Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Get Infinite Ammo, Unlock Madhouse Difficulty - All the Unlocks and Cheats

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Get Infinite Ammo, Unlock Madhouse Difficulty - All the Unlocks and Cheats

Here's how you unlock all the different post-game rewards in Resident Evil 7, including infinite ammo and Madhouse difficulty.

True to its Resident Evil pedigree, Resident Evil 7 comes with a ton of post-game content and rewards for those who want to put more time into the game, which includes new weapons, power-ups, and even game modes. For Resident Evil 7, though, how you unlock the different rewards is never truly spelled out and remain opaque even after you've earned them. This Resident Evil 7 guide details how to unlock the different rewards, and includes every reward and unlocking method we currently know. How to unlock Madhouse difficulty in Resident Evil 7, get the Albert-01R Handgun in Resident Evil 7, The Secrets of Defense, Infinite Ammo, X-Ray Glasses, Circular Saw, Fast Shoes.

How to Unlock Madhouse Difficulty in Resident Evil 7

First, beating the game on any difficulty for the first time (which you can do with ease, or at least some ease, by following our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough) will unlock Madhouse difficulty. This difficulty level ups the health and damage of enemies as you would expect, but autosaves are also fewer and saving at cassette recorders now require tapes for each save. Item locations are also remixed - Madhouse Antique coin locations are completely different from the main game - and resources are much harder to come by. But you also get an Albert-01R Handgun for completing the game for the first time, which is quite possibly the most powerful weapon in the game, though you only get a couple of shots with it.

Completing the game on Normal for the first time will net you a scroll called The Secrets of Defense, which increases the effectiveness of your guard action, though only if it's currently on your person and not in the Item Box. Naturally, using it takes up an inventory slot, so you'll need to plan accordingly.

How to get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 7

Completing the game on Madhouse will get you Infinite Ammo for all your weapons that use ammunition. Note that this doesn't apply to Chainsaw Fuel, which has its own infinite fuel reward to earn. Stay tuned for more information on Infinite Chainsaw Fuel when we know more.

If you beat the game only healing yourself three times or less, then you'll get the X-Ray Glasses, which let you see exactly where all the nearby items are similar to the effect of Psychostimulants. You need only have the X-Ray Glasses in your inventory for the benefit to be applied. Again, this means it will take up a slot in your inventory, so make sure you don't need the space for anything.

Completing the game in four hours or less will get you the Circular Saw, a powerful melee weapon. You also get some Fast Shoes for completing in under four hours, which increases Ethan's speed, making it possible to beat the game even faster. You can also get the Fast Shoes by destroying all the Mr. Everywhere Bobbleheads, which will also grant you the Mr Nowhere achievement.

Speaking of the Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads, they're also tied to another unlockable. You need to have all 20 destroyed to unlock the Essence of Defense, which act like the Secrets of Defense scroll but for attack instead of damage.

We also know that Infinite Chainsaw Fuel is something you can unlock, but the exact method still has yet to be determined. We'll update this guide as more information becomes available.

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