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What date does Black Friday fall on this year and what video game deals will be available?

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Black Friday, when it rolls around in late November, is the perfect time to get that gaming laptop or PC you’ve been saving up for. Most years there are some really great deals on complete PC gaming systems or PC components, and hopefully Black Friday 2018 will be no different. Check back over the Black Friday sales period for the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals we’ve found. We'll also round up the best prices on PC hardware including graphics cards and headsets.

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The Best Black Friday Gaming Laptop Deals

There are laptops and then there are gaming laptops. Don't get fooled into buying an average gaming machine simply because it's branded a gaming laptop. Hopefully Black Friday 2018 will see some nicely specced 1060 laptops with good screens and current CPUs.

It's worth noting that if you buy a gaming laptop with a high res display (1440p or 4K) you’ll need the GPU in the laptop to be up to the task. This will push the price up for gaming laptops, as you really need a 1070 or 1080 to run a display with a resolution that high.

Is Black Friday the Right Time to buy a Gaming Laptop?

The quick answer is yes and no! While there will be loads of deals for ‘gaming laptops’ over Black Friday, you just need to be careful that the machine is up to the job of playing new games. Like we said, you need at least a GTX 1050 in your laptop to run games adequately, and ideally a 1060 or higher if you want it to last you a while. Of course, you can crank the settings down to get better performance, but if you’re spending close to $1000 you’ll expect great things. If portability isn’t really an issue, you could opt for a desktop system, which will give you far greater gaming performance for a much cheaper price.

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