Best Roblox Games - All the Best Games to Download for Roblox on PC and Xbox

Best Roblox Games - All the Best Games to Download for Roblox on PC and Xbox

Roblox is hugely popular and lets you play loads of diverse games. Roblox is on PC and Xbox One, but is Roblox coming to PS4 or Switch? We've also got a complete guide to all the best Robux games you can play right now. A Roblox guide for parents and children.

Roblox is a game that merely provides the tools for players to create their own entertainment in full player-created games. In this best Roblox games guide, we’ll be walking you through the very best games you can download straight from the Roblox store, to get a sampling of the very best that the community from around the globe has to offer.

If you need a general introduction to the larger game of Roblox, including our full beginner’s guide, as well as a pricing guide for all the various microtransactions within the game, make sure to head over to our complete Roblox guide hub for Parents.

Best Roblox Games

We mentioned at the top of this guide that Roblox provides the tools for players to create their own fun. This means the entire Roblox community at large can create any game they want, and then share it with the huge player base around the world. Just below, you can find a complete list of all the very best Roblox games that Roblox players have created so far, as well as detailing whether they’re free, cost Robux up front, or offer purchases with Robux once you’re in the actual game and playing.

Phantom Forces

Slated to be one of the more advanced games on Roblox, Phantom Forces is a first person shooter with a whole variety of weaponry for players to experiment with. On top of constantly entertaining players with fresh and regular content updates, Phantom Forces is also entirely free to download for Roblox players, meaning you don’t have to spend a penny to access it. One of the best Roblox games.


At the time of writing, Jailbreak has currently been updated with an Alien-themed event, giving players something new and fresh to experience. It’s a prison simulator that actually allows players to do something more than merely escape from jail, going on to live life afterwards and not just return to the jail to murder all the cops. Definitely one of the best Roblox games.

While Jailbreak doesn’t have an up front cost for Robux, you can use the currency to purchase bonuses while playing the game, including Extra Storage for 50 Robux, a Car Stereo for 250 Robux, and a Bigger Duffel Bag for 300 Robux.

Theme Park Tycoon 2

As you can probably guess from the title of the game, Theme Park Tycoon 2 gives players a plot of land on which to build their dream theme park. It’s an immersive sim, and players are raving about the way it perfectly apes established games like Rollercoaster Tycoon. Theme Park Tycoon 2 is entirely free to pick up and purchase right now.

However Theme Park Tycoon 2 does offer in-game purchases for limited amounts of Robux, such as Increased Height Limit and a Jukebox for 98 Robux each.

Paintball Frenzy

There are a whole host of Paintball games on the Roblox store, but Paintball Frenzy is by far the most popular version, and on top of quality it’s also a free purchase. Players love the variety of weapons in Paintball Frenzy, and also the variation of game modes like Capture the Flag, all while taking place across a whole list of maps. On top of all this, Paintball Frenzy doesn’t actually offer any in-game bonuses for those who are willing to shell out Robux, being entirely free for all.

Natural Disaster Survival

Having almost one million upvotes from Roblox players is no small feat, and yet Natural Disaster Survival has somehow managed this. The variety of natural disasters on offer in this game, from volcanoes to floods, is a joy to try and survive through, and the game itself is free for all Roblox players.

Natural Disaster Survival does however offer some in-game purchases using Robux, although theses are extremely limited. You can purchase a Green Balloon, Red Apple, and Yellow Compass for your character, each for 80 Robux.

Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4 is a quick platformer for Roblox players, completely free of charge from the Robux currency. There are a total of 31 levels in the game, each of which has both a worldwide leaderboard, as well as leaderboard for you to challenge your friends for the best possible time.

Although Speed Run 4 doesn’t have an up front Robux charge for players, it does have certain abilities for your character within the game, which you can purchase for Robux. You can equip your character with things like a Fire Effect for 35 Robux, or a Speed Coil for 70 Robux.

Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place might sound fairly straightforward, but it’s actually an entire life simulator, something like The Sims. You slave away at the pizza place in order to upgrade your house, and the pizza place simulator is entirely free of charge from Robux. One of the best and most original Roblox games.

You can however spend Robux to give yourself an advantage while playing Work at a Pizza Place. You can purchase a fully upgraded house for 960 Robux, a boat for 650 Robux, or a Garage for 145 Robux.

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