Destiny 2 Black Armory Exotic Weapons - All the New Season of the Forge Exotic and Legendary Weapons

Here's everything you need to know about all the new Destiny 2 Black Armory content, including the Scourge of the Past Raid, and all new Black Armory weapons.

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The Black Armory update for Destiny 2 is now well and truly underway, having kicked off back near the beginning of December. In this Destiny 2 Black Armory Exotics guide, we'll be compiling a complete list of all the brand new Legendary and Exotic weapons that have been slated for release as part of the Season of the Forge.

If you instead need any other details on all the upcoming content for Bungie’s FPS, you can head over to our Destiny 2 DLC guide. Here you can find a complete schedule of all upcoming events for the game, including a new Raid Lair, and the Season of the Drifter launching next year.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Weapons

In this guide, we'll be laying out all of the weapons that are debuting in Destiny 2 as part of the Season of the Forge event. Note that not all these weapons will be immediately available when the Black Armory kicks off, and we've noted when we can expect certain weapons to launch.

Anarchy is a huge Exotic grenade launcher. It looks like a Fallen-themed weapon of sorts, and it has an ability that lets grenades fired attach to surfaces and act like mines, perfect for when you’re trying to hold an area in a Crucible match.

Le Monarque is an upcoming Exotic bow, that can create a cloud of damage in whichever direction you’re shooting. This new weapon should be launching on December 7, when the Gofannon Forge event goes live.

If you wanted a brand new Exotic sniper rifle then you’re in luck, because Izanagi’s Burden offers just that. If you hold down the reload button for this weapon, you can jam the entire magazine into your next shot, which can take down any opposing player in a single hit. Izanagi’s Burden should go live as part of the Izanami Forge, which launches on December 18.

Finally for Exotics, there’s Jotun, which is a fusion rifle that players wield on their arms. Jotun fires one large flaming bullet, which explodes on impact, and can also track enemies. There’s no clue when this weapon could launch, as it’s not obviously tied to any of the Forges revealed so far in the Season of the Forge schedule.

The four new weapons that you can see just below are all “Black Armory prototypes” according to their descriptions, and you can obtain them by finding and killing Forge Saboteurs on Earth and Nessus.

Just below, you can check out a roundup of some of the new Exotic and Legendary weapons that are part of the Black Armory event. Note that while we know about all the Exotics included in the video already, like Jotun and Anarchy, all the Legendary weapons shown are being debuted for the first time.

Finally, you can see a tease of The Last Word making a grand return to Destiny in the trailer above. We don't yet know anything about the new quest line, but we do know that it'll be active as of January 29 in the game.

This is a complete list of all the Black Armory weapons that we've seen so far, but we'll be updating this guide whenever we come across any new weapons as part of the Season of the Forge. For now, you can head over to our Destiny 2 Scourge of the Past Raid guide for more.

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