Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Guide: How to Beat Daughters and Get the True Ending

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Guide: How to Beat Daughters and Get the True Ending

Take control of Zoe in the latest batch of Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC, and find out how to beat Daughters and get the True Ending with this walkthrough.

Resident Evil 7's second batch of Banned Footage DLC is headlined by Daughters, a tense sequence that explains the origin of the Molded Bakers.

You take control of Zoe as you attempt to avoid your mutated family and survive the night. Daughters also features two different endings that you can get based on how you progress through the episode. But avoiding your parents can be tough, and getting the True Ending somewhat opaque. Let us walk you through the entire Daughters scenario in this Resident Evil 7 guide, including how to get the True Ending.

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Daughters Walkthrough - Resident Evil 7 DLC Guide

Once you get control of Zoe, go into the dining room, where you'll need to wait for a scene to happen before you can progress. While you're waiting, watch Lucas unlock his phone and memorize the code: 1019. You'll need that number later. When you can leave the room, head to the Laundry Room and pick up the Change of Clothes on the washing machine. Enter the crawlspace beneath the house here and go to the end to find a Lock Pick before you climb out into the Pantry.

Go upstairs and unlock the drawer in the Bathroom with the Lock Pick to get the Small Component. Note that you don't need to do this if you're trying to get the Bad Ending, where you're better served using the Lock Pick on the drawer in the Pantry. Continue to the Kid's Room, but before you approach Eveline in her bed, use the Small Component on the nearby lamp to lower the ladder to the Attic. Input 1019 into the laptop up there to see Lucas reference a red toolbox full of his stuff on the Veranda. Make a note of this for later.

Approach Eveline to progress the story. Light your Lighter with the shoulder button and go downstairs and examine the unconscious Lucas on the Dining Room floor. Go to the upstairs Bathroom to investigate, then go downstairs to the Garage, pushing the button to open the door. Grab the Rope and go back to the upstairs Bathroom. Run away from Jack and duck into the Recreation Room. Use the Rope on the metal loop next to the door to bind the door and keep Jack from getting in. Go into the adjoining bedroom and get the Fork from a table inside, then use the Fork on the loose nails on the boarded-up window marked with a yellow splotch. Crawl out onto the Veranda and cross to the other side, where you can rip a metal sheet off of a window to crawl into.

Before you do, however, notice a bright red toolbox just out of reach by the window you just tore the metal sheet off of. Shimmy through a narrow passage to get to the red toolbox. Open it and grab the Dog Head Relief inside. Again, if you're going after the Bad Ending, you don't need to do this. Now enter the window and go into the now open door to the Main Hall, but as soon as you do, put out your lighter, or Marguerite might see. Here in the Main Hall, you now have to get by Marguerite to get to the end of the episode, which might take some patience. Your best bet is to wait for her to climb to the second floor, then jet to the door on the first that you wish to take. Here the episode converges into two different endings.

How to Get the Bad Ending in Daughters

For this ending, you don't need to have broken into Lucas's laptop and gotten the Dog Head Relief. Just unlock the double doors on the first floor of the Main Hall and Marguerite will give you a Car Key. From here, make your way back to the Garage, but be careful, as Jack is back to hunt you down. You may need to utilize the Laundry Room crawlspace to lose him. If you're still bumping into him, don't use the Lock Pick on the drawer in the Bathroom at the beginning. Instead, use it on the drawer in the Pantry to get you access to the Broken Glass Bottle, which will let you get away from Jack once if he catches you. Once you make it into the Garage, enter the car and watch the Bad Ending.

How to Get the True Ending in Daughters Resident Evil 7 DLC

In the Great Hall, use the Dog Head Relief on the corresponding door and enter the trailer in the Yard. Read the file on the table and examine the D-Series Head next to an unconscious Mia on the floor before coming face-to-face with Eveline. Now just sit back and watch the True Ending.

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