PUBG Sanhok Event Pass Missions Guide - Normal, Weekly, Sanhok Missions

PUBG Sanhok Event Pass Missions Guide - Normal, Weekly, Sanhok Missions

The PUBG Sanhok Event Pass is active in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and brings with it a whole new bunch of challenges and rewards.

The PUBG Sanhok Event Pass introduced new Missions for the first time, bringing a new layer to Playerunknown's Battlgrounds. In this PUBG Sanhok Event Pass Missions guide, we'll be detailing how you can complete different types of challenges in-game, including the PUBG Sanhok Weekly Missions, as well as the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass Normal Missions, all of which are active and live right now in the game.

If you need help with anything else on the brand new Event Pass, you’ll want to head over to our full PUBG Sanhok Event Pass guide. It’s on this page that you can find all the information you need about new content, including how much the Event Pass will cost you, as well as a list of the simple Daily Missions you can undertake.

PUBG Event Pass Missions Guide

Whereas the Daily Missions in the PUBG Event Pass are designed to be quick and easy, the rest of the missions in the game are decidedly more difficult. At the time of writing, there are three categories for missions in the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass, outside of the Daily Missions. These are:

  • Normal Missions - Consist mainly of dealing out damage, playing matches on specific maps, and driving certain distances.
  • Sanhok Missions - Oriented entirely around the small map of Sanhok, these missions task you with playing a certain amount of matches, or killing players with certain weapons.
  • Weekly Challenges - There are four total weeks featured in the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass, and only the first week has unlocked, as of Monday, June 25.

PUBG Event Pass Normal Missions

As of right now, there are twelve total missions that fall into the Normal category of challenges. Five of these are linked together however, and each successive challenges is only revealed once you’ve completed the previous one. Just below, we’ll list out all the Normal Missions in the PUBG Event Pass, starting out with the Linked Mission, the first of the hidden group.

  • (Linked Mission) Deal at least 500 damage and kill a player in a single match - 160 XP.
  • Travel a total of 100km in vehicles - 400 XP.
  • Play 30 matches on Erangel and Miramar - 400 XP.
  • Kill 100 players - 400 XP.
  • Reach the top 10 on Erangel five times - 300 XP.
  • Revive teammates 10 times - 300 XP.
  • Kill a player who’s at least 300 meters away using a sniper rifle - 300 XP.
  • Play 5 Squad games where you survive for at least 30 minutes, and kill at least one player - 300 XP.

You’ll notice that there are XP markers next to each mission, and this is how much XP you’ll gain upon completing a specific mission. This XP then goes to unlocking new reward tiers in the PUBG Event Pass, and you can head back to our main PUBG Event Pass guide if you want a complete walkthrough of all the reward items you can earn.

PUBG Sanhok Missions

There are 20 total Sanhok Missions included with the PUBG Event Pass, but unfortunately the majority of the challenges are locked, linked to previous challenges that you’ll need to complete first. We’ll list out each of the linked challenges in the Sanhok Missions category just below.

  • Play on Sanhok at least 10 times - 40 XP.
  • Reach top 10 on Sanhok in Solos - 40 XP.
  • Kill a player with a QBZ - 40 XP.
  • Kill a player with a punch on Sanhok - 40 XP.
  • Revive 10 teammates on Sanhok - 40 XP.

Completing each of these challenges will unlock another successive challenge in the Sanhok category, but as of right now we’ve got no idea what these other challenges are. We’ll be sure to update this guide whenever we uncover any of the hidden challenges.

PUBG Weekly Missions

Weekly challenges for PUBG were introduced back on June 25, and they're still going strong. There are going to be four weeks in total for the Sanhok Event Pass, and you can find the complete list of Week 1 Challenges just below:

  • Kill 10 players - 100 XP.
  • Drive 10KM in any vehicle in FPP on Miramar - 100 XP.
  • Kill 3 players using handguns - 100 XP.
  • Travel 50KM by any means - 100 XP.
  • Reach top 3 without killing anyone in Solos - 100 XP.
  • Reach top 5, five times - 100 XP.
  • Various ways to kill - 200 XP.

The final challenge offers more XP, and this is because it tasks you with killing players in five ways. As you can see below, you'll have to kill a player with a melee weapon, a headshot, a molotov cocktail, a vehicle, and a frag grenade in order to fully complete this final challenge for Week 1.

PUBG Sanhok Week 2 Challenges

The Week 2 Challenges for the Sanhok Event Pass are now live in the game for you to undertake. As with the Week 1 Challenges, they should be hanging around until the full four weeks of the event pass are done.

  • Play on Miramar for 3 hours of more - 100 XP.
  • Heal for 300HP otal - 100 XP.
  • Kill 2 players using a pan in Solos - 100 XP.
  • Kill 3 players using a vehicle - 100 XP.
  • Take at least 500 damage from the bluezone - 100 XP.
  • Refuel 10 times total - 100 XP.
  • Destroy helmets, vehicles, and vests 3 times each - 200 XP.

PUBG Sanhok Week 3 Challenges

The PUBG Sanhok Week 3 Challenges have gone live in the game. You can check out the full list of challenges for the week just below.

  • Take 2,000 damage in games where you've played for 5 minutes or more - 100 XP.
  • Reach top five 10 times in Squads.
  • Reach top 10 without using any healing items till the end of the match - 100 XP.
  • Knock down enemies 50 times - 100 XP.
  • Restore 200 health using any healing items - 100 XP.
  • Use a Med Kit - 100 XP.
  • Drive every vehicle type on Mirmar - 200 XP.

We'll make sure to keep this final section of our guide up to date whenever brand new PUBG Weekly Challenges go live as part of the Sanhok Event Pass. If we've got our times right, then this should be every Monday, at some time before 3 am PST.

For now though, head over to our PUBG Sanhok map guide. Here you’ll find all the information you need on how to master the map, so you can keep pace with the highest level competition.

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