Bowser Jr Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide - Unlock, Moves, Changes, Bowser Jr Alternate Costumes, Final Smash

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Full Character Roster, plus guides on every fighter in the game, covering changes, moves and alternate outfits.

Nintendo is pulling out all of the stops for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. There are over 800 audio tracks, hundreds of stages, and a bigger roster of fighters than any of the previous games. Every character that has featured in the series so far is back for Ultimate, alongside some new faces. To help you get up to speed, we’ve been putting together character guides for each of them. In this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser Jr Guide, we’ll be taking a look at Bowser Jr. This means detailing the changes that have been made since their last outing, as well as some info on Alternate Costumes and Final Smash.

For more on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can head over to our Smash Bros Ultimate Characters Guide. It’s got an ever-growing list of guides on every character in the game. We add them in regularly, so it’s definitely worth checking back to see if we’ve covered your favorite fighter yet.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr Guide

Bowser Jr returns for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, having last appeared in SSB4. There have been a few changes since then, mainly to the design and facial expressions of both Bowser Jr and the Junior Clown Car. We’ve included some key info below:

Bowser Jr Smash Bros. Ultimate Moves Set and Final Smash

Bowser Jr is one of the more annoying fighters to play against in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the table below, you can find a complete moves list for Bowser Jr.

Special Move ControlsSpecial TypeSpecial Move Name
BNeutral SpecialClown Cannon
Left Stick Left/Right + BGreen MissileClown Kart Dash
Left Stick Up + BUp SpecialAbandon Ship
Left Stick Down + BDown SpecialMechakoopa
B when FS Meter is FullFinal SmashShadow Mario Paint

How to Unlock Bowser Jr in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Unlike previous Smash games, fighters are unlocked in the same way for all, rather than character-specific challenges. This means that while it can be a bit of a grind, all you need to do is play the game naturally and you’ll eventually unlock all of the characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We’ve listed the three ways you can unlock characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate below:

  • Playing the World of Light single-player mode.
  • Completing Classic Mode with a character.
  • Playing the ‘Challenger Approaches’ fights that appear regularly, you will need to win them.

The fastest method involves triggering the Challenger Fights by reloading the game regularly. We’ve listed the method below:

  • Quit to the home screen and Restart the game.
  • Create a match with a custom rule set.
  • Make sure the match is 1 minute long, or 1 stock if you'd prefer.
  • After finishing the match (you can win or lose) you will offered a new Challenger Fight.
  • You'll need to win the Challenger fight
  • Repeat.

For more info on unlocking characters using the modes listed above, head over to our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Unlock Guide .

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser Jr Changes

There have been a number of changes to Bowser Jr since their appearance in SSB4. These range from moveset tweaks, to rebalancing of damage output. We’ve listed all of the changes to Bowser Jr that we’ve noticed below.

  • Several animations have been altered including jumpsquat, grab, pummel, Mechakoopa.
  • Final Smash has been shortened.
  • Down Throw deals more damage.
  • Abandon Ship! Is faster.
  • Dash is faster.
  • Koopalings do not use their hammers, instead pulling out the wands they use in New Super Mario Bros for Wii U.
  • Grab is faster.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser Jr Alternate Costumes

Bowser Jr Alternate Costumes

Bowser Jr has some pretty awesome Alternate Costumes. Instead of being simple color swaps like the majority of character costumes, players can actually play as each of the Koopalings when selecting Bowser Jr. This includes Lemmy, Wendy, Roy, Morton, Iggy and Ludwig. You can check out Roy in the image embedded above.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser Jr Final Smash

Bowser Jr uses Shadow Mario Paint as his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not much has changed since the move was last used in SSB4, though it does appear to be much shorter in duration. You can see Shadow Mario Paint in the trailer embedded above.

That’s everything we know about Bowser Jr in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We’ll be adding more info as we get it, but in the meantime you can head over to our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guides Hub for more info on the game.

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