Best Sims 4 Mods - Vampires, New Homes, Pregnancy

Best Sims 4 Mods - Vampires, New Homes, Pregnancy

We all know that The Sims games are much better with cheats and mods, so here are the best Sims 4 mods that you absolutely must download

A great way to put your stamp on a game like The Sims 4 is to use mods. They allow you to do things not initially intended by the developers of the base game, like adding new hair content, or turning into a vampire. They can be a lot of fun to use, but with there being so many and all it's easy to get overwhelmed. To help you out, we've put together this The Sims 4 Mods Guide. It'll list the very best Mods, and give you links to where they can be downloaded.

Top Mods That You Have to Download

The Sims 4 mods cover a wide breadth of content ranging from cosmetic changes to mods that let you tweak individual parameters of how the game runs. We’ve tried to include a bit of everything here, and have chosen some must-have mods that best represent the community today.

Emotional Inertia by roBurky

The Sims 4 added a lot of depth to how motions work in the game. Problem is, they’re a little too predictable. Your Sims’ moods will change like clockwork, making it a pretty tedious task to keep them happy. The Emotional Inertia mod by roBurky adds a little balance to things, and makes your Sims a little more consistent in terms of mood. The end result is that emotions feel more meaningful in the game, given that it will now take considerable effort to alter the mood of a Sim after its mind has been changed.

Have Some Personality Please! by PolarBearSims

Continuing the trend of making your Sims feel a little more life-like, the Personality Please mod from PolarBearSims adds new options and outcomes to dialogue. Interactions are based on Traits, Personality and Career, and there’s no more of that annoying Idle Chat. In addition, Sims have a chance to learn new traits and careers from deep conversations, giving you a reason to get your Sims talking.

The Mars Human Colony

This mod by iSandor imagines what it would be like if humans managed to colonize Mars. It adds in a collection of awesome sci-fi bubble houses, all connected by air-tight corridors and walkways. There's a super green communal space, so that your Sims can reminisce about earth, and four houses to live in.

Ultrasound Scan by LittleMsSam

One of the coolest thing you can do in Sims 4, and something that everyone always ends up doing anyway, is having babies. The whole thing is kinda unceremonious in the base game, with kids basically just showing up after a while. The Ultrasound mod by LittleMsSam adds in a nice little touch of realism to proceedings, by adding framed ultrasound pictures that you can put up in your Sim’s home. It’s a very small detail, but one that adds a lot of depth nonetheless.

Skeeball and Photobooth

This mod by fire2icewitch adds awesome photo booths and skeeball machines into the game, perfect for any arcades or rec rooms you're planning on building.

St Pupper Animal Hospital

Who wouldn't want to run their very own animal hospital. Well, this mod by Mondrosen lets you do just that. There's 2 floors, including a training yard, inpatient nursery, and more.

Studio 12

This seriously swanky building mod by Kimmy_2_sweet gives you a collaborative working space similar to something you'd find in New York. It's designed like a warehouse studio and is a real treat to behold.

UI Cheats by weerbesu

If you’re looking to get a bit more into the nitty gritty of Sims 4 modding, look no further than UI Cheats by weebesu. It lets you tweak and cheat the game from the UI, meaning you don’t have to type any commands to do your bidding. You can right click on any value you want to set it, meaning you have ultimate control to play God with your Sims. The time can be set, money can be added or taken away, and promotion tasks can be finished instantly. It essentially gives you control over every aspect of your Sims’ lives, so use it wisely.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch House

This mod by LianZiemas is simply magical, recreating the house from the hit TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The decor is perfect and you can even throw a black cat in there for good measure too.

The Simpsons House

This mod by iSandor adds in the iconic pink Simpsons house, what more could you ask for!

Stop Random Flirting

If you're looking for a little bit more realism in The Sims 4, you'll want to install this mod by aariancya. It essentially stops the random flirting that will occur when sims are in a flirty mood. Usually, this can break immersion a little, given that two characters will flirt for seemingly no reason. It's a small change, but certainly a welcome one.

Improved Weather Variety for World

This mod by Peterskywalker! adds a ton of weather variety to the Sims 4. More specifically it changes the temperature and weather for every world (except new Crest), with the overall goal of making each one feel more distinct and unique.

Pet Themed Holiday Traditions

This mod by icemunmun adds nine new holiday traditions to the game, all revolving around Pets! You can cook for your pet, pamper them and even play with a laser-pointer, a must have for any animal lovers out there.

Spring Toddler Room Set

Sims modder PinkySimsie has been doing some pretty awesome recolor work for The Sims 4 lately, and you should definitely check out their new spring Toddler Room Set. It recolors the room pink and green, adding a nice variation on the standard pinks and blues.

MC Command Center by Deaderpool

If you want even more control over your game, you should definitely install MC Command Center by Deaderpool. It adds a ton of new parameters to the game. It has story progression, allowing the user to set the lifespan of certain lifestates. You can blacklist items so you won’t see them again in your game. It essentially allows you to tweak the minutia of the game, and is great for those looking to experiment.

Extreme Violence by SACRIFICIAL

We’ve all been known to be a bit sadistic with our Sims. From locking them in basements to drowning them, there’s always been a dark side to the series, though one that is always had a tongue in cheek nature. The Extreme Violence Mod by Sacrificial adds in blood, gore and dark humor into the game, and is perfect for those looking to recreate their own slasher flick. It’s all cartoon-violence but is definitely not for the faint hearted. It’s also changed as the game has been updated, and even now includes dogs and cats attacking Sims.

Balanced Death Moodlets

This mod by Flerb fixes several annoying inconsistencies with the way death works in the base game. The problem with the vanilla version was that if your Sims was popular, they would constantly get notified of others passing. This led to extended periods of mourning, which got pretty annoying. The Balanced Death Moodlets apply realistic moods to your sims. The reaction will be much stronger for a spouse than for a friend for example.

Become a Sorcerer by Triplis

The Sorcerer Mod by Triplis gives you the option to add a little bit of magic to your game. After you’ve downloaded it, you can select Sorcerer as a Trait, and then from there it's a choice of what kind of magical being you’d like your Sim to be. You can choose to be a fire mage of sorts, burning down houses and setting the ground ablaze. You can be a devious trickster, lulling others to sleep. There’s a huge variety of options, and support which is still going to this day. Definitely some of the most fun you can have with the game.

Road to Fame by SACRIFICIAL

If you’ve been finding day to day Sims life a little dull, you can use the Road to Fame mod to add some glitz and glamour. Road to Fame was developed by SACRIFICIAL, and allows you to give your Sims the opportunity to become famous and live their lives under the spotlights in The Sims world. There’s new Traits, social-media based careers and more. Paparazzi and fans will swarm your Sims, and their bank accounts will sky rocket with this fun and high quality mod.

Custom Food Interactions by TheFoodGroup

Some of the Best Sims 4 Mods are those that add a little bit of variety to otherwise mundane activities. The Custom Food Interactions Mod by TheFoodGroup adds a ton of options when your Sims are cooking food. You can choose exactly what they cook, and use the mod to give each Sim its own food preferences. It’s a small quality of life change, but can lead to some detailed customization options. Definitely one to keep in mind for those looking to spice the game up a bit.

Height Slider by GODJUL1

We’re finishing off this list with a very small, but very welcomed mod by GODJUL1. It adds in a Height Slider, which rather bafflingly is absent from the base game. With this mod you can add different heights to your Sims and improve realism a little bit. It’s a great way to add a little bit more character to the world, and something which really should have been added in to begin with.

Small Venice

Another large-scale environmental add-on for The Sims 4 is this Small Venice mod by Aya20. It presents an amazingly detailed and wonderfully colorful rendition of Venice, complete with sparkling waterways and quirky housing.

TS4 MorphMaker

If you were looking for total control over the appearance of your sims, this mod by CmarNYC is just the ticket. It essentially lets you mould and sculpt every aspect of your sims, and works for all human, alien and vampire forms in the game. The link provided also includes a couple of helpful tutorials to get you started.

Twinkling Stars Animated Wallpaper

This mod by Bakie is an awesome addition to any of your sims' bedrooms. it adds an animated wallpaper to the walls of a room, with twinkling stars fading and glowing over time. It's seriously dreamy stuff, and you can watch it in action in the video above.

Fridges with brand Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta

This mod lurania adds branded vending machines into The Sims 4. There's all your favorites, well Coke, Fanta and Sprite, but it definitely adds a certain element of realism to proceedings. As always, just follow the link in this section to download the add-on.

Tropical Manor

While the standard urban environments of The Sims 4 can be pretty cool at first, you'll likely end up pining for a setting that's a little more exotic. This Tropical Manor by rayunemoon is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of ordinary Sims life. It features natural swimming pools, tons of outdoor living space and walkways which connect all of the different buildings.

Gender Preference by azoresman

Many of the best mods in the Sims 4 merely offer the player more choice when it comes to building characters. The Gender Preference mod by azoresman allows players to finely tune the sexual preferences of each Sim, adding in a percentage affinity for each gender. It's a neat level of detail which helps make the game more inclusive. There's also the option to remove all sexual preferences from you Sim, something which many fans have been requesting for a while.

Rumanov Castle

"Once upon a time there was live an aristocrat family, led by Knight of Simshood, Cornelius Rumanov." This mod by Zagy adds in a huge, totally original Castle. It comes with its own backstory, and is perfect for living out a life of luxury with your favorite Sims.

Packing Crates

Have you ever wanted to be able to put huge objects like pianos into your inventory? Wll with the Packing Crates mod by scumbumbo, you can do just that. After packing objects into a crate, the crate itself can be placed into a sim's inventory and carried with them to a new home. Crates can also be left around the lot for use as storage. It's a small, quality of life update, but definitely adds a lot to the experience.

No More Culling by Neia

Culling is a process that the game goes through every now and then, in which it removes Sims that you haven't interacted with for a while. This can obviously be annoying for players who play the game a lot, as some great characters can be removed without warning. The No More Culling mod by Neia stops this from happening, meaning that your Sims can sleep safe in the knowledge that they won't be unceremoniously removed in the middle of the night .

Glowing Android LEDs

Inspired by Detroit: Become Human, this mod by LadySpira adds android LEDs to the temples of your sims. It gives them a robotic look, making it possible for you to roleplay new sci-fi inspired scenarios. They're available in blue, red and yellow and there are four versions for four different head shapes.

Park Bridge For Your Lots

Bridges are pretty much absent from The Sims 4, so this mod by fire2icewitch is a real treat. This park bridge adds a ton of depth and character to your lots, so is definitely worth checking out.

Go to School Mod by Zerbu

The Go to School Mod by Zerbu first launched back in 2015, and opened up the option to follow child and teen Sims as they went to school. Children go to Elementary School, while Teens head off to High School. You can watch your Sims attend different classes, learn new skills, and interact with other students.

Old French Village

This Sims 4 mod by catdenny is simply a thing of beauty. It's called the Old French Village, and aims for a Disney-style vibe, offering players an awesome new locale to explore. It features 10 individual cottages, all ranging in style, affluence and numbers of bedrooms, a castle at the top of the town, a hidden garden, a vegetable garden, a pub, a cafe and a stream running through the town.

Functional Canning Station and Custom Canning Skill

The Functional Canning Station recreates the canning mod that was popular back in the Sims 3 days. It's developed by modder icemunmun, and let's players create their own range of preserves and canned food products. It's an awesome pastime and a great way to specialize a particular Sim.

Number 4 Privet Drive

The 4, Privet Drive mod from iSandor lets your Sims finally achieve their dreams and enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The mod lovingly recreates Harry's home, along with awesome interiors and little details which throwback to the beloved book and film series.

(Natural) Frozen Pond

This Frozen Pond mod by Bakie is truly a thing of beauty. It allows players to place objects onto a small and large sized frozen pond, which can be decorated with lighting for added realism. It does require The Seasons expansion for The Sims 4 in order to work, though we'd definitely recommend picking it up if you can.

Coat Converter

This awesome mod by CmarNYC is a must have for cat lovers. Coat Converter is a very simple tool that finds and extracts painted pet coats from the .householdbinary files created in your Tray folder when you save a family in CAS to your library. The coat image is saved as a .png with full transparency and can be used as the texture for a CAS Part so the coat can be easily used and shared.

Ikea Home Stuff

Designing homes is some of the most fun you can have in The Sims 4. The base offering is pretty bare though, so you'll want to add in some new homeware whenever possible. The Ikea Home Stuff Mod by simsi45 let's you do just that, as you add iconic IKEA furniture to your Sims world.

Brand New Houseplants

One of the best ways to add some new life into your Sims homes is to place down some houseplants. The selection that comes with the bease game isn't exactly extensive though, so be sure to install this mod by simsi45 to add ten more.

Bubble Jackets for Males

The fashion options for males in The Sims 4 leaves a lot to be desired. It's great then, that modders like mathcope have put together this The Sims 4 Bubble Jackets mod. Be sure to head on over to the link and give it a download.

How to Use Mods

The Sims is often a lot of gamers’ first experience with modding. It can be a little daunting at first, but there are some easy ways to get set up. As with anything involving installing third-party files on your PC, only do so from trusted sources. We recommend, as mods are curated and checked regularly by the community. Here’s how to download and use mods:

  • Head into your system files and find the “Electronic Arts” folder
  • Inside this folder you’ll see a folder labelled “Mods”
  • This is where you will be dropping the Mod files you download
  • You can download files from a mod site, like
  • You’ll receive a Zip file, which should be placed, in its extracted form, into the “Mods” folder
  • Now start the game
  • You will be met with a Mods startup screen, where you can activate all of the mods you have downloaded

There are some key things to bear in mind when modding your game, which we've listed below:

  • The most common kinds of mods you'll come across are script mods, they are mods that add scripts to the game, and are added by dumping their zip and package files into your mod folder.
  • Be aware that mods often conflict with each other. When downloading one, look for any info on the source site that indicates other mods that it will not work with. Mods can seriously break your game, so a good tactic is to make a note of every mod you download, makes it easier to workout why things have gone wrong.
  • Keep an eye out for new patch versions of your favorite mods, you can then update them.
  • Always, ALWAYS, backup your saves before installing a new mod.

So there you have it, the Best Sims 4 Mods that you can download right now. If you have any favorite Sims 4 mods that didn’t make the list, let us know what they are in the comments. For more, be sure to check out some of the links we’ve included in this guide, as most modders will have plenty more to check out.

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