Resident Evil 7 - End of Zoe DLC Guide and Walkthrough - How to Beat Mutated Jack

Resident Evil 7 - End of Zoe DLC Guide and Walkthrough - How to Beat Mutated Jack

A full guide and walkthrough of the Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC, released for Resident Evil 7 Season Pass owners and as premium DLC.

In this Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC Walkthrough and Guide we’ll help you find the medicine Zoe needs, and survive as the bearded Joe Baker. The DLC ends with a face off against Jack Baker, and we’ll make sure you have all the info you need to beat Jack and complete the End of Zoe Resident Evil 7 DLC.

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Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC Guide

In this guide to the Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC we’ll run down how to access the DLC, and how to save Zoe, including how to defeat the final mutated Jack boss.

How to Download the End of Zoe Resident Evil 7 DLC

To access the Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC you’ll either need to buy the DLC or buy/have bought the Resident Evil 7 season pass. Once bought from the store you’ll be able to download it and then access it from the Extra Content menu from the Resident Evil 7 main menu.

End of Zoe DLC Combat, Strength and Health

While you do get guns in the Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC, the character Joe is very hand with his fists - so much so that he can take out most the foes in the DLC with his hands. Sneak up behind a monster and you can even perform an instant kill.

Throughout the End of Zoe DLC you can collect effigies to boost your attack power. Blocking your progress at numerous points are wooden crosses painted yellow. Once you have defeated all enemies in an area you can smash through these barriers (once again with your bare hands) and continue on your way. Eating grubs will also replenish Jack’s health! Grubs can be found in tree bark, so keep an eye open for interaction prompts.

Zoe’s Medicine

The goal in the End of Zoe DLC for Resident Evil 7 is to find medicine and give it to Zoe. The first medicine is found pretty early on and follows a brief linear journey to a fallen soldier who is carrying a syringe.

After you’ve given Zoe the medicine you’ll the cabin will come under attack. Pick her up and take her to the boat. You’ll escape and start the next chapter of the End of Zoe DLC.

Carry Zoe through the swamp and into the cabin. Now Joe must head out into the base to find more medicine. Again, what follows is a lot of punching enemies or sneaking up behind them and insta-killing them. Joe is pretty robust, but make sure you replenish health with grubs and first-aid liquid when you can. Look out for shotgun ammo and wooden spears you can throw into enemies.

When in swamp water you’ll come up against gators. These are very dangerous but can be downed fair easily with a well-thrown wooden spear. Once you reach the save room, head up the ladders on the outside and you’ll eventually head into the decrepit boat. There are loads of enemies on here, but they are fairly easy to stealth kill. Head down to the lower levels of the boat and smash through any yellow barriers you come across.

Eventually you’ll reach a room with a synthesizing machine. Climb up onto the metal platform and use the machine. Once you grab the medicine you’ll be attacked and find yourself in another part of the boat.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC Sub Boss

The sub boss fight in the End of Zoe DLC doesn’t require an special technique. As with most of what Joe does, to defeat this ugly looking beast you just need to repeatedly smash it with your fists. Keep moving around the monster and perform the finishing moves when prompted. On the second finishing move you should rip the monster's head off.

More Medicine for Zoe

With the beast killed, head back to the cabin in which you left Zoe. Just as you’re about to inject her she is taken by another mutated beast. Hop into the boat and chase after her. Once docked, head up the path (collect grubs from trees as you go). A save point can be found in the small wooden shed to the right, but you’ve got to make your way across the swamp waters. Use spears to take out gators and collect new spears as you go.

Head to the larger cabin structure (you can climb up using one of the yellow ladders). Look around for all the yellow doors and crates, picking up spears and bombs as the will come in handy later. Make your way to the closed wooden door that leads into the woods and smash through it. A save point can be found in the small shed to the left.

Graveyard and Finding Jack

Follow the path up to the graveyard. There are plenty of enemies in here, but also a lot of items to pick up. Grab what you can to make sure you’re stocked up. Take out the enemies and then smash through the gate. You’ll reach Zoe, but you your reunion is halted by the appearance of mutated Jack.

Once you’ve been sent on your way in a coffin and woken on a muddy shoreline, head back up the path until you find a bionic arm. This makes Joe even stronger and lets him take down enemies in just a few hits - less if fully charged. Work your way through the house, taking out enemies as you go. Go through the double doors, and then through the metal gate. Use the following area to take stock and make sure you’re tooled up for the fight to come.

Fight With Mutated Jack - End of Zoe DLC Guide

The final part of the End of Zoe DLC sees Joe go face to face with the mutated version of his brother, Jack. Mutated Jack is a tough foe, but as with what came before, Joe just needs to unleash all he’s got. Repeatedly use your charged up power arm to punch Jack, and throw spears and bombs into him. Try to avoid Jack’s attacks as much as possible and replenish health if you’re low. With a sustained period of attacking (less than two minutes) you’ll defeat Jack and be able to save Zoe.

Well done, you’ve finished the End of Zoe Resident Evil 7 DLC. Elsewhere we've got a complete walkthrough of the Not a Hero DLC.

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