Call of Duty Blackout Map Guide - Locations, Map Size, Best Places to Drop

The map for Call of Duty Blackout has been revealed, here’s everything you need to know.

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The Call of Duty Blackout Map pulls together bits and pieces of iconic Call of Duty maps into something that feels fresh. All your favorites are here - Nuketown, Array, Asylum, and more. It's a pretty cool way to ease players into the series' first ever battle royale map, one that will no doubt please a lot of long-time fans. In this Call of Duty Blackout Map Guide, we'll list every location in Blackout, and give you some insight into where each one draws its inspirations from. We'll also take a look at the Blackout Map Size, and see how it compares to Fortnite and PUBG.

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Call of Duty Blackout Map Guide

The official Call of Duty Twitter account just unveiled the Call of Duty Blackout map for the very first time. There’s a lot to be gleaned from the image, which you can take a look at below, so we’ll run through everything it tells us.

Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale Map Size

During the official reveal event for Call of Duty Black Ops 4, it was announced that the Blackout Battle Royale map will be comprised of several locations inspired by pre-existing maps, like Nuketown. In terms of just how big the map will be, we were given a rough idea. The Blackout map is said to be 1500x larger than Nuketown, according to a fan-made video, meaning that it will be smaller than Fortnite's map. Players will be able to use vehicles to get around, though specifics have not yet been detailed.

Call of Duty Blackout Locations

There are 13 locations in total shown on the Call of Duty Blackout Map. Each one looks to offer a distinctly different kind of terrain, and there are a couple of familiar names and aesthetics at play. We’ll take a look at each one below.

Call of Duty Blackout Estates

The estates can be seen in at the very top of the map. It looks to be two separate clusters of buildings separated by a trio of converging roads. Now, Estate is the name of a medium-sized multiplayer map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, so it is based largely on this.

Call of Duty Blackout Construction Site

The Construction Site is up in the top left hand corner of the map. It is sandwiched between a main road and the ocean, and features one large building structure to loot. In terms of links to previous games, Construction site is a variation of Hardhat from CoD Modern Warfare 2, and the Collision map from Call of Duty Ghosts. It's an awesome location to drop, offering some great height advantage.

Call of Duty Blackout Train Station

The next location on the map is Train Station. It looks to be one of the smaller areas of the map, though does extend far thanks to its web of railroad tracks.

Call of Duty Blackout Hydro Dam

Hydro dam features some of the largest indoor spaces on the entire map. Of course, there was a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map called Hydro that looks eerily similar to the layout here, and that's because this area included in the Call of Duty Blackout Map pulls directly from Hydro.

Call of Duty Blackout Firing Range

Firing range is at the center of the map, and has been revealed by the developer to be the most action-packed locale in Call of Duty Blackout. Much like School in PUBG, or Tilted Towers in Fortnite, it’s no doubt going to be action-packed thanks to a high concentration of loot, so we’ll definitely be watching that space at launch. It's ripped straight from the original Black Ops Map too.

Call of Duty Blackout Array

Array was a map included in Call of Duty Black Ops. It’s inclusion hereresembles the classic map quite a bit, but isn't a snowy locale like before.

Call of Duty Rivertown

Rivertown looks to be the flooded city environment of the map. It is surrounded by water, with a ton of small structures in clusters. There was a campaign mission called Oder River Town in the original Call of Duty, so it’s possible we’ll see elements of it here.

Call of Duty Blackout Asylum

Asylum is located in a drylands area of sorts. There very little foliage to be seen, and it’s situated right at the East of the map. Asylum was a map in Call of Duty: World at War, and you'll find zombies swarming the area when you drop in.

Call of Duty Blackout Turbine

Given its location on the Blackout Map, it looks highly likely that Turbine borrows from the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map of the same name. It’s a wind farm set in Yemen, so is definitely interesting to see as part of the Call of Duty Blackout Map.

Call of Duty Fracking Tower

From our experience, there has never been a map with fracking towers as the main attraction. This looks to be a whole new area in CoD Blackout, and will no doubt be where snipers flock to to gain the high ground.

Call of Duty Blackout Nuketown Island

Quite possibly the most iconic Call of Duty map ever, Nuketown, is being given its very own island. It looks to have a circular beachfront and road in and out, but looks to be the classic map you know and love.

Call of Duty Blackout Cargo Docks

Cargo is a large collection of shipping containers with easy access by water and a main road. It is likely based on the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map of the same name.

Call of Duty Blackout Factory

Factory is another large indoor area. It is located in the southernmost point on the map, so is a tricky place to drop in. It has great loot though, so get in, find a vehicle and get out if you want to survive. It could be a reference to the Warsaw Factory mission in the original Call of Duty, we’ll have to wait and see.

Call of Duty Blackout Zombie Locations

Yes, you read that correctly - there are zombies in CoD Blackout. They aren't found everywhere on the map however, and you'll have to head to specific zombie locations to take them on. We've highlighted the Call of Duty Blackout Zombie Locations in the image below:

Call of Duty Blackout - Best Place to Drop

Deciding where to drop in Call of Duty Blackout is a crucial step towards victory. And while a lot of it depends on your personal playstyle, there are some locations that will see you through to the endgame better than others. Here’s the best places to drop in Call of Duty Blackout:

  • Firing Range - We would encourage you to drop into Firing Range. It has a high concentration of loot, and you’ll get into shootouts early on. Firing Range is a great place to hone your shooting skills, and is easily accessible given how many vehicles can be found in the immediate area.
  • Construction Site - The Construction site has really great high ground advantage, so if you can get a decent assault rifle and a scope, you’re sitting pretty.

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