Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Guide: How to Escape the Bedroom

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Guide: How to Escape the Bedroom

As Clancy, you'll need to escape the Bedroom without arousing Marguerite's suspicions. Here's how you pull it off in this Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC walkthrough.

While the other two pieces of the first Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC are extreme, combat-heavy challenges, Bedroom is more cerebral and subtle. As the cameraman Clancy, you'll need to escape the Bedroom without alerting Marguerite to the fact that that's what you're doing. It's equal parts brain teaser and cannily covering your tracks. Here's how to pull it off.

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Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Guide - Breaking Out of the Bedroom

Pick up the Spoon in front of you and get free of your restraint. Pick up the Lantern hanging on the hook to the left. Go over to the dresser on the left side of the room and pick up the small vase on top of it. Look inside to get the Lighter. Go to the night stand on the right side of the bed and attempt to wind the small clock on it. One of the hands will fall off, getting you the Broken Clock Hand. Use the Broken Clock Hand on the grandfather clock by the door to open it and get the Untitled Painting A. Taking the painting will cause the clock to chime, which will alert Marguerite. Put everything back the way you found it and get back in bed.

After she leaves again, get out of bed again. Go to the right side of the room and get the Untitled Painting B. Now go to the back wall and pick up Untitled Painting C and arrange the paintings B, C, and A from left to right. The book in front of you will open and reveal a doll with a Sewing Needle in it. Put the paintings back to their original states (you don't need to do this with A since it was never visible in the first place).Take the needle and use it on the small clock you broke earlier. Wind it until you've set it to 5:00 to reveal a door beneath your bed. An alarm bell will sound that will attract Marguerite. Clean up after yourself and get back in bed, interacting with the small clock to reset the bed back on top of the locked hatch.

After she's left your second course, pick up the Fork and Stove before getting free again. Go to the locked room on the left and examine the combination lock. Enter in the symbols in the following order: Snake, Leaf, Fruit. The door will then open. Use the Fork on the boarded-up lower cabinet straight ahead and open it to get Solid Fuel. Combine the Solid Fuel with the Stove, then take the Stove over to where Untitled Painting B is. Take the painting and replace it with the Stove, then light the Stove with the Lighter to burn away the spiders, though this will alert Marguerite. Grab the Corkscrew from one of the bottles and reset everything before getting back to the bed.

Get out of bed again and use the Corkscrew on the cork in the lantern hook to get Lantern Hook A. Then go in the adjacent room and do the same thing with the hook in there to get Lantern Hook B. Combine them to get the Iron Statuette. Go back into the Bedroom and look behind the dresser you got the Lighter from to find a Knife taped to the wall. Grab it and use it to cut the tape off the projector.

Put the Lantern into the projector and use the Iron Statuette on the bigger of the two stands in front of the projector. Arrange it to match Medusa's hair to complete half of the puzzle. Then, use the Fork on the smaller stand and rotate it to make a snake head to finish the puzzle off, opening the cage with the Snake Key in it.

Grab the key just in time to hear Marguerite angrily bust into the Bedroom. Equip the Knife and enter to stab her in the neck, resisting her by mashing on the attack trigger until you do. Once she's down, quickly use the small clock to reveal the Snake Door and unlock it with the Snake Key. Drop into it and run down the corridor to escape the Bedroom.

Leave No Trace

A warning about escaping the Bedroom: You have to solve puzzles to escape the room, but you have to do so in a way that won't arouse suspicion when Marguerite comes to check on you. If she notices anything different about the room, she will attack you and do heavy damage. You don't have to worry about listening for footsteps or anything like that, as a timer will appear when Marguerite is on her way, letting you quickly clean up after yourself. This is a list for resetting the room to its initial state:

  • You need to be back in bed when Marguerite enters. This is where you should end up after all other preparations are complete.
  • Hang the Lantern back on the hook where you found it. Once she leaves the room again, you're going to need to pick it up again to be able to do anything, so keep this one in mind, because you're going to need to do it each and every time.
  • The dresser on the left-hand side of the room has two drawers you can open, one of which is stuck and requires you to examine it twice to open it. Don't do it, as the drawer will break once you open it, preventing you from closing it again. There's nothing in either drawer, so don't even bother messing with them.
  • The circular painting above the book on the far wall, Untitled Painting C, is initially in the leftmost spot. You'll be arranging three paintings here multiple times, so you'll want to make sure that you take both Untitled Painting A and B down, and hang C back up in the leftmost spot.
  • Make sure the door to the grandfather clock by the door is closed, as she'll notice right away if it's open.
  • The wall with spiders and two bottles to the right of the bed was initially covered by Untitled Painting B. When Marguerite is about to come, put Untitled Painting B back here where you found it. Make sure it's Untitled Painting B you're putting back and not a different one, as she will notice. Untitled Painting B is the one with four white birds on it.
  • Once you unlock the door to the adjacent room, make sure it's closed before getting back in bed.
  • Finally, if she catches you, she'll restrain your wrist again, only this time securing it with a screw. To get free, use the Spoon you unscrew the shackle and get free.

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