Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Guest House, Finding Your First Gun, and Mia Fight

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Guest House, Finding Your First Gun, and Mia Fight

Here's how to get through your initial visit to the Guest House in Resident Evil 7. A walkthrough covering the Mia Fight in Resident Evil 7.

You begin Resident Evil 7 outside of your car following a path to a creepy old house, which some may recognize as the house from the playable teaser Beginning Hour. This Resident Evil 7 guide will show you how to navigate the Guest House, defeat Mia, and make it to the Main House - if you want to skip ahead, refer back to the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

Resident Evil 7 Guest House Walkthrough

As soon as you're given control, start walking away from your car and follow the path until you get to a gate. From there, turn left and keep going until you see a van. Open the van and look at the flier, then continue down the path through the crude gates. Sift through the bag of ashes at the bottom of a ledge to find the Driver's License inside. Enter the Guest House on the left side.

Make your way through the house until you find some stairs to the second floor. Climb them and grab the Derelict House Footage tape on the table on the right next to the first save point. Go back downstairs to the Living Room and use the Derelict House Footage on the TV to start a flashback sequence. Playing as Clancy, walk backwards from where you start and look down to see a Lock Pick, which you should pick up. Enter the house and go to the locked drawer on the left side. Use the Lock Pick on it to open it. Continue following Peter through the rest of the tape.

Once the tape is over, go into the Kitchen and find the drawer you unlocked on the tape to get an Antique Coin. This is the first of many you'll be collecting - for the complete rundown, hit up our guide to finding all the antique coins in Resident Evil 7. Go to the Living Room fireplace and pull the chain in the upper right corner of it to open a secret passage. Descend the ladder and follow the crawlspace until you make it to a cell door. Examine a nearby table to find Bolt Cutters and the List of Names (Front) and List of Names (Back) Files. Use the Bolt Cutters on the cell door and talk to Mia. Follow Mia until you get to a room with a doll on the floor. Go back the way you came to find a new path up. Go up the stairs and find a Guest House Map in the corridor you emerge into. Enter the left door to find a bathroom, which has two First Aid Meds in it.

How to Beat Mia in Resident Evil 7

Examine the door at the end of the hall, then go back the way you came to get ambushed by Mia. Hit the right trigger button a bunch to fend her off, then look at her body. You'll then get an Axe, which you'll need to use to fend Mia off again. After dealing with her, pick up the Axe and exit through the previously locked door at the end of the hall.

Go back to the chained cabinet by the entry hall and use the Bolt Cutters on it. Inside is a Fuse, which you'll need to insert in a fuse box on the wall of the Living Room. From there, go towards the stairs and fend off Mia again. Pick up the Hand and climb the stairs. Push the button to lower the stairs to the Attic and climb them. The first door on the right has an M19 Handgun with some ammo, which you'll need very soon, as well as another First Aid Med. Continue down the hallway to the door at the end, which leads to a musty room with a ladder that goes up to a window. Before you approach, go into the next room to get some more ammo. Then try to climb the ladder, where Mia attacks you.

This time, Mia is brandishing a chainsaw, so keep your distance as you shoot her. Try for head shots, but just make sure you get as much damage in as possible. After 10-15 shots, she collapses. Attempt to leave and you'll trigger a cutscene that will lead you to the Main House. Read on for details on how to traverse the main hall within, and defeat Immortal Jack.

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