Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Exploring the Wrecked Ship and Finding the Fuse

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Exploring the Wrecked Ship and Finding the Fuse

Get some more Antique coins, find the fuse, and play the next videotape in this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide.

After defeating the latest super-Baker in the Mutated Jack boss fight and making a crucial decision, you're now playing as Ethan's wife Mia for the next section. In a role reversal, your goal now is to find and free Ethan and discover more about what happened before the events of Resident Evil 7. In this Resident Evil 7 guide we'll help you find the fuse on the wrecked ship.

If you've missed anything so far you can find it on the Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and tips hub.

Resident Evil 7 Wrecked Ship Walkthrough

Back to the ship: waking up as Mia, walk ahead until you come across Ethan's body. Interact with it and after he's snatched away, head left and climb the red girders to the steps and up through the door to enter the ship.

Follow this linear corridor around and take the steps up, finding yourself in Wrecked Ship S1. There's a couple of Antique Coins in this area that are potentially missable, but we'll flag them up as we go along (if you've missed any so far, check out the complete list of Antique Coin locations in Resident Evil 7). In the next room, you'll experience a cutscene after which you should be able to access the hatch on the floor in the south. Do so, and drop down into the vent – you'll come across a fork at which you should head right and pick up the Antique Coin it leads you to at the end. Return to the fork and head the other way to drop down into Wrecked Ship S2.

Turn the corner and enter the next room for a few points of interest, including the Crew Register file. After you've read it, head back out – there's an empty bathroom ahead and the corridor at the end leads outside. You can check the picture on the wall to fill in a bit of backstory – it's not counted as a file, so don't worry too much about missing this – then carry on up the steps to get another cutscene.

Keep going, and use the ladder ahead to find yourself back in Wrecked Ship S1. Drop down into the pool of water and investigate the left side to find another Antique Coin before exiting the pool via the short yellow ladder. Another cutscene will kick in at the top of the stairs, follow Eveline as she escapes through a door and closes it in front of you. We want to be following her, but as you'll notice the door she's closed is missing a fuse, so we're going on a hunt.

Finding the Fuse in the Wrecked Ship in Resident Evil 7

This scene will also unleash some Molded into the ship who will now be lurking around – but as you're not armed at this point you want to avoid them as best you can. Check your map – the Molded are patrolling the south and east side. Instead, head to the door east of the steps and rummage through the bins and drawers for resources, such as Chem Fluid and some Machine Gun Ammo in the washing machines. Venturing so far south will cause a Molded to drop from the ceiling, so quickly sprint past and grab the General Purpose Fuse from the wall before getting out of that room. Try to close the door behind you – the Molded won't follow you if you do.

Fuse in hand, carefully return to the door you saw Eveline go through, and use it on the box next to the door. Proceed through the door, and take the steps up two flights until you reach the 3F. Head through the door and carry on until you reach a room with Evelyn sitting in a chair in front of a television and an Old Videotape on the side. Do as Eveline says and put the Old Videotape in the player to start the final VHS segment of the game.

If you missed the previous VHS tapes, you can find out how to find and complete them in our Mia videotape guide and Happy Birthday videotape guide. You can find how to get through the first Sewer Gators tape in the opening Guest House section of our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

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