Apex Legends Halloween Event Release Date - All the New Halloween Skins

Apex Legends Halloween Event Release Date - All the New Halloween Skins

Here's our guide to the Apex Legends Halloween event release date, as well as global start times, and all new Halloween skins so far.

Later today, there's a Halloween event arriving in Apex Legends, called 'Fight or Fright.' In this complete guide to the upcoming event, we'll be going over the Apex Legends Halloween event release date, all the new Apex Legends Halloween skins we've seen so far, and more.

Apex Legends Halloween Event Release Date

The Apex Legends Halloween event release date is later today on October 15. While we haven't heard any official launch times for the event, we can make a pretty educated guess based on past updates:

  • 10 a.m. PT
  • 1 p.m. ET
  • 6 p.m. BST
  • 7 p.m. CEST

New Shadowfall Mode

The headline addition through the Halloween event is a special limited time mode, called 'Shadowfall.' This mode brings back a special nighttime version of the original Kings Canyon map, and stars 35 players in total.

Shadowfall might start out as a Battle Royale mode, but anyone who dies will go into a special zombie-like state. Their only attacks will be increased melee attacks, and the last 10 players alive in Shadowfall will all have to try and make it to a special evacuation ship, before they're pummelled to death by the undead players.

New Halloween Event Skins

As of right now, Respawn has teased only a handful of new Halloween event skins arriving in Apex Legends later this month. Below, you can see rough previews of a few skins, for Crypto, Gibraltar, and Caustic.

Nope. | EA/Respawn Entertainment
Better. | EA/Respawn Entertainment
Great. | EA/Respawn Entertainment

But if you want a look at some additional Halloween skins, check out the launch trailer for the event below. There's actually a ton of new skins revealed in the trailer, like a witch outfit for Wraith, a pumpkin skin for Bloodhound, and a load more skins.

There'll be many more items that just skins though, because Respawn is adding in special challenges around the Fight or Fright mode. While we don't know the full list of challenges just yet, there will be 24 brand new cosmetic items to earn for characters and weapons alike.

There's a ton to get to grip with in the early goings of Apex Legends. You can check out our main Apex Legends tips page, or there's our Apex Legends weapons page, which details every single gun in the game.

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