Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Find and Use Repair Kits - Fix the M19 Pistol and M21 Shotgun

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Find and Use Repair Kits - Fix the M19 Pistol and M21 Shotgun

Here's how you find and use Repair Kits to repair broken weapons in Resident Evil 7. How to fix the M19 pistol and the M21 shotgun.

Resident Evil 7 features a cavalcade of weapons to defend yourself with, but two of them, the M19 Pistol and the M21 Shotgun, are broken when you find them. In order to use them, you'll need to track down Repair Kits. Once you do repair them, you have yourself a weapon that uses the same ammo as less powerful versions of that type of weapon, but with a greater power level. This Resident Evil 7 guide will help you find the Repair Kits.

For more guidance, visit the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough page, which lists all our guides to invidual locations and bosses along with guides to finding the collectibles in normal and Madhouse mode.

Repair Kit Guide - Resident Evil 7

The first Repair Kit is in the Yard through the dog head door and Main House. To get through the door, you have to have taken part in the duel and found the three dog heads. Insert the dog heads into the front door of the Main House to gain access to the Yard. From the Trailer, look out the door and head to the leftmost stairs you can see. To the right of those stairs is a metal sheet covering a hole. Rip the metal off the hole and enter to find a box. Smash it to get the Repair Kit. Use this Repair Kit on the Broken Pistol found on the bed inside the Trailer to get the M19 Pistol, which can hold 17 rounds per clip and is more powerful than the G17 and the MPM.

The second Repair Kit is at the Testing Area, but you need to find a treasure photo first. Once you have the Snake Key, go to the second floor of the Main House and enter the Master Bedroom. From there, go to the side room marked Storage just off the bedroom. To the left is a treasure photo which shows a mannequin head on some metallic mass. From there, go to the Testing Area and make your way to the fourth winding room. Look for a cage-like installation with a mannequin head on top of it in the corner. Touch the head to find the Repair Kit.

You can use this Repair Kit on the Broken Shotgun that you find in grandma's room and use on a pedestal to get the working shotgun. To claim it, you'll need to grab the Toy Shotgun via the Attic and the Snake Key. Grab the Broken Shotgun and replace it with the Toy Shotgun to get the Broken Shotgun once and for all. Use the Repair Kit on it to turn it into the M21 Shotgun, a shotgun that's more powerful than the ones you currently have access to.

Note that you can use either Repair Kit on either broken weapon, but the timing of when you find them lines up with your access to the broken weapons themselves. If you want to upgrade your ability to use these weapons, you'll need to find Antique Coins and purchase them from cages in the Trailer and elsewhere. For the location of all the Antique Coins, check out Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All the Antique Coins. If you want an extra one, also check out Resident Evil 7: How to Get and Use the Dirty Coin.

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