Need for Speed Payback - Release Date, (Update: E3 2017 Gameplay), Pre-Order Bonuses, City, Customization, Trailer - Everything we Know

Need for Speed Payback - Release Date, (Update: E3 2017 Gameplay), Pre-Order Bonuses, City, Customization, Trailer - Everything we Know

All the details on EA’s latest entry in the long-running Need for Speed series, releasing in November 2017.

Need for Speed is back. After taking 2016 off following the less than brilliant reception of 2015’s reboot, EA will be hoping Need for Speed Payback reignites interest in the franchise. We’ve got all the info, including the Need for Speed Payback release date, pre-order bonuses, and customization.

Update: 10/06/2017 - E3 2017 Gameplay Reveal

At E3 2017 EA revealed that NFS Payback will include Relics, abandoned classic cars that can be found and customized. This sounds a little like the hidden cars in the Forza Horizon series.

Shown in action publicly for the first time, E3 gameplay showed a sequence taking place in broad daylight in which the driver had to catch up to a truck before it reached a tunnel - the goal being to steal a car. That plan goes wrong and the pursuit continues with numerous cars turning up to aid the truck. Eventually the driver pulls up alongside the truck and passenger Jess leaps onto a ladder, takes a car and heads off just as the truck tips and crashes.

It’s hard to know how representative of the final game the sequence is, but it suggests Payback is going to be far more cinematic than the games that have come before, delivering tiny cutscenes during gameplay.

Need for Speed Payback Release Date, Developer, and Gameplay Details

Need for Speed Payback is releasing worldwide on November 10, 2017, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Payback is in development at Ghost Games, the studio responsible for 2015’s Need for Speed and 2013’s current-gen launch title Need for Speed Rivals (collaborating with Criterion).

According to EA and Ghost Games, Need for Speed Payback is an “explosive adventure filled with intense heist missions, high stakes car battles, epic cop pursuits and jaw dropping set pieces”. There will also be a story, filled with betrayal and revenge (the best kind of story). Suggesting that Need for Speed Payback will include a substantial amount of customization, EA says that the game is about “building the perfect ride, getting behind the wheel and playing out an action driving fantasy”.

EA states that Need for Speed Payback will include the “deepest customization from the series,” with players able to “craft a personalized and unique ride, or spend hours finding and tuning an abandoned derelict into a supercar.” Once you’re done with customizing, it’s then time to bet on your performance in races.

Car Classes in Need for Speed Payback:

  • Race
  • Drift
  • Off-Road
  • Drag
  • Runner

EA has also confirmed that NFS Payback will include Autolog, the stat tracking and challenge system found first introduced in NFS Hot Pursuit. Autolog in Payback will push your friends’ best scores from the entire campaign and world activities.

You'll be able to do a lot of customization in NFS Payback.

“Need for Speed returns this year to challenge what players expect from racing games,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer on Need for Speed Payback. “We’re still delivering everything our fans love about the franchise – the deepest customization, an impressive roster of cars, intense races and open world pursuits – but with Need for Speed Payback, we’re bringing together all those elements in an all new blockbuster driving experience. From the story, to the different characters you can drive as, to the varied missions, to the edge-of-your-seat moments, this is our vision for what action driving entertainment means today.”

Need for Speed Payback is set in Fortune Valley (sounds a little like Vegas, no?), with players able to dive as three characters: Tyler, the Racer; Mac, the Showman; and Jess, the Wheelman. This trio will be on a quest of vengeance against the game’s big bad cartel, The House - the criminal group that runs the casinos and rules the cops.

From the footage and screens it's clear that the game won't be set entirely at night this time around, and that you'll be racing across far more than just asphalt. So, a full day/night cycle and a more explorable world. Sounds good!

Need for Speed Payback Trailer and Screenshots

The debut trailer for Need for Speed Payback can be seen below. Under that are the first released screenshots for the game, which we think you’ll agree look rather spiffing!

The trailer has a definite Fast and Furious feel to it. It also states that the footage was captured in-engine and that the game was built on Frostbite, EA's in-house engine used for FIFA, Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield.

Confirmed! NFS Payback has fire. And daylight!
It seems there'll be a greater variety of surfaces to race on than we're used to.
This looks more like Need for Speed. Night time, cool car, cops giving chase!

Need for Speed Payback Pre-Order Bonuses and Deluxe Edition

Anyone who pre-orders Need for Speed Payback will receive the Platinum Car Pack, which includes five uniquely customized cards, each with exclusive Blue Tire Smoke.

The Car Pack includes:

  • Nissan 350Z 2008
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967
  • Dodge Charger R/T 1969
  • Ford F-150 Raptor 2016
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 2016

Pre-order Need for Speed Payback on PS4 (Xbox One or PC)

The Need for Speed Payback Deluxe Edition gives players up to three days of early access to the full game, along with exclusive customization. These items include the Deluxe Edition license plate and NOS color, plus in-game discounts and Rep bonuses.

As with all EA games, Need for Speed Payback will be playable on EA Access and Origin Access, with 10 hours of early access starting Thursday November 2, 2017. Accessa members who buy Need for Speed Payback will receive a 10 per cent discount. Deluxe Edition owners will be able to start playing the full game from November 7.

As more info on Need for Speed Payback is released we’ll update this page so you needn’t look anywhere else for your Need for Speed fix.

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