Warhammer Vermintide 2 Mercenary Class Guide - How to Unlock Mercenary Upgrades, Best Mercenary Builds

This Warhammer: Vermintide 2 guide will take you through everything you need to know to defeat the hordes of Skaven. Find out all the essential Vermintide 2 tips you need here, including character class guides and combat tips and tricks.

The Mercenary class in Vermintide 2 is the one that you’ll start out the game as, escaping from the Skaven fortress as Markus Kruber. In this Vermintide 2 Mercenary guide, we’ll be walking you through the best Mercenary builds, as well as how to upgrade and unlock additional subclasses for the Mercenary.

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Vermintide 2 Mercenary Class Guide

The character you’ll be playing as for the Mercenary role is named Markus Kruber. It's this character that you start the prologue mission as, and the Mercenary is generally viewed as the 'all-round' fighter in Vermintide 2, carrying a heavy, two handed axe weapon as well as a blunderbuss to start off with.

Markus' passive Ability of Paced Strikes increase his damage for a limited time, every time he strikes three enemies with one swing of his axe, but his special Morale Boost Ability can raise the health of nearby allies, while also staggering enemies and forcing them to the ground.

The Mercenary character is the easiest to master in Vermintide 2, as he's got all the weapons and equipment that are the easiest to work with. He's the introductory character for a reason, and because his weapon swings are relatively quick, he's a useful character no matter if he's up against one enemy, or ten.

Vermintide 2 Mercenary Class Upgrades

Just below, you find both the unlockable classes for the Mercenary to switch between. These classes are the Huntsman, which is unlocked once you reach character level 7, and then the Foot Knight, which is unlocked once you reach character level 12. To unlock both these classes, you'll have to complete missions repeatedly as the Mercenary, accumulating XP as you go.

Mercenary Huntsman Class:

The first of the Mercenary class upgrades unlocks at level 7, and includes the bonuses of ranged headshots recovering one ammunition, no ranged damage drop off, and a critical chance strike aura. On top of this, the Huntsman class upgrade features the Hunter's Prowl ability, allowing Markus to disappear from sight for a short time.

Mercenary Foot Knight Class:

For the final class upgrade at level 12, the Foot Knight upgrade gives bonuses for stamina and damage resistance, while also reducing the damage that Markus takes in battle. There's also the Valiant Charge ability, which lets Markus charge forward, slamming into enemies and pushing them back.

Best Mercenary Builds

To maximise the potential of the Mercenary class in Vermintide 2, you’ll want to focus on weapons that you can use up close, and that have a pretty hefty swing to them. You’ll want to try and catch as many Skaven as you can with one swing of your weapon, and so we’d recommend sticking with two handed weapons for the Mercenary. The Mercenary should always be in the face of the enemy, and in a lot of cases you’ll find yourself as the tank of the party.

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