear in a soulfire summoning circle, this is another way to identify that they're the ones you need to kill to activate the shriekers.

    It's crucial to not stay in the circle around the warsat once the witches spawn or you risk fishing the event before the other witches spawn allowing you to activate and destroy the other shriekers.

    There are three spawns of 2 wizards, once the final shrieker is down, then it will turn heroic and the Hive will summon the ogre.

    Sadly, it's all too easy for someone unaware, or intentionally trolling, to stay near the warsat and finish the event before all the wizards have spawned.
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  • Avatar for jacobgallaugher16 #6 jacobgallaugher16 5 months ago
    Uhh there are TWO hidden chests in SoS
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  • Avatar for matthewpuffpaff32 #7 matthewpuffpaff32 4 months ago
    The Armory Codes are actually for the Valkyrie weapon. Best for protocol escalation. Not those weak chests
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