10 Characters, Animals, and Things We Want to Possess in Super Mario Odyssey

10 Characters, Animals, and Things We Want to Possess in Super Mario Odyssey

Beg your pardon: "Capture."

One of E3's biggest surprises (or at least one of the more meme-worthy surprises) was the news that Mario can "capture" enemies, objects, and characters in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. Once Mario has command of his quarry, he can utilize its unique power for his own gain.

The very concept is hilariously terrifying, but also intriguing. Personally, I'm excited to work some black magic on Mario's friends and foes. Going by the game's E3 2017 trailer, Mario can seemingly take control of everything from common street barriers to tyrannosaurus rex, the mighty king of pre-history.

That means Nintendo probably constructed a huge laundry list of things we can commandeer in Super Mario Odyssey, and we currently have no idea how wild it gets. I have hopes, and I have dreams. These are the ten characters, enemies, and objects I want to bend to my will as Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom's satellite realms.


We've been able to hijack Lakitu's lofty perch since Super Mario World (and we can even borrow it to skip over tough sections of Super Mario 3's map screen), but I want to take over the mind of the man himself. Imagine dropping Spiny eggs on enemies' heads from up on high. Heck, I'd be happy just flinging turtle eggs at people's property, especially in New Donk City. Let 'em fly, kids! Every day is Halloween when Uncle Mario's in town!


The latest trailer for Super Mario Odyssey shows Mario possessing a taxi cab, so it stands to reason helicopters are fair game, too (as long as the helicopter isn't wearing a hat. There are rules, you know!). It'd be a fun way to get around New Donk City and any other city-based stages that might show up in the game. Still, maybe it's a little too practical for a series that traditionally flies you around using a dinosaur that has its mouth stuffed full of turtle flesh.

Dino Rhino / Triceratops

We already know Mario can steer a T-Rex during his Odyssey, but what about other dinosaur species? At one point during the new trailer for Mario Odyssey, we see Mario standing on the bones of a triceratops; is it possible we'll see a live one? A good Mario alternative to a 'ceratops is Dino Rhino, the lumbering sauropod / dragon hybrid that populates Chocolate Island in Super Mario World. It's imposing, and it breathes fire. Oh my, yes.


Plessie is a friendly plesiosaur who debuted in Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. It acts as a living raft, and Mario and his pals need to hold on tight as they go careening down and down white water. Imagine just taking control of the vessel, though. Mario-Plessie could dip below the waves, get some good speed, and break through the surface Free Willy-style. As someone who adored the jumping in Ecco the Dolphin and not much else, that sounds like a good time.

Chargin' Chuck

These foul-tempered, sports-loving turtle-hulks gave me a hard time as a kid. To be honest, I'm kind of jealous of their strength. I wouldn't mind getting inside the shell of a Chargin' Chuck, lowering my shoulder, and then bashing my foes into the stratosphere. Some Chucks are also armed with a baseball, and that would make a great projectile weapon. Ha ha! Take that, Iggy Koopa's picture window! Jerk.


Tryclyde is an imposing three-headed serpent who appears in Super Mario Bros 2 as an end-world boss, but he's not often – if ever – seen in other Mario games. That's a shame, because he's a three-headed snake boss. That shouldn't be a hard sell. I propose he come back for Super Mario Odyssey so we can possess him and slither around the world in a fruitless attempt to sate our bottomless reptilian hunger. Um, would we need three magic hats for this job, though?

The Angry Sun

The Angry Sun always scared me a little bit, and most psychologists agree that the best way to defeat a fear is to find a way to relate to it. In other words, if Mario Odyssey gave me the chance to plunk a hat on the Angry Sun and enter its mind, I might start to understand the reason why it burns into me with its furious glare (oh God, please stop). Also, just imagine slamming down on your foes as a burning orb of white-hot rage. Is the Mario universe ready for its own take on the world-altering myth of Phaethon? Let's find out.


I don't know what form the final battle between Mario and Bowser will take in Super Mario Odyssey, but I hope it involves a literal struggle of the minds. I just want a chance to take control of Bowser. All those spikes, all those muscles, all that fire. Good times. Obviously, we've taken charge of Bowser in other Mario games, and putting aside the fact that steering the turtle king is always fun, it's not something we often get to do in a 3D setting. We certainly haven't had a chance to take control of Bowser wearing a white tuxedo. Who tailored that thing for him, anyway?

An Entire Damn Airship

If every single Koopa Kid gets one, why can't I be one?

Everyone from Nintendo

Seriously though, what if Mario gained the power to take over other fighters' bodies in the next Smash Bros game? It'd be glorious chaos. Kirby, just take your inhalation powers, turn around, walk out that door, and don't come back.

(OK OK come back Kirby, I'm so sorry I said mean things to you, I'll hit myself now [slap].)

BONUS: A Character We Don't Want to Possess: Bob-omb

It's just a poor idea.

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