Resident Evil 7: Happy Birthday Videotape guide - Clean the Telescope and Light the Candles

Resident Evil 7: Happy Birthday Videotape guide - Clean the Telescope and Light the Candles

How to find all the candles and the telescope in this unique and puzzling videotape sequence in Resident Evil 7.

The third of Resident Evil 7's optional VHS tape missions puts you once again in the shoes of hapless Sewer Gators cameraman Clancy Jarvis. You'll have to escape Lucas' devious trap in order to make it through this tape successfully, and doing so will prove very useful later on as Ethan, so read this Resident Evil 7 Happy Birthday Videotape guide to find out how to solve this escape-room-like puzzle.

For the previous part of this walkthrough, take a look at our guide to completing the Kids and Master bedrooms and getting the keycards. For other advice, visit our complete Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

Once you regain control, you'll find yourself in a dark room. Immediately spin around to find a lit candle held by a creepy clown model. Pick it up, turn back around and then head into the next room, and then through the doorway immediately to your right. As you walk through, you'll be doused with water and the lights will come on, and your challenge will be presented to you. You have to put the lit candle on the birthday cake in front of you. However, the water dousing you and the candle whenever you enter this room obviously makes that trickier than it first sounds.

Cleaning the Dirty Telescope in Resident Evil 7's Happy Birthday VHS

Head back to the clown where you picked up the candle from, and just off to the side you should see a toilet. Flush it, and then interact with the water to retrieve a "Dirty Telescope" from within. What you want to do next is use the telescope to look through it, and then while doing so walk through the doorway that douses you with water in order to clean the lens and allow you to see through it.

Newly cleaned telescope in hand, exit this room once more back to the central area and use the telescope to look at the television screens, this will reveal three symbols – a swinging child, a crow on a rock and a fetus. Head back into the birthday cake room and take a right, you should see a white box with a bow crudely drawn on the front and a padlock. Interact with the lock and input those three symbols from the screens into the lock to open it and you'll retrieve the Straw Doll from inside the box.

Take this back to the central room, and interact with the oven to turn on the hob. Use the Straw Doll on the hob to burn it up and you'll receive a Dummy Finger (a previous star of Resi's Beginning Hour demo) in return. Next use the candle in your inventory on the lit hob, and take the now lit candle over to the door near the television screens – look at the handle to see a bit of rope tied around the door. Use the lit candle on the door to burn the rope and open this door.

In here is a room filled with balloons – feel free to crouch around with the lit candle out to pop them if you like, but what you're actually looking for is a Deflated Balloon hidden somewhere amongst them – usually just next to the side table at the end opposite the door. Pick it up, and take it back to the central room.

How to Light the Birthday Cake Candles in Resident Evil 7's Happy Birthday VHS

Just to the west, you should see an exposed gas pipe with gas leaking out of it. Head on over and use the deflated balloon on the gas pipe, and watch the subsequent painful-looking scene unfold. This will give you the Quill Pen. Finally, return to the room with the birthday cake and head on over to the barrel on the other side of the room, and get the Winding Key from the front of it.

Now you have everything in hand to go interact with the creepy Clown robot-thing, so return to him and place the Dummy Finger on his arm, the Quill Pen in his hand and finally use the Winding Key on the hole in his chest. After another short and painful scene, you'll now have the word "Loser" carved into your arm.

Head back into the balloon-filled corridor, and interact with the lock on the door. If you hadn't guessed already, you've got to put the password "Loser" into the mechanism to unlock the door – head on inside and grab the Valve Handle from off the wall. Finally, return to the birthday cake room and immediately turn left as you enter to find the pipe which you need to interact with the Valve Handle to turn off the water that usually douses you upon entering this room.

Finally, go back to the oven in the main room and re-light your candle on the hub. Take the lit candle to the cake and enjoy the subsequent scene as you successfully complete this puzzle and finish the videotape. Next up: the Testing Area and the Barn.

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