Battlefield 5 Beta Date, Battlefield 5 Beta PS4, Xbox One, PC - How to Access the Battlefield V Beta

Here's when the Battlefield 5 beta ends, as well as how to get hold of a Battlefield 5 beta code on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Battlefield 5 beta has now drawn to a close as of Tuesday, September 11. In this Battlefield 5 beta guide, we'll still be going over the content that was included in the limited time beta for DICE's shooter.

But if you instead need anything else on the upcoming iteration of EA’s flagship shooter, you’ll want to head over to our Battlefield 5 everything we know guide. It’s in this page that you can find all the details you need to know on the final game, including the recently delayed release date, all the weapons and maps we know about so far, as well as details on future DLC for the game.

Battlefield 5 Beta Dates

There’s actually several Battlefield 5 beta start times around the world. While this Battlefield 5 beta is billed as an open beta, it will initially be limited to certain players. We've got all the Battlefield V beta start times just below.

Battlefield 5 Beta Pre-Order Start Times

Firstly, the Battlefield 5 beta will be available from September 4 for those who have pre-ordered the game, at the following worldwide times:

  • 1 am PT
  • 4 am ET
  • 9 am BST
  • 10 am CEST

This start time has now passed, so the BF5 beta is now live for everyone who has pre-ordered the game. Some early access Battlefield V beta codes are being given out on social channels, so you might also be able to gain access that way if you're lucky.

Battlefield 5 Beta (Everyone) Start Times

After a two-day exclusive period for BF5 pre-orderers, the Battlefield 5 beta will open up for all players. It’ll go live for everyone around the world at the following times on September 6:

  • 1 am PT
  • 4 am ET
  • 9 am BST
  • 10 am CEST

Battlefield 5 Beta End Date and Times

But when does the full Battlefield 5 open beta draw to a close? It’ll draw to a close on Tuesday, September 11, at the following times around the world:

  • 3 pm PT
  • 6 pm ET
  • 11 pm BST
  • 12 midnight CEST (Wednesday, September 12)

How to Download the Battlefield 5 Open Beta

If you’re looking to get a headstart on downloading the Battlefield 5 open beta ahead of it going live, then you’re in luck, for the client is already available to download. Simply hit up the Origin, PlayStation, or Xbox Store, and search for the ‘Battlefield 5 open beta.’ Hit the download button, and you can make sure you’re ready to roll ahead of the beta actually going live.

Battlefield 5 Beta PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Unlike the recent beta for CoD Black Ops 4, there is no exclusive period for a particular platform. The Battlefield 5 Beta runs for PS4, Xbox One, and PC simultaneously. The only exclusivity comes to those who have pre-ordered Battlefield 5, giving them two days early access on their platform of choice.

Battlefield 5 Open Beta Contents

Once the open beta commences for Battlefield 5, you’ll have access to two modes: Conquest and Grand Operations. However, you’ll only be able to play the first two days of the Grand Operations mode, which will last you two matches, instead of the full four days.

You’ll be able to play both these modes on two maps: Rotterdam and Arctic Fjord. Hence the reason for the Grand Operations mode only lasting two days in the open beta, or else you’d be playing the same two maps, twice.

We’ll be updating this Battlefield 5 Beta guide as soon as we’ve experienced the beta for ourselves, detailing the best weapons for each class and more.

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