The Outer Worlds Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer - Everything we Know

Obsidian has a brand new sci-fi game in development, called The Outer Worlds.

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Back at The Game Awards 2018, The Outer Worlds was revealed to be the next big project from Obsidian, creators of the Fallout series. In this complete guide to Obsidian's upcoming game, we'll be putting together a complete hub of information surrounding the project, including the final Outer Worlds release date, all the Outer Worlds gameplay and trailer footage we've seen, and much more.

Outer Worlds Release Date

As was originally revealed at The Game Awards 2018, The Outer Worlds will be releasing at some point in 2018. Although Microsoft recently acquired Obsidian, it looks like the game will be releasing on PC and PS4, as well as Xbox One.

The Outer Worlds Gameplay

So, what is The Outer Worlds? As you can see in the debut reveal trailer for the game, it’s a first person RPG from Obsidian, that takes place across a variety of different planets that each feature a dynamic ecosystem.

In the trailer above, we can see a whole host of different monsters prowling around planets, just waiting to devour you. It also looks like there’ll be space combat in The Outer Worlds, as we can see a smaller ship getting chased by a huge freighter for a few seconds.

Judging by the brief trailer from The Game Awards, it looks like there’ll be plenty of factions in The Outer Worlds. It also has a distinct futuristic setting, which is probably what you’d expect from the creators of the original Fallout.

Speaking to Polygon after The Game Awards, Obsidian revealed that there won't be any romance options in The Outer Worlds. "We felt like sometimes it kind of waters down your roleplaying for your character because it turns into this mini game of how do I seduce this companion or that companion. So it was just one of the things we felt wasn't really what we wanted to focus our time on," designer Leonard Boyarsky said.

Right now, these are all the details we have on The Outer Worlds from Obsidian. Should we uncover any additional details about the game, we’ll be sure to update this guide straight away.

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