Destiny 2 Titan Guide - Sentinel, Striker, Sunbreaker Subclasses, Super Abilities, Grenades

Destiny 2 Titan Guide - Sentinel, Striker, Sunbreaker Subclasses, Super Abilities, Grenades

Here's everything you need to know on all three of Destiny 2's classes, as well as each subclass for the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock.

Destiny 2's Titan is the heavy hitter class, able to deal out massive amounts of damage all while absorbing damage on behalf of their teammates. In this Destiny 2 Titan class guide we'll detail everything you need to know about all the Titan's abilities in Destiny 2, including Titan Super Abilities for the Sentinel, Sunbreaker, and Striker subclasses, special grenade abilities, and exclusive items that only the Titan has access to.

If you need anything else at all on the game, then be sure to head over to our Destiny 2 guide hub, which contains information on everything in Destiny 2 beta, as well as all the info you need on the other classes in the game.

Destiny 2 Titan Subclasses and Abilities

Back in the original Destiny, the Titan had the Dawnhammer Super Ability, where the player was able to throw several fiery hammers at any enemies on the battlefield, dealing massive amounts of damage to them in the process. The Dawnhammer isn't back in the sequel however, as the Titan has several brand new abilities through the Sentinel, Sunbreaker, and Striker subclasses.

Destiny 2 Titan Class Skills:

  • Towering Barricade - Hold Circle/B to create a large barrier
  • Rally Barricade - Hold Circle/B to create a small barrier that allows the player to peek over while aiming down sights. Instantly reloads weapon when you take cover.

Destiny 2 Titan Class Movement Modes:

  • High Lift - Jumping while airborne activates Lift, launching you higher into the air.
  • Strafe Lift - Jumping while airborne activates Lift, launching you into the air with strong directional control.
  • Catapult Lift - Jumping while airborne activates Lift, launching you into the air with a strong initial burst of momentum.

Destiny 2 Titan Sentinel Super, Abilities, Skills, Grenades

Featured in the Destiny 2 Beta, we now know numerous details about the Titan Sentinel. The Sentinel subclass has a shield ability not unlike Captain America, able to both batter enemies up close with a glowing purple shield, as well as throwing said shield around the vicinity, bounding it off walls and straight into enemies.

Destiny 2 Titan Sentinel Super Ability - Sentinel Shield

  • L1+R1/LB+RB - Summon a shield of Void Light.
  • R1/RB - Attack with shield.
  • L1/LB - Shield throw.
  • Hold L2/LT - Guard.

Destiny 2 Titan Sentinel Grenade Abilities:

  • Magnetic - Attaches to enemies and explodes twice.
  • Voidwall - Creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.
  • Suppressor - Explosive that prevents enemies from using abilities for a short time.

Destiny 2 Titan Sentinel Code of the Protector Perks:

  • Defensive Strike - Kill an enemy with this melee ability to create an overshield around you and nearby allies.
  • Rallying Force - Melee kills restore health for you and nearby friends.
  • Turn the Tide - Overshield from Defensive Strike lasts longer and increases melee damage and reload speed.
  • Ward of Dawn - When Super energy is full, hold L1/LB+R1/RB to create a shielding dome.

Destiny 2 Titan Sentinel Code of the Aggressor Perks:

  • Superior Arsenal - Grenade kills recharge your Grenade energy.
  • Shield Bash - After sprinting, use melee to unleash a Shield Bash that disorients enemies.
  • Second Shield - Gain an extra Shield Throw charge while Sentinel Shield is active.
  • In the Trenches - Kills while surrounded by enemies reduce the cooldown time of your Super.

Destiny 2 Titan Striker Super, Abilities, Skills, Grenades

Unlike the Sentinel subclass, we did have access to the Titan Striker subclass at preview events, so we've been able to go hands on with the subclass that feels a lot like the original Titan subclass from the first Destiny. The Titan has s similar ground slam Super.

Destiny 2 Titan Striker Super Ability - Fists of Havoc

  • L1/LB+R1/RB - Supercharge your fists and slam into the ground.

Destiny 2 Titan Striker Grenade Abilities:

  • Flashbang - An explosive that disorients enemies it damages.
  • Pulse - Periodically damages enemies inside the explosion radius.
  • Lightning - Sticks to any surface and emits bolts of lightning.

Destiny 2 Titan Striker Code of the Earthshaker Perks:

  • Aftershocks - Damaging enemies with a Seismic Strike recharges your grenade.
  • Magnitude - Gain an extra grenade charge and increase the duration of grenade effects.
  • Terminal Velocity - The Fists of Havoc Super leaves a damaging field behind, dealing more damage the longer it’s in the air.
  • Seismic Strike - While sprinting, use a melee attack to shoulder charge an enemy and create an Arc explosion.

Destiny 2 Titan Sunbreaker Super, Abilities, Grenades

As with the other Warlock and Hunter classes in Destiny 2, the Titan class is also retaining the subclass that it received through the Taken King DLC pack in the original Destiny.

Destiny 2 Titan Sunbreaker Super Ability - Hammer of Sol

  • L1/LB+R1/RB - Summons a flaming hammer, which you can repeatedly thrown at your enemies..

Destiny 2 Titan Striker Grenade Abilities:

  • Magnetic Grenade - Attaches to enemies and explodes twice.
  • Voidwall Grenade - Creates a horizontal wall of burning void light.
  • Supressor Grenade - Prevents enemies from using abilities for a short time.

Destiny 2 Titan Sunbreaker Code of the Fire-Forged Perks:

  • Hammer Strike - Use this melee ability while sprinting to unleash a burning hammer.
  • Tempered Metal - Any Solar ability kills grant you and nearby allies movement and reload bonuses.
  • Battle-Forged - Enemies killed by the Hammer of Sol Super Ability explode.
  • Vulcan's Rage - Hammers of Sol explode upon impact.

Destiny 2 Titan Sunbreaker Code of the Siegebreaker Perks:

  • Mortar Blast - When used, this melee ability causes enemies to explode, setting others on fire.
  • Sun Warrior - All Solar ability kills restore player health.
  • Rings of Fire - While standing in Sunspot, your Solar abilities charge faster and the Hammer of Sol lasts for longer.
  • Solar Siege - Hammer of Sol creates sunspots where the hammers strike, and you throw hammers faster while in the Sunspot.

So, how does each Titan subclass play? Not a whole lot differently from the original Destiny, honestly, as the Titan still has a very defensive subclass through the Striker's Towering Barricade and Rally Barricade abilities, while also having an offensive subclass through the Sentinel abilities.

We have a wealth of additional guides on Destiny 2, including how to complete the Inverted Spire Strike, as well as how to master the Warlock's Dawnblade subclass.

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We'll have more information on Destiny 2's Titan subclass and abilities soon.

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