Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Guide to the Swamp, the Salt Mines and the Lab

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Guide to the Swamp, the Salt Mines and the Lab

Face off against the Molded as you finally get to the bottom of the Resident Evil 7's story. Use this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough to get through the swamp.

We're nearing the end of Resident Evil 7 now, and your end goal – kill Evelyn – is in sight. But before we get to her, we have to go through a couple more areas first. This Resident Evil 7 guide will walkthrough the Swamp and a set of Salt Mines filled to the brim with Molded.

In case you've not been following along so far be sure to read the previous page of this guide, which covers fixing the Ship's Elevator, finding the Captain's Cabin Locker Key and solving the Lounge Painting Puzzle.

If you're missing anything, or running low on Antique Coins, head over to the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough page for a complete list of everything you need to do in the game.

Where to go in The Swamp in Resident Evil 7 - Swamp Walkthrough

Immediately upon leaving the ship, drop down into the mud in front of you and start making your way forward through the swamp and over a few logs, keeping an eye out for some potential Flame Rounds on the right hand side. Eventually, you'll go under an outhouse and come to a ladder leading you up and out of the water. Once you're up head around the corner and check the photo on the side and the book nearby. Also check out the broken wall just above where you entered for another Mr Everywhere bobblehead.

Interact with the radio on the table for some brief exposition, then enter the safe room adjacent for absolutely loads of goodies. Most obvious is the Grenade Launcher on the desk – make sure to grab that – and the birdcages from the trailer with their bonuses inside if you didn't already open them from the trailer safe room. Open the nearby item box to get all your stuff plus everything you collected while you were Mia, including the Machine Gun and any Antique Coins you may have collected from the Wrecked Ship – and if you've enough use them to open those birdcages and collect your prizes. You won't get another chance after this point.

Once you're all sorted and you've saved your game leave the cabin and check on the left hand side, underneath the window where the Mr Everywhere bobblehead was hiding, for some more consumables, as well as in the cart in front. Follow the linear path around until you reach a lift guarded by four more Molded. If you don't feel like fighting, retreating back to the safe house should make them disappear.

Head back to the lift, and have a hunt around for some consumables found around the lift including a Herb, some ammo and Chem Fluid – but be aware more Molded will appear from the direction of the hut. Decide if you want to dispatch them or avoid them, but either way press the button on the right of the lift to open it so you can get in and activate it to head down to the Salt Mines.

Where to go in the Salt Mines in Resident Evil 7

At the bottom, head out of the lift straight ahead and be aware of the Molded that drops down at the end of this passage in front of the gate. Dispatch him carefully, because the tripmines from Lucas' hideout are back – and yes, this includes the booby-trapped crates. The first mine is on the gate the Molded dropped in front of – shoot it or duck under it, and watch out for more Molded appearing from the right. There's more mines around the central pillar – you might choose to lure some of the Molded into them to conserve ammo or you can just shoot the mines to detonate them yourself.

Follow the passage along until you reach a a T-junction of sorts. Straight ahead and left are dead ends, but they do contain some consumables – we found Remote Bombs in one and MAG rounds in the other – but be wary of more enemies spawning behind you as you go down the path on the right – you may find it useful to drop a Remote Bomb behind you as you go.

Following on from the right passage, you should come across a minecart track, with two more Molded following you from where you came. A little further along you should find a minecart, head around to the other side and interact with it to push it down the hill and destroy the barrier ahead. Follow the cart along and head down the left passage to a wider area with a set of stairs and a walkway. Before you head up the stairs, follow the track along and look up to spot another Mr Everywhere bobblehead at the end of the far walkway.

Exploring The Lab in Resident Evil 7

Head back to the first walkway and make your way up the stairs – keeping an eye out to either destroy or avoid the tripmine halfway up – and head into the room at the top. There should be an "Email Log" on the laptop, some Herbs on the table and another Steroids permanent health upgrade under the other side of the bath. Nab these, and head into the lab next door.

Towards the centre of the room there should be a large briefcase. Investigate it, and read the lid to obtain the "E-Necrotoxin Document" file, then follow the prompts by using the Tissue Samples in your inventory to obtain the E-Necrotoxin itself. Once you've got that, there's a load of files to collect around the room for both collecting purposes and to fill out the story – there's an "Infection Report" back where you first entered the room, and an "R and D Report [1 of 2]" and "[2 of 2]" just behind and right of the E-Necrotoxin creation case – be sure to read and examine all three for them to be logged.

Head into the next room for another save point and item box, as well as a few more consumables that will come in very handy for the next segment – in fact, we'd say it's probably the toughest portion of the game, so make sure you're well tooled up with weapons and health items before you continue. Once you're ready head out of this room and head immediately left, down the stairs to another hallway. Take an immediate left as soon as you can and go through the door at the end of this passage to find yourself in a flooded chamber with some eerie humming.

Carry on, through the collapsed part of the tunnel and you'll come out in a cavern with black mold dripping from the ceiling. Pressing on will cause Evelyn to make an exclamation before she sends a huge wave of Molded at you. Press on as best you can, fighting your way through the Molded. The enemies will keep coming as you keep climbing up, but they are finite. It's your choice whether you fight or run, but be aware that you will more than likely have to kill a few to clear a safe path through. As you climb you'll also pass some alcoves containing resources. There's no essential collectibles, so don't worry if you miss anything, but if you're running low on ammo feel free to grab it as you go.

Eventually, you'll reach a set of metal stairs that are broken in the middle, drop through there and you're safe from the hordes chasing behind you. However, don't let your guard down just yet, because the next large open area has two Fat Molded patrolling it. Your aim is the ladder at the far end – but don't forget to pick up the Med Kit laying on the rock to the right if you need it. There's not a huge difference between fighting two Fat Molded and one of them – just keep your distance and we advise using explosive ordinance – namely your Remote Bombs and Grenade Launcher – and try to avoid their streams of vomit. Luckily the arena gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre, so hopefully you won't find it too tricky. Once they're taken care of, climb the ladder, follow the tunnel along until you come to a crack on the wall on the right – slide yourself through and use the cassette recorder on the other side to save your game for the final time. Push through the boards at the end, and prepare yourself for the final boss fight.

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