Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough - Fixing the Ship’s Elevator, Find the Captain’s Cabin Locker Key, Solve the Lounge Painting Puzzle

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough - Fixing the Ship’s Elevator, Find the Captain’s Cabin Locker Key, Solve the Lounge Painting Puzzle

Continue exploring the ship in the next section of our full Resident Evil 7 walkthrough. Use this guide to fix the ship's elevator, find the captain's cabin locker key, and solve the lounge painting puzzle.

After a jaunt to the past in Resident Evil 7's Old Videotape, you're now back in the present on the Wrecked Ship, but before you can rescue Ethan you've got an elevator to fix, a key to find and a painting-related puzzle to solve in the Lounge. In this Resident Evil 7 guide we'll give you a walkthrough to fix the ship's elevator, find the Captain's locker key, and solve the lounge painting puzzle.

If you're not up to speed with the guide so far, be sure to check the previous parts of this walkthrough in the Resident Evil 7.

After the short scene with Evelyn, feel free to save your game using the tape player in this room. Then head west down the corridor and take a look at the case on the floor to find the "Tattered Secret Document" file. Head through the door, and pull open the elevator doors in front of you before climbing the ladder and dropping through the hole to find yourself on the Bridge.

Make a beeline to the computer immediately in front of you, and interact with it to cycle through the cameras until you see Ethan. After another brush from Evelyn, head to the lockers on the north west of the Bridge to find Gunpowder before making your way to the South East door labelled Captain's Cabin.

In here is a Ship Map and a Lug Wrench on the desk, which you'll need so pick them up – sadly, you'll need a key to access the locker in here that holds your Machine Gun from the VHS, but we'll get to that in due course.

For now, make your way along the south wall to reach the far corridor – check the locker on the left as you go for a Herb – and turn the corner to reach the stairs. Make a mental note of the Mr Everywhere bobblehead just peeking out on the left behind the banister, you'll come back later to smash it when you have a weapon – but feel free to pick up the Remote Bomb halfway down for now.

Now head to the elevator to the south and interact with it to pry open the doors. Look down, and you'll see a hatch you can interact with. Use the Lug Wrench you got from the Captain's Cabin on it, and drop down into the elevator. Read the "Mechanics Memo" pinned to the wall to learn you're missing a Power Cable and a fuse, with a clue where to find the former.

From here looking out at the exit of the elevator, you can either climb up to the 2F or down to the 1F – choose the 2F this time and climb up to find yourself in the same area you explored during the Old Videotape, albeit with a few tweaks since that ill-fated night. Pick up the Combat Knife from the bench in front of you, then head west to the Guest Room – an enemy will likely appear to the north, but as soon as you enter the room they'll disappear – grab the Handgun Ammo just on the left and, if you didn't read them during the tape, read the "Orders" file on the desk. Finally, pick up the bottle of Corrosive on the floor. Feel free to save if you need, and then leave.

Where to find the Captain's Cabin Locker Key in Resident Evil 7

Head back the way you came – as you approach the corner, a Molded may spawn from the floor, so if you feel brave enough tackle it with the knife, otherwise retreating back to the safe room should destroy it. Then open the locked door to the south with a bottle of Corrosive – and you should find the Captain's Cabin Locker key in the desk along with a few other consumables including Remote Bombs in this room. Grab everything, and head back to the elevator, climb back up the ladder and drop down the hole to find yourself back on the Bridge. Some more enemies may show up here, but run past them back to the Captain's Cabin – closing the door behind you so they don't follow you. Use the key on the locker on here and finally retrieve the Machine Gun and the Remote Bomb.

Now you're finally properly armed, you can return to the Mr Everywhere bobblehead you noted earlier and shoot it – and the enemies if you need to – and then get back into the elevator from before. Return to the 2F, go clockwise around the corridor and head into the Dining Room, making sure to take care of the Molded that turns up in the corner. Crouch to fit through the passage to the south to nab some Machine Gun Ammo, and finally into the Break Room to the west for some Gunpowder in the wardrobe.

How to solve the Lounge Painting Puzzle on the Wrecked Ship in Resident Evil 7

Go through the door in the south and you'll find yourself in the Lounge – here you'll find several paintings on the wall, making up another puzzle. Your aim is to match the paintings on one side of the wall so that they match the ones on the wall opposite by rotating them. First, interact with the left painting until the pink area is in the upper left. Next up interact with the middle painting until the green area runs horizontal across the top, and finally spin the far right painting around until the road is on the bottom.

Do this successfully, and you'll hear an unlocking noise, and the safe in the middle of the room will unlock. Grab the three bottles of Corrosive inside, then head to the room in the north east of this floor. Climb the ladder until you find yourself in the Shaft room where you'll find a ton of goodies, including Remote Bombs, a Lockpick and, crucially, another Mr Everywhere bobblehead just opposite the ladder.

How to get the Ship's Elevator Working in Resident Evil 7

Now you want to head to the 3F to get that Power Cable. So head back into the elevator and climb up the ladder to go up a level. Head into the control room where you recorded your message for Ethan back during the videotape, and take care of the Molded on the floor by the door. Then scour the room for consumables – we found a Herb, some Chem Fluid and some Machine Gun ammo. Check out the south desk to find a locked case – open it up and another Antique Coin is yours.

Return to the door the Molded was guarding, and use another bottle of Corrosive on it to open it up. Proceed through the door and follow the corridor around, through the Shower Room and into the Sick Bay. Approach the machine at the other end of the room, and as you do a Fat Molded will spawn in behind you, so make sure to dispatch him before interacting with it – Remote Bombs are probably your most effective option here, as knocking him down gives you chance to retreat back into the Shower Room so you have more room to manoeuvre.

Once he's taken care of, return to the Sick Bay and check the corner for some Chem Fluids and a Remote Bomb at the dead end at the other side of the Sick Bay, then return to the machine and interact with both ends of the Power Cable to unscrew it and add it to your inventory. Power Cable in hand, it's time to go and get the Fuse from the 1F.

Rather than using the elevator, take the stairwell via the room where you watched the Old Videotape and go two floors down. Here, you'll come out in the north west corner, in the corridor where you first came on board this ship, but this time you've got a machine gun. Head anti-clockwise around the corridor, towards the Maintenance Room in the south west corner and enter it to use the safe room facilities, if you desire. You'll also find an MPH Handgun in the drawer, so feel free to take that too, if you wish.

Head along the bottom of the corridor and into the room south of the one that had the bunk beds in it, you'll find the "Giovanni's Will" file on the desk and, through the door, the "Jim's Letter" file on the bed in the corner.

Head to the Recreation Room in the north east corner, and open it with another bottle of Corrosive to obtain a Backpack to expand your inventory space along with another Corrosive, some Machine Gun Ammo, a Herb and two more Remote Bombs. Then head to the Laundry Room for some Chem Fluid and Machine Gun Ammo and another Molded to deal with. Finally, the Stockroom has some Gunpowder in a crate, and a Herb to nab. Once you've got any or all of this stuff, follow the corridor around until you reach the door you opened with the fuse earlier, and remove it once more before heading back to the elevator in the south.

Now you should have both the Power Cable and the Fuse in your inventory, so place them in their respective slots in the elevator to fix it. Be sure to make sure you have everything you want from elsewhere on the ship such as Antique Coins, Files and Mr Everywhere bobbleheads, because proceeding from here marks another point of no return. Once you're ready, press the button for the floor marked S2.

Once the elevator doors open, grab the Machine Gun Ammo on your left and head down the corridor. You'll be beset by a few Molded along the way – some will drop behind you, so be cautious as you go – dispatch them as you see fit, and there's also plenty of ammo to pick up along the way, so don't forget to pick it up as you need it. As you reach the room with the spiralling set of stairs, be aware that a Molded will spawn on the first corner, and then a Fat Molded will emerge at the top, so shoot the first one then use Remote Bombs and back up to take on the Fat one. Once he's dispatched, break the crate on the last corner for some more ammo, then go through the door.

Start following this next corridor along, but first open the nearby locked cupboard as it contains another Antique Coin, then head to the Cargo Bay at the end and use one more bottle of Corrosive to nab yourself a couple more Remote Bombs. Follow the corridor around until you reach the door to the engine room – go through to find Ethan and Evelyn, and a cutscene will take over.

What happens after this cutscene depends on the choice you made after the Mutated Jack boss fight, whether you chose to give the serum to either Mia or Zoe:

If you chose Zoe, once the cutscene is over, you will be back in control of Ethan. However, you will now have to fight Mia one more time. Luckily, it's pretty much as straightforward as your first fight with her with the axe back in the Guest House. Head to the south of the room, and pick up the Crowbar from the floor. Use that to block her attacks, and swipe at her – repeat this a couple of times, and she'll go down. Once you regain control, leave the room via the door in the east.

If you chose Mia, you won't have to do this fight at all, instead Mia will push you out of the room during the cutscene and seal the door in front of you, and you'll find yourself in control of Ethan standing outside of the room in the same place as you did had you fought her.

Regardless of your choice, the rest of this guide is the same for both paths, so after leaving the room, head down the corridor and through the next door, duck under the wire fence in the bottom left corner and through the door ahead of you to finally leave the ship and head into the Swamp and the Salt Mines.

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