Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: How to Beat Mutated Marguerite Boss Fight

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: How to Beat Mutated Marguerite Boss Fight

Marguerite is back once again for the next section of our walkthrough for Resident Evil 7. Defeat Marguerite with this Resident Evil 7 guide.

After making your way through the Old House in Resident Evil 7, it's time to follow our guide to beating mutated Marguerite in what's arguably one of the tougher boss battles in the game. Read on for our strategy of making it through this fight and getting your hands on her lantern.

If you're looking for a previous encounter with Marguerite, check out how to avoid meeting her and get the all-important flamethrower. Head back to the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough index if you want to see the full Resident Evil 7 guide.

As you come out of the tunnel that you followed Marguerite through, you'll find yourself in the Greenhouse. Before proceeding, we advise going South and unlocking the gate – this will allow you to return to the save room trailer in the yard, so you can use the item box, save and whatever else you want to do to prepare yourself for the upcoming encounter. Given you may also have a few extra Antique Coins by this point too, you might also want to consider purchasing another upgrade. When you're ready to continue, head up the main steps that lead to the 2F of the Old House – making sure to grab the Treasure Photo hiding out on the left as you do.

When you enter the Greenhouse, you should see a hole right in front of you, but rather than dropping down it, make a right and pick up the consumables you should find there – we found a Separating Agent, two Herbs and some Solid Fuel. When you've got them, feel free to explore the ground floor area for any more consumables that you may find useful – including a breakable box in the corner, a sofa at the end of the corridor and in another spider covered locker (use the Burner to get rid of the arachnids) in the far right corner, some Chems inside.

Defeating Mutated Marguerite in Resident Evil 7

Once you're completely ready, start making your way up the stairs. As you approach the first window, the Mutated Marguerite will burst through, pinning you to the ground. As the prompts tell you, shoot her a few times until she retreats, then the boss fight begins proper.

During the fight, the Mutated Marguerite will move around the entire building, often on all fours or crawling up the walls, and either try and attack you or lay a nest of insects. Her weak point is the hive-like growth on her lower abdomen, so try and aim your shots there. After she takes some damage, she'll usually flee and appear somewhere else, so keep up the pressure.

If you hear a disturbing gurgling noise, then chances are she's laying a nest. If she's left alone long enough to do so, she'll have a swarm of insects helping her during the battle, so it's in your best interests at this point to shoot her in her weak point before she finishes. However, if she does manage to lay one you can dispatch it using the Burner to cut through the swarm, destroy the nest and damage her into the bargain too.

Much of the battle will carry on in this manner like a game of hide and seek – keep up the pressure and don't forget to take the opportunity to heal and reload during the moments she's hiding. If you run out of ammo, you should be able to find more of it dotted around the arena. Keep this up and eventually she'll start convulsing and go down – once she solidifies and turns to dust that signals the end of the battle, leaving only the lantern behind.

Pick it up and head to the ground floor of the Greenhouse, head towards the eastern side of the house, and near the south some of the wall will rot away, giving you a clear path to depart from the alternate entrance of the house. Head back to the trailer to save and manage your inventory if you need to, then head back to the front door of the Old House and use the Crow Key as you head back to the Altar and the set of scales from earlier. Use the Lantern on the scales and unlock the Detention Room, where you can get your hands on the rocket launcher.

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