Warhammer Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Class Guide - How to Unlock Witch Hunter Captain Upgrades, Best Witch Hunter Captain Builds

This Warhammer: Vermintide 2 guide will take you through everything you need to know to defeat the hordes of Skaven. Find out all the essential Vermintide 2 tips you need here, including character class guides and combat tips and tricks.

The Witch Hunter Captain class of Vermintide 2 is adept in both ranged and melee combat, wielding deadly ranged weapons as well as being able to slice apart Skaven foes up close with melee weapons. In this Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain guide, we'll be running over the best Witch Hunter Captain builds, so you can maximise your damage output as the character no matter what situation you're in.

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Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain Class Guide

The Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Witch Hunter Captain character is also known as Victor Saltzpyre. Quite possibly the most varied fighter in Vermintide 2, the Witch Hunter Captain's base weapon is a short sword capable of delivering quick strikes to multiple enemies, while his backup weapon is a set of pistols that fire off after one another in each hand.

Saltzpyre's Abilities are firstly the Witch-Hunt, which gives him the added bonuses of no block costs when dealing with frontal attacks, and critical headshots from the pistols instantly slay human-sized enemies (of which there are many in Vermintide 2). The additional Ability is Animosity, which allows the Witcher Hunter Captain to push nearby enemies back, while giving all allies a critical hit chance bonus for eight seconds.

Victor Saltzpyre is a character class that'll probably take slightly longer to master in Vermintide 2, purely because he's got more equipment options than most other characters. Nonetheless, he's an excellent all-round fighter option no matter the mission you're on.

Vermintide 2 Witcher Hunter Captain Class Upgrades

Just below, you can find detailed descriptions of both the Witch Hunter Captain's unlockable classes. The Bounty Hunter is unlocked at character level 7, while the Zealot class is unlocked once you hit character level 12.

Witch Hunter Captain Bounty Hunter Class:

The Bounty Hunter class unlocks at level 7, and guarantees a ranged critical hit either every eight seconds, or every time you kill an enemy. You also get double ammo capacity, and a reload speed increase with this class. Finally, you'll get the Locked and Loaded ability, which lets the Bounty Hunter fire off a shot that travels through all enemies in its path.

Witcher Hunter Captain Zealot Class:

The powerful Zealot class unlocked at level 12 grants uninterruptable heavy attacks, resist death on taking lethal damage, and increases power by 5% for every 25 health points missing. There's also the Holy Fervor skill, in which the Zealot charges forward, gaining 50% increased attack speed for five seconds.

Best Witch Hunter Captain Builds

In order to maximise your damage output as the Witch Hunter Captain, we'd recommend going with a quick melee weapon, no matter if you're going with the Bounty Hunter or Zealot class. Since you're going to be in close quarters combat basically all the time as the Witch Hunter, you're going to want a weapon that can slice apart Skaven quickly, rather than going with a slower, lumbering weapon like a two-handed sword.

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