Doom Eternal Release Date, Trailer, Quakecon Livestream, New Demons, Setting - Everything we Know

Doom Eternal is on the horizon from id and Bethesda, but what's the release date for the game, and will there be any new demons?

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Doom Eternal was revealed by Bethesda in an E3 2018 trailer, which unveiled hell on Earth, and the return of the mute Doomguy. In this Doom Eternal everything we know guide, we’ll be piecing together all the bits and pieces of information that we’ve uncovered so far about Bethesda’s upcoming sequel, including a potential Doom Eternal release date, as well as Doom Eternal QuakeCon 2018 news.

Doom Eternal Release Date

It was in the trailer seen just below that Bethesda revealed Doom Eternal for the very first time. This all took place on their E3 stage, which as of 2018 the publisher has been doing for the last three years in a row, announcing a slate of new games including Rage 2 and the Prey Mooncrash DLC.

As of right now, there’s no release date for Doom Eternal. We’d anticipate a release date at some point in 2019 however, if past trends from Bethesda’s development cycle is anything to go by.

Originally, shortly after Doom Eternal was firstly revealed at E3 2018, Techradar reported that this Amazon listing for Doom Eternal carried a release date of December 28, 2018. This seems like an odd time to release a triple A game like Doom from Bethesda, so we’d consider this date as merely a placeholder until we hear otherwise.

Doom Eternal Monsters and Demons

At first you might think that we don’t see a whole lot in the brief Doom Eternal teaser that was showed by Bethesda at E3 2018. Hugo Martin of id Software promised “hell on Earth” (with a wry smile) on stage, revealing that the events of the game would be taking place on home territory, and not on Mars like they did in the 2016 Doom reboot.

But what else can we see in the teaser? For a start, the Cacodemon now has arms, and Martin also revealed that there would be twice as many demons in Demon Eternal than in the reboot game. We can also see Imps, Helldemons, and Spiderdemons in the teaser trailer, so we can definitely expect to be taking on the horde when Doom Eternal releases.

Finally, both Doomguy’s shotgun and composer Mick Gordon will be returning for the sequel. Hugo Martin also teased that “we’re most excited about showing you some of the things you might not be expecting.” Is Doomguy going to romance a demon?

Doom Eternal Gameplay

Right now, there’s no solid gameplay footage from Doom Eternal. However, Bethesda is promising a livestream reveal at Quakecon. This year's convention kicks off on August 9 in Dallas, Texas, but the Doom Eternal worldwide gameplay reveal livestream is on August 10.

It's worth noting that when Doom (reboot) was shown off for the first time at Quakecon in July 2014, the footage wasn't released. Media saw the presentation and reported on it, but gameplay footage wasn't released publicly until E3 in June 2015. The game was finally released on May 13, 2016. So be thankful that the reveal isn't behind closed doors this time around.

Right now, these are all the details that we’ve managed to piece together about Doom Eternal. Going forward we’ll keep this guide fully up to date, so you’ve got a complete hub of information for the game whenever Bethesda or id Software announces anything.

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