Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tome Locations - All Tome Locations in Every Map

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Tomes are scattered throughout every single player mission and co-op map in Vermintide 2, and you’re going to want to get your hands on these collectible items if you want to maximize your XP gain and loot items. In this Vermintide 2 Tomes guide, we’ll be going over every Tome location that we’ve uncovered so far in the game, pointing you in the right direction for the elusive items.

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Vermintide 2 Tome Locations

While they might sound like a small item, any time you discover a Tome within a mission of Vermintide 2, you’ll need to drop the item that you currently have equipped in your healing slot, meaning you can’t carry bandages and a Tome at the same time. You’ll need to successfully carry the Tome to the end of the mission that you found it in, and if you can bring it home safely, you’ll be rewarded with more XP towards your overall character level, as well as increased XP towards earning yourself a loot box at the end of the mission.

Just below, you’ll find the location of every Vermintide 2 Tome that we’ve uncovered so far after our hours spent with the game. Keep in mind that while this list doesn’t feature every single mission in Vermintide 2, we’ll be updating it shortly with the remaining Tome locations throughout the game.

Vermintide 2 Righteous Stand Tome Locations

The initial Tome in this mission can be found just after you’ve reached the Franz Erikson Platz area. Keep forging ahead, until you reach a plank of boards that form a makeshift ramp over an overturned cart. Turn to the left when you reach the ramp, and look for a wooden cart near the gate. Hop up into the cart, and look down into the open crates to find the first Tome of the Righteous Stand mission.

For the second Tome, you’ll have to head to a gate house, which is located near a lower section of a larger wall that you have to find a way through. Head into the gatehouse itself, turn left, and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn right and head all the way to the back of the room, where there’ll be a hole in the wooden platform. Look down, and you’ll see the Tome sitting on a small landing.

For the final Tome of the Righteous Stand mission, you’ll have to be in a grassy area right before the Temple at the very end of the mission. Once you’ve dropped down into the grass and are standing in front of some stairs, turn to the left and head through some bushes. You’ll find a small alcove behind the bushes, where the Tome is waiting for you.

Vermintide 2 Convocation of Decay Tome Locations

For the first Tome in the Convocation of Decay mission, you'll have to firstly enter the Temple Hospice. You'll have to search around a fair bit, but you can find the Tome on the top of one of the bunks.

The second Tome of the quest can be found in the Garrison Sewers area. Once you reach a break in the sewer tunnels, stick to the very left, and you’ll come to the Tome in front of a wooden door.

For the third and final Tome of the Convocation of Decay mission, you’ll have to reach the Carlomant’s Memorium area, roughly two thirds of the way through the mission. The Tome can be found on a shrine surrounding by an iron fence on all sides.

Vermintide 2 Hunger in the Dark Tome Locations

In the Backfill area near the beginning of Hunger in the Dark, you can find the first Tome of the mission near the back corner of the area, on the ground near some potions.

During the cart section of the mission inside the Transfer area, the cart will temporarily stop for a short while. Look to the right of the pathway for a wooden crate, where you can find the Tome waiting for you within.

For the final Tome, you’ll have to be inside the Old Troll Grounds. During the section with a short jumping puzzle, you can find the Tome in the very middle of the room.

Vermintide 2 Halescourge Tome Locations

You’ll eventually come to a door indicating the end of the Von Mackensen Strasses area, but before you exit through the doors, look to your left and you should see a crate in front of a small hole. Go through the hole, and the Tome is waiting to be collected in another crate.

The second Halescourge Tome can can be found in the Merchant District. You’ll come to a small boat that you can jump over, and from there you can climb a ladder to reach a higher platform. Once you’re on the higher level, turn left and head round until you reach another boat on the other side of the house. This boat will contain the second Tome.

Once the landslide has taken place, head inside the buildings and look for the Tome on the top floor of the tower nearby. The Tome is waiting for you on top of one of the bookshelves at the top of the tower.

Vermintide 2 Athel Yenlui Tome Locations

The first Tome of the Athel Yenlui mission can be found after you’ve received the objective to ‘Push Through the Wilds’. When the notification pops up, turn to the right and follow the path around until you reach a fallen tree. Head over the fallen tree and turn to the right, where a wooden crate resides with the Tome inside.

From the wooden crate containing the initial Tome, continue along the right side of the wall and follow it until you reach a small rock that allows you to drop down to a lower level. Walk to the right a bit more, then turn left and look for another wooden crate that contains the second Tome of the Athel Yenlui mission.

For the final Tome, you’ll have to be within the ruins found within a forest. Look for a ramp that leads to a straight drop, and once you’re on the lower level, head forward and to the right. You’ll want to head through leaves, and then use several rocks to jump up to a small area. You’ll now see a small wooden board stretched above two rocks, with the Tome lying on top of the board.

Vermintide 2 Against the Grain Tome Locations

For the first Tome of the Against the Grain co-op mission, you’ll want to reach the mill. From here, turn left and jump up onto the overturned wagon. From the top of the wagon, jump over the fence and follow it in the direction of the mill. Now jump across the wooden platform, and look to your left to find the Tome.

The second Tome of the mission can be found after the fight the gigantic Rat Ogre outside the barn. Head inside the barn itself, taking the ladder straight up to the higher floor, and drop down onto the lower area with another ladder attached to it. Cross the ladder, and head forward until you reach a wall, and turn right and jump towards a window, taking care not to fall down to the floor below. From the window, jump to a small platform nearby, and you can turn to the right and grab the second Tome.

For the final Tome of the Against the Grain mission, you’ll need to reach the swampy area. Turn left once you’ve reached the swamp, and keep going until you reach a small rock wall. Turn to the left at the rocks and jump into the water, and keep pushing forward until you’ve reached a tree that’s fallen over. You’ll now see a wooden crate just under the surface of the water near the tree, which contains the Tome.

This concludes our Vermintide 2 Tomes guide, but as we mentioned previously, we’ll be updating this guide with every additional Tome that we find after ploughing through more of the game.

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