Resident Evil 7 Guide: All 33 Antique Coins in Madhouse Mode Locations - Find All Coins in Madhouse Mode

Resident Evil 7 Guide: All 33 Antique Coins in Madhouse Mode Locations - Find All Coins in Madhouse Mode

Here's where to find the 33 new locations for the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty mode in Resident Evil 7. All coin Madhouse locations.

The Antique Coins in Resident Evil 7 can be spent on upgrades or a powerful gun in Normal or Easy mode, but Madhouse difficulty switches everything up, including item locations and how upgrades work. One of the biggest changes is nearly doubling the amount of Antique Coins you can find.But you'll still need to track the coins down again, as most of them are in different locations than in Normal and Easy. This Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Antique Coin Guide lists every Madhouse Antique Coin Location in Resident Evil 7.

Ordinarily, you could spend Antique Coins on three different bird cages to increase your maximum health, improve your gun handling, or gain access to the powerful Magnum. In Madhouse, though, you'll find more bird cages more often, some of which have important items that you'd normally need to find exploring in the game in other modes. One of the first instances of this you'll see is in the Main Hall, where you can get the Scorpion Key for three Antique Coins, vastly opening up where you can go much earlier than you would previously.

For the locations of the Antique Coins on Easy and Normal, check out Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All the Antique Coins. For all our guides, tips, walkthroughs, and in-depth analysis of Resident Evil 7, check out our massive Resident Evil 7 walkthrough, guide and tips page.

Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Mode Coin Locations

  • Play the Derelict House Footage on the TV in the Guest House in the Living Room on the first floor. Once it starts, back up and look on the ground to find a Lock Pick. Follow the others into the house until you get to the Kitchen. Find the locked drawer on the side of the room opposite of the sink and unlock it with the Lock Pick. Finish the video and go to the Kitchen as Ethan. Open that same drawer to find an Antique Coin.
  • In the Living Room next to where you first wake up in the Main House, look for a small vase on the TV stand. Examine it and look inside to find an Antique Coin.
  • After dealing with Jack in the Garage, climb the ladder and look to the left to grab an Antique Coin.
  • When you first enter the Main Hall, turn left and go to the table in the corner. There's an Antique Coin inside.
  • In the Recreation Room, there's a small vase next to the Scorpion Door. Examine the vase to find an Antique Coin inside.
  • At the top of the wrecked stairs on the second floor of the Main House, look behind the painting frame to get an Antique Coin.
  • Look in the toilet in the Drawing Room of the Main House to get an Antique Coin.
  • In the Incinerator Room of the Processing Area, look for a yellow plate below a gurney. There's an Antique Coin on the plate.
  • In the hallway that leads to the Snake Door in the Processing Area, look for a metal cart with an Antique Coin on it.
  • There's an Antique Coin in a box in the Dissection Room in the Processing Area.
  • In the Yard across from the Trailer, there's a piece of metal that you can remove. Crawl into the hole there to find an Antique Coin.
  • On the first floor of the Old House, you'll find an Antique Coin on the left side of the deck outside the Dining Room.
  • There's an an Antique Coin in the Gallery of the Old House underneath a table with boxes.
  • Look to the left after going through the spider painting wall to see an Antique Coin on some broken boards.
  • Once you get access to the Altar in the Old House, go to the scale with a lantern and look for an end table nearby. An Antique Coin is inside the drawer.
  • Once you climb out of the hole that leads to the Greenhouse, look left to find a speaker box with an Antique Coin on it.
  • After the boss battle in the Greenhouse, go back downstairs and go through the gate that's now gone towards the exit. Look for a green workbench to find an Antique Coin on it.
  • Go through the Crow Door in the Main House to get an Antique Coin.
  • After climbing the ladder to the Attic in the Main House, turn right and grab the Antique Coin on the metal shelves.
  • After watching Lucas's video at the beginning of the Testing Area, look at the table behind the TV to find an Antique Coin.
  • Go past the rooms trapped with trip wire bombs and look for a cage with a mannequin head in it. An Antique Coin is also there.
  • Walk through the hallway leading to the Party Room entrance, then go down the stairs past two crates. There's an Antique Coin in a dark corner here.
  • After running into the 4-Legged Molded in a hallway in the Testing Area, go into a nearby supply closet full of traps. An Antique Coin in a work bench drawer in here.
  • After you find the sitting charred corpse with a note pinned on it, go through the next door and look for a shelf straight ahead with an Antique Coin on it.
  • In Laundry Room in the Wrecked Ship, go through the double doors and look in a laundry machine to the far right to find an Antique Coin.
  • On the fourth floor of the Wrecked Ship, go down the stairs to find a blocked-off exit. The Antique Coin is at the bottom.
  • In the hallway outside the second floor save room in the Wrecked Ship, you'll find an Antique Coin on a small table.
  • Go into a small room by the Dining Room of the Wrecked Ship. In it, there's a small vase with an Antique Coin inside.
  • Once you have some Corrosive, go to the Control Room on the third floor of the Wrecked Ship and melt the lock on the door away. Follow the hall to find an Antique Coin in the corner at the end.
  • On Level S2 of the Wrecked Ship, exit the elevator and continue until you enter the Engine Room. Look on the floor to the right of the door to get an Antique Coin.
  • There's an Antique Coin inside a safe in the Engine Room of the Wrecked Ship past the Fat Molded. You'll need Corrosive to gain access.
  • Once you take control of Ethan again in the Wrecked Ship, you'll eventually come to a room with a fence. An Antique Coin is on the desk to the right here.
  • In the Swamp, look in the water around where you have to vault over a log. An Antique Coin is in the water here.

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