10 Lamest Video Game Characters of All Time

Cheap, obnoxious, or just plain stupid, some characters are so annoying they induce rage just thinking about them. This is a list to commemorate the 10 most irritating characters of gaming's past.

Article by Samantha Leichtamer, .

Gary Oak

Gary Oak is the spoiled-rotten grandson of our good old friend Professor Oak. He’s a whiny brat, a sore loser — and if that isn’t awful enough — shows up at the most inconvenient times possible. It’s like he’s stalking you all over Kanto just to rub it in your face that he’s better than you. In the show, they take his smugness to the next level by giving him a red Corvette and a harem of babes that follow him around. Even worse, we’ll never know how he has 10 badges.


When a villain's first appearance is in a tennis game, you know he’s going to be super wack. Waluigi made his first appearance in Mario Tennis as Wario’s tennis partner. There’s no lamer entry for a villain possible. No grand arson or kidnappings to see here… just a couple of Nintendo’s finest, kicking it back at the recreation center for a game of tennis. He also has a super creepy mustache and an overall demeanor that screams "I take lollipops from babies."

The Dog

Duck hunt is a very simple game with a few simple characters: the ducks you have to shoot to kill, and the dog who mocks you every time you miss your shot. Why must he get up and laugh every time? Is that necessary? What if all games had a mascot that laughed at you every time you missed a gunshot or failed to dodge? That dog is just plain rude. I know I’m not the only one who tried to shoot him down.

Bowser Junior

What else should we expect from the prince and sole heir to King Koopa’s throne? With all his crazy demands and crippling need for instant gratification, this psychotic little turtle has one terrible case of only-child syndrome. Not only is he insufferable in every Mario platformer he’s been featured in, he’s also an absolute menace in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. Come to think of it… Bowser Junior gives me major Game of Thrones Prince Joffrey vibes. No thanks!

Christie Monteiro

The cheapest character in the Tekken series, Christie made her first appearance in Tekken 4. From that moment forward, button mashers and scrubs far and wide finally had a shot to enter the fighting game arena. Just faceroll the game pad and I promise you will have a juggle combo. Okay, I can’t guarantee that, but what I can say on behalf of all fighting game fans, Christie is just plain annoying.

Baby Mario

Poor Yoshi. He had to ride around his island with this liability strapped to his back. Oh wait. Maybe if Baby Mario was strapped in, he wouldn’t have fallen off and gone into 1,000,000 separate crying fits. Babies crying in real life are unbearable, but Baby Mario has that newborn in the movie theater beat by a few octaves. I haven’t played Yoshi’s Island since the Nintendo DS re-release in 2006, and I can still hear the cries. Please, someone help me! Make them stop!


Meet the most useless character in Final Fantasy XIII. Okay, that's harsh. If you level her classes correctly, she’s actually the best Saboteur in the game, but just because she serves as the narrator and central catalyst to the plot, doesn’t mean I have to like her. Between her inconsistent Aussie-Brit accent, compulsive lying, and insatiable desire to be liked, I’m blinded to her redeeming qualities, if she possesses any at all. Even Rikku from FFX, who Vanilla is commonly compared to, has more gumption… and she’s 15.

Slippy Toad

All Slippy does for the entirety of Star Fox 64 is shout useless commands at you in an obnoxiously high-pitched voice. When he’s not telling you what to do or giving you useless mechanical advice, he’s asking Star Fox to save him and starting every other sentence with, “Hey!”

"Fox, get this guy off of me! Hey, that was mine! Hey, leave me alone!, Hey, we made it! Hey, what’s the big idea?" C’mon Slippy! Get it together! No one likes a complainer.


This is one of those characters who makes me question the sobriety of the concept artist who created him. We first met Tingle in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. He's a 35-year-old man who wears a head-to-toe green leotard and believes he is the reincarnation of a fairy. He also surveys all of Hyrule by flying through the sky using a big red balloon strapped to his back and has an affinity for mapmaking. In fact, that’s all he’s good for: making and selling maps. Allegedly, he makes these maps to help out his father and somewhere between Majora’s Mask and Windwaker he’s imprisoned. So if things weren’t bad enough for Tingle, he’s also an ex-convict. Oh … did we mention that all of Tingle’s siblings dress just like him? They’re all a little Kooloo-limpah, if you know what I mean!


Tinkerbell is to Peter Pan as Navi is to Link… except Tinkerbell actually helps Peter Pan, and Navi just points out things that we have either already figured out, or are looking right at. Meet THE Captain Obvious. “Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Look! Hey!” This is what Navi does, and this is all Navi will ever do. Her tactlessness and perpetual nagging not only makes her the lamest sidekick, but also quite possibly the most repetitive and irritating character of all time.

Honorable Mentions: Tails, Oddjob, Ashley Graham. You are all just as unbearable.

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  • Avatar for matthewjohnson31 #1 matthewjohnson31 3 years ago
    Eight Nintendo characters, huh? Maybe that explains why so many people seem to dislike them reflexively.
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  • Avatar for NinjaMic #2 NinjaMic 3 years ago
    My baby Mario never cries cuz I'm a good parent.
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  • Avatar for alexirish93 #3 alexirish93 3 years ago
    Hey, you forgot Fi from Skyward Sword. She's much more annoying than Navi ever was. She's worse because of her condescending attitude, from telling you how low you are on health to re-stating the obvious, she is why I have yet to finish that game.
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  • Avatar for ravikanodia79 #4 ravikanodia79 3 years ago
    @alexirish93 Agreed on Fi. I don't need helicopter parents in a video game world.
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  • Avatar for Lord-Bob-Bree #5 Lord-Bob-Bree 3 years ago
    Waluigi is a wonderful character, and I will not hear a word against him
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  • Avatar for whitestreak #6 whitestreak 3 years ago
    Natalya from Goldeneye. Protecting her while she's hacking that computer is the only annoying mission in the whole game.

    Gau from Final Fantasy VI: Gathering all his skills was a chore, and I never used him much anyways. A proverbial waste of space.

    Ryder from San Andreas: his quips and putdowns are annoying, and his treason is in my opinion the poorest plotline in the entire game.

    Don Flamenco of Punch Out! The second fight against him is a challenge of longevity and stamina (at least for me), and it is the only fight which is truly boring.

    Stan the used boat salesman of Monkey Island: Incredibly annoying, outstandingly funny. The best character in an amazing game.
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  • Avatar for thomasnickel25 #7 thomasnickel25 3 years ago
    Seriously? Come in, usgamer, a cheap clickbait-article like this is so far below your level... Please spare us this kind of rubbish in the future, okay?
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  • Avatar for DoYouHas? #8 DoYouHas? 3 years ago
    Way back in the 80's I always liked Luigi, but I always felt something was missing. Then I played Mario Tennis and my life was complete as I had found the most perfect video game character ever created, Waluigi.

    You see, Waluigi was given unto us by the glorious hands of the Nintengod, and is perfect in every way; and with him was handed unto us a glorious prophecy. It's kind of hard to understand because the Nintengod has a vocabulary similar to the characters created by Nintendo. That said the generally accepted reading of the prophecy states that when all the haters (who are just jealous of Waluigi's roguish good looks) stop hating on Waluigi, he will present us with Super Waluigi World, the most objectively perfect game in the universe!
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  • Avatar for Crepe_Suzette #9 Crepe_Suzette 3 years ago
    The chupacabra in Lords of Shadow.
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  • Avatar for TheDarkKnight9113 #10 TheDarkKnight9113 3 years ago
    I disagree with what was said about tinkerbell, she was a jealous liability who sold peter Pan out to Hook, she was just terrible. In Gary's defense, his grandpa doesn't even remember his name and The main character was partly responsible for the death of a Pokemon of his.
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  • Avatar for TheDarkKnight9113 #11 TheDarkKnight9113 3 years ago
    @Crepe_Suzette That annoying Chupacabra!!! I wished I could just have a satisfying beatdown of that yoda talking piece of digital excrement.
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  • Avatar for inkybutt #12 inkybutt 3 years ago
    Bowser Jr gets a pass after a good showing in Smash
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  • Avatar for Toelkki #13 Toelkki 3 years ago
    Who is Oddjob other than Goldfinger's minion?
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  • Avatar for Thad #14 Thad 3 years ago
  • Avatar for Murbs #15 Murbs 3 years ago
    Mr F***ing Resetti. Actually, that's a lie. He's secretly awesome :-)
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #16 VotesForCows 3 years ago
    @samanthaleichtamer84 Your comments on the Dog got me thinking... In Bayonetta 1 and 2 you get little statues at the end of each level as a reward for how well you've done. I've seen the stone statue of the fat guy way too many times over the years. I hate that guy.
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  • Avatar for docexe #17 docexe 3 years ago
    Slippy wouldn’t be so bad in Star Fox 64 if they had given him a different voice actor. He is actually more likeable (or tolerable, depending on your point of view) in other Star Fox games.

    It’s the same with Vanille, her English voice actress is what makes her particularly grating, but she is not really a bad character.

    Curiously, Tingle wasn’t that bad in Majora’s Mask as he kind of fits with the surreal atmosphere of the game. It’s from Wind Waker onwards that he becomes incredibly obnoxious.
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  • Avatar for hal9k #18 hal9k 3 years ago
    I'll apologize in advance to the Platinum faithful, but I've tried watching the Bayonetta 2 streams twice from this site (once with Mike, and once with Kat and Bob), and I can't take more than 10 minutes of that Joe Pesci knockoff. Maybe he gets more bearable as the game goes on or appears less, but I just can't stick around long enough to find out. Nothing against Pesci and I like Goodfellas as much as the next guy, but that shtick gets real old, real fast. To reference Casino, it's as much fun as getting my head squeezed in a vise until my eyeballs pop out.
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  • Avatar for bobservo #19 bobservo 3 years ago
    @hal9k If it makes you feel better, he's barely in the game.
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  • Avatar for Mad-Mage #20 Mad-Mage 3 years ago
    Personally I didn't enjoy this. I don't relate to the author's opinion, and multiple characters on the list are actually beloved by many. I didn't think a lot of the reasons for inclusions were interesting or funny, and the other entrants are kinda played out and talked about in articles like this too much, like Navi or Baby Mario. I get it already!

    I like USGs articles that are a bit deeper. If USG does do more fluff like this, I hope it will be more comedic in nature.

    Just my opinion. I tried to at least explain my reasoning a little so it doesn't just sound like whining.Edited April 2015 by Mad-Mage
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  • Avatar for SamLeichtamer528 #21 SamLeichtamer528 3 years ago
    @VotesForCows if only we could shoot him too!
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  • Avatar for SamLeichtamer528 #22 SamLeichtamer528 3 years ago
    @matthewjohnson31 what can I say? I fell hard on the Nintendo side during the console wars!
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  • Avatar for SamLeichtamer528 #23 SamLeichtamer528 3 years ago
    @Lord-Bob-Bree You are not alone, I was scorned by a-many for his inclusion.
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  • Avatar for TernBird #24 TernBird 3 years ago
    I'd hoped US Gamer would shy away from stupid lists like this. Also, I have this thing about people calling your rival in the original Pokémon games "Gary Oak"--that's not Gary, he's Blue. The only time Gary Oak has any bearing on Pokémon is in the cartoon. Canonically, the protagonist of the Gen 1 games is Red, and his rival is canonically "Blue", not Gary Oak.

    When the Gen III remakes rolled around, the girl alternative was named Green, incidentally.
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  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist #25 Hero-Protagonist 3 years ago
    I read Usgamer specifically because of the absence of this kind of vacuous nonsense.
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  • Avatar for sebastiansonntag97 #26 sebastiansonntag97 3 years ago
    Oh come on guys, please. This is by far the worst and cheapest article I've ever read here, and I'm a big fan since the beginning. This is far below your usual quality in every way possible.
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  • Avatar for hal9k #27 hal9k 3 years ago
    @Toelkki I think the reference is to Oddjob from Goldeneye on the N64. In multiplayer, you could choose to play as any character from the game plus Oddjob from Goldfinger and Jaws from the Roger Moore movies. For some reason, Oddjob is slightly shorter than every other character (weird, because I remembered him being intimidatingly huge in the film). So shots can fly over his head, giving him an unfair advantage. Therefore, cool as he may be, decent honest folk do not play as Oddjob.
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  • Avatar for ericspratling56 #28 ericspratling56 3 years ago
    You got Buzzfeed in my USGamer.
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  • Avatar for Octopumpkin #29 Octopumpkin 3 years ago
    Tingle is the most underappreciated Zelda character. I love that weirdo.
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  • Avatar for tkurc #30 tkurc 3 years ago
    Everyone in every escort mission EVER.
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  • Avatar for JamesSwiftDay #31 JamesSwiftDay 3 years ago
    I'm not saying this to be mean but this is the worst USGamer article I've read so far. I expect better than dumb, wonkily-written top 10 articles from you guys.
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