Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Boat House and Beating the Mutated Jack Boss Fight

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Boat House and Beating the Mutated Jack Boss Fight

Get the crank, cross the bridge, and defeat the Jack boss with the help of this Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough.

Having defeated Lucas and got out of the the barn area and Party Room with D-Series Head in hand, it seems you can finally make the serum and rescue Mia and Zoe. Of course this being a Resident Evil game, it's not quite as simple as that – you've got a tough boss battle to face and a crucial choice to make. In this Resident Evil 7 guide we'll help you beat the mutated Jack Boss and more.

We'll get to that presently, but all previous choices have so far been summarised in our central Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide.

Resident Evil 7 Boat House Walkthrough

After being sure to save and organise your inventory, exit the Control Room when you're ready to continue and use the crank on the mechanism as soon as you exit through the second door. Cross the bridge you just raised, and head down the walkway in front of you. At the fork, make a right and enter the outhouse to find some consumables – we found Burner Fuel and a Chem Fluid inside the crates – and take a peek under the netting on the ground to find another Mr Everywhere bobblehead.

Head to the mechanism nearby and use the Crank once more to raise a bridge opposite. Here you'll find more ammo – some in the crate and some MAG Ammo hidden on the left, then head back to the fork to cross the new bridge you just raised. As you do so, more Molded will jump out of the water to attack. However, if you're fast and keep your cool you can sprint past them and run into the Boat House building itself, where the first room is a safe room that will destroy the enemies as soon as you enter.

Grab all the loot you find in this room – use the Item Box to store anything you don't need, including the Crank which you won't need again from this point forward – but make sure you have the D-Series Head and the D-Series Arm in your inventory. You've got a boss fight coming up, so make sure you're tooled up and ready and feel free to save here – this is also the last chance to save before a crucial decision that will determine the ending of the game.

When you're ready, head upstairs to find Mia and Zoe tied up as you saw earlier on the television screen. Approach each of them in turn to free them from their binds and trigger a short scene. When prompted, hand over the serum ingredients, and you'll be (quite literally) thrown into a boss battle with Mutated Jack.

How to Defeat the Mutated Jack boss in Resident Evil 7

Jack's gotten big, and scary – but as bosses go, he's relatively straightforward to beat. As is tradition with Resident Evil bosses, his weak point is his big orange eyes glowing all over his body – so your aim is to shoot them all – we recommend using the shotgun from close range and the Grenade Launcher from a distance. Start with the nearest, most obvious ones to begin with, then drop down to the floor below to get any others.

We found a good tactic was to move floors, shoot it from far away, get another shot in as Jack climbs up and then move to the other floor. There's a ladder up to the side if you need to use it to change floors, but be aware Jack can swipe you while you're climbing up it, so pick your moment wisely. Jack also has a habit of telegraphing his moves pretty obviously, so that should be your clue when to block – also if you're in a pinch there's some consumables dotted about in the corners of the arena, so don't hesitate to grab them if you're in a bind.

If you can't see any more eyes but Jack is still going, chances are you're missing the ones on his underbelly. If that's the case, lure him to the upper floor, while you head down to the lower one and look up – as he moves, you should see them and be able to get a good clear shot on them. Eventually, once he's had enough, he'll drop to the floor and convulse and the door out of the arena will open. Attempt to leave, and there'll be a brief cutscene – follow the prompt on screen to put Jack down once and for all, then collect any goodies left lying around the arena before leaving through the door.

Head down to the end of the pier, and towards Mia and Zoe. Here you'll have a choice to make, and your decision affects both the ending and one particular fight in the game which can be avoided entirely if you pick Mia - we'll get to that when we come to it. For now, make your choice and watch the scene that unfurls, which will lead into our next area, the Wrecked Ship.

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