Apex Legends Vaults - Where to Find the Vaults and How to Open Them

Apex Legends Vaults - Where to Find the Vaults and How to Open Them

Need to know how to find a Vault Key in Apex Legends to open one of the three vaults? We've got you covered.

They might have been around for a few weeks now, but the vaults in Apex Legends can now finally be opened for some sweet loot. In this Apex Legends Vaults guide, we'll be detailingh how you can find a Vault Key, and then where to take said key to open any of three vaults in the game.

Apex Legends Vault Locations

In the video below, you can see the locations of all three vaults. They're actually all positioned in the southern half of the map, near Lava City, the Train Yard, and the Geyser.

What's so special about these vaults? Since Season 3 of Apex Legends launched, the vaults have just sat there, unable to be opened. But now that you can open them, you're guaranteed to find at least Epic-tier items within, like Phoenix Kits, ammo mods, Selectfire Receivers, and more.

How to Get a Vault Key

To obtain a Vault Key in Apex Legends, which you need to open a vault, you need to go and shoot down a loot drone. These are randomly placed on the map, and patrol a certain area, carrying a colored box of loot beneath them.

Shoot down one of these loot drones, and plunder the box it carries, for a chance of obtaining a Vault Key. Note that you're not guaranteed to obtain a Vault Key through a loot drone, but this is the best method we've found so far of obtaining a key.

Additionally, it doesn't matter which color the loot drone is. You're in with a chance of obtaining a Vault Key no matter which colored drone you shoot down and loot.

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