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Here's our complete CoD WW2 tips guide, featuring everything you need to know to dominate the online competition, as well as how to level up quickly, how to Prestige, and Commend a player in Headquarters.

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In CoD WW2, guns and other weaponry are the center of the multiplayer mode, as everyone always wants to get their hands on the best weapons possible, as quickly as possible. In this CoD WW2 best guns guide, we'll be running over the very best CoD WW2 guns you can get your hands on in the multiplayer side of the game.

In case you need anything else to do with the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: WW2 that isn't to do with the best weapons in the game, including the ways to level up as quickly as possible, as well as general tips and tricks, make sure to check out our Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer guide.

CoD WW2 Best Guns and Weapons

While Call of Duty is always a fairly balanced game upon release every year, there are always going to be some weapons that are better than others, and the community are always going to uncover these weapons at the speed of light. We've rounded up some of the best weapons in Call of Duty: WW2 just below, in no particular order.

CoD WW2 BAR Rifle

This weapon, while it might not seem like one of the fastest firing in the game, is actually fairly favored right now by the Call of Duty community. Its high damage power means that the BAR makes up in firepower what it somewhat lacks in firing speed, and it's also a fairly accurate weapon, especially if you choose to equip some scopes to it.

CoD WW2 M1941 Rifle

This might sound like a slightly odd choice for one of the best Call of Duty: WW2 guns right now, since it's the base rifle that you start out with in the game. But this causes many people to overlook the M1941 which, if you equip a decent scope and a stabilizer to it, is a great weapon to use at close and medium ranges with a fantastic firing speed.

CoD WW2 SVT-40 Rifle

Although this is debatably one of the best rifles in Call of Duty: WW2, you can unfortunately only unlock it once you've Prestiged for the first time. This means you'll have to do a ton of grinding to reach the upper levels of the game, although once you eventually do unlock the SVT-40, you're in for a treat.

CoD WW2 PPSH-41 Sub-Machine Gun

The PPSH-41 is a weapon widely used in the multiplayer side of Call of Duty: WW2, and for good reason. Although it lacks range and huge damage, its firing speed and decent accuracy means the PPSH-41 is lethal when you're in close quarters, where the range statistic has virtually no impact whatsoever.

CoD WW2 Lewis Light Machine Gun

Again, this is the base light machine gun that you unlock at the start of Call of Duty: WW2, but it's still nonetheless one of the best weapons in the game, especially when firing from medium or long range. The Lewis makes up for what it lacks in firepower with range and accuracy, on top of some solid damage, meaning it's best used on open maps.

A great way to discover the very best CoD WW2 weapons for yourself is to head all the way down to the bottom of the Headquarters area, near the beach, and use the 1v1 Pit. In this unique area, you'll face off against a single other player over the course of 60 seconds, with both players having three lives. The first player to lose all three of their lives loses the match and the winner stays on to fight the next challenger.

It might not sound like it at first, but the 1v1 Pit is actually a great way to discover which weapons work best for you. Since there are no interruptions between you and the opposing player, you have an even playing field to test out whichever weapons you please, without any other players getting in the way. If you're ever in need of a new weapon for your rotation, be sure to hit up the Pit.

How to Level Up Weapons in CoD WW2

Once you've selected your primary weapon for any one of your five customisable classes in Call of Duty: WW2, you'll want to attach any scopes, grips, or other accessories to the weapon. Unfortunately, you only unlock weapon attachments for any one weapon depending on the level that weapon is at, and you can only level up a weapon through playing with it.

As you can see below, the attachments for the Lewis begin at weapon level 2, when you'll unlock the Quickdraw attachment. This progresses to other attachments, where the Grip is unlocked at level 3, Reflex Sight at level 4, Steady Aim at level 5, and so on, all the way to Rapid Fire at weapon level 9.

Therefore, if you want to unlock attachments for any of the best multiplayer weapons that we've listed just above, or for any other weapon in Call of Duty: WW2, you'll need to get using them regularly in any online mode.

The brand new War Machine DLC pack 2 is now live for Call of Duty: WW2 players on the PS4, coming at a later date to the Xbox One and PC. Head over to our CoD WW2 War Machine DLC guide for a complete breakdown of all the brand new content.

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