Resident Evil 7 Demo: How to Get and Use the Dirty Coin, All Demo Endings

Resident Evil 7 Demo: How to Get and Use the Dirty Coin, All Demo Endings

Here's how to solve the convoluted puzzles in the Resident Evil 7 playable teaser Beginning Hour, get the Dirty Coin, and how to use it. How to get all the endings in the Resident Evil 7 demo.

Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour features incredibly convoluted and opaque mysteries wrapped within each other, and solving them all gets you an item called the Dirty Coin, which carries over into Resident Evil 7 proper.

The following Resident Evil 7 guide reveals how you can get the Dirty Coin. Once you've finally got that in your possession, you can fire up our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and find out how to use it in the game, along with the other antique coins. We'll also cover how to get all the Resident Evil 7 demo endings.

Getting all the Resident Evil 7 Demo Endings

As soon as you start the demo, go to the fireplace in the room you start in and find the chain inside to open a crawlspace. Grab the Fuse you find in the corner. Go back into the room and use the Fuse in the breaker box. Go out into the hallway and go into the moldy door on the right. Keep going until you see a stand on the right with drawers. Open the drawer to find a Blank Notebook.

Go to the hallway and find the stairs on the way to the kitchen. At the base of the stairs, there's another table with drawers. Search it to find a Dummy's Finger. Head up the stairs and push the button that says “stairs” on it to lower some stairs to the attic. Go up the stairs and continue down the hallway and enter the first door on the right. In that room, stay to the left of the room and look on the floor by the bed to find the Basement Key. Then look behind the pile of TVs to find an Object Made of Celluloid. Go into your inventory and combine the Object Made of Celluloid and the Dummy's Finger to create the Dummy's Left Hand.

Head back to the moldy door on the first floor and enter it. At the end of this corridor on the left, you'll find a gate. Use the Basement Key to open this gate and descend to the basement. Once down the stairs, head right towards the white door. Enter the room, then head right. Turn around back towards the door you came in to find Jack Baker blocking it as a monster drops in from the ceiling. Turn around and turn right to go into the room with shelves. Go to the back of the room to find a doll on a shelf. Next to it is the Attic Window Key, which you should grab. Attempt to escape through the morgue room without getting hit by the monster. If you are, you'll get infected before you can complete the demo and the game will end. If the monster notices you, pick up a nearby body bag and kick it into the monster to knock it down so you can escape. If it keeps hunting you as you go into the room with the shelves and use the shelves to lure the monster deeper into the room to create an opening to make a break for the exit. Kick down the door until it opens and you escape.

Go back to the attic room where you got the Basement Key and look at the wall to the right of the pile of TVs. Interact with it to learn about five murders, which will trigger a child giggling. Go back down the stairs to the first floor and look at the fallen bookcase at the foot of them. Go into your inventory and examine the Dummy's Left Hand. Rotate it so that the finger is pointing to the bookcase to trigger a disturbing noise and text in the Blank Notebook.

Return to the attic and head to the end of the hallway where there's a boarded-up door. You should hear another giggle. Go back to the basement to the room where you faced the monster. It shouldn't be there now. Look for a body bag on a gurney directly in front of you. Point at it with the Dummy's Left Hand to trigger another disturbing sound and more text in the notebook.

On the wall to the right of the basement stairs is a machine with a Lock Pick on it, which you need to grab. Go upstairs and head to the kitchen and find the locked drawer on the left side. Use the Lock Pick here and grab the Axe inside. You should also get the Bolt Cutters and Derelict House Footage VHS tape here. Go to the first floor stairs and climb halfway up to a painting of a woman. Hit the painting with the Axe to trigger another giggle. Go down again and into the alcove beneath the stairs where there is a boarded-up door. Point the Dummy's Left Hand at the door to trigger more noise and text in the notebook.

Step back into the hallway and do a 180 spin maneuver with the left thumbstick and B/Circle to trigger more giggling. Go back to the attic and look at the rafter in the bedroom with the ladder in the window. You'll see a blue and white wire that cross up there. Point the Dummy's Left Hand at where the wires cross to trigger more noise and text.

Go back to the room where you started the demo and watch the tape on the TV there. While you're playing through the past, take the lid off the pot of soup in the kitchen. After the tape is done, go back to the basement to the room where you found the Attic Window Key. There will be a doll on the floor that wasn't there before. Crouch next to it to trigger a giggle. Go to the kitchen and point the Dummy's Left Hand at the soup on the counter to trigger the final noise and text.

Walk back to the attic room with the ladder leading to the window and turn right to see a door covered in bloody smears and handprints. Enter to find a rocking chair with a message on it. Read the message and grab the Dirty Coin. Then escape through the window at the top of the ladder using the Attic Window Key.

The Dirty Coin will appear in Resident Evil 7 proper if you've done all this in Beginning Hour and functions as an extra Antique Coin that you can use to purchase upgrades at bird cages. If you want an even more robust challenge, you can replay the whole game and get a completely different set of Antique Coin locations in Madhouse mode.

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