10 GTA 5 Secrets You Won't Believe - Thelma and Louise, Aliens, and Underwater Hatch

GTA 5 is a massive game, filled with brilliant secrets and Easter eggs. We've rounded up the 10 most amazing GTA 5 secrets.

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4. Thelma and Louise

The GTA series is full of references to movies and TV shows, becoming a kind of hub with several honors to certain elements of pop culture. That said, Rockstar was able to include an incredible Easter egg in GTA 5 that unfolds almost identically to the 1991 classic film, Thelma and Louise. The Thelma and Louise Easter egg can be found at Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, near Raton Canyon, between 19:00 and 20:00.

For those unfamiliar with the film, the story of the film consists of two women who decide to take a short trip to get away from the everyday routine. Things don't go how they would have liked, and the film ends with the two women driving their car towards the Grand Canyon.

You can see the famous scene from the movie below, and then the GTA 5 version just below that.

3. Aliens in the River

Rockstar wasted no time putting Easter eggs in GTA 5, because the first one can be found during the initial mission of the game. There is, therefore, a great probability that you are already aware of this one, but it is fascinating.

Shortly after escaping the bank that Michael and Trevor rob, you will find yourself on a snow-covered road. This easter egg can be discovered when you start to approach the curve to the right before the bridge, but in this case, you must deviate from the road and approach the river on the right.

Located directly under the bridge, you'll find an alien imprisoned on the frozen river. You'll have to be extremely fast, because by looking for the Easter egg you can miss the mission - but let's be honest, it's well worth it. If you look at the alien very closely, you will have about five to six seconds to do so before the mission fails.

2. Mysterious Giant Bones

The Giant Bones are another Easter Egg that can be inserted in the category of strange creatures. These are thought to be from the Megalodon, the mythical ancestral shark, lurking on the coast of Los Santos. Each GTA has been plagued by rumors and myths of this ilk, involving giant sharks and sea monsters, and although it has been demystified, it is nevertheless highly interesting.

When players scoured the bottom of the ocean with diving equipment or a submersible, rumors of such creatures arose quickly since two very large skeletons were found buried in the sand, even on the east and west shore. However, after much debate within the community, the two skeletons were classified as sperm whales - a common sea creature on the California coast.

Whale skeletons can only be found if you use diving or submersible equipment, making the Easter egg rewarding for those who are actively looking for the more hidden details present in the game.

1. Underwater Hatch

Located deep underwater off the east coast of San Andreas in GTA 5, players will find a small circular structure at the bottom of the ocean. The circular structure has a small rectangular window with a light that will turn on when you approach. Although the structure can not be found on land, it has immense resemblance to The Hatch from the hugely popular television series Lost.

The purpose of this structure remains unknown, since it is not part of the game's plot. Players unfortunately can't get close enough to inspect it as the pressure from the depths of the oceans will be overwhelming. However, you can get close enough to hear a noise that seems like a message in Morse code.

After this easter egg was found, the community quickly joined in and discovered that the strange noise is, in fact, Tap Code - a series of beats and short breaks. From there, some players were able to decipher the code: "Hey, you never call me, would you like to play bowling?'" This speech is an easter egg that refers to Roman Bellic, the cousin of Niko Bellic, from Grand Theft Auto IV.

There you have it, the 10 most amazing secrets in GTA 5. Let us know if you have any other favorites. Head over to our GTA 5 Secrets page 1 or page 2 of our GTA 5 Secrets, for more amazing discoveries. Remember to post in the comments if you discover any new Easter eggs. If you're looking for GTA 5 cheats, we've got them too.

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